New soft strap restraints installed on I-305

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And it had nothing to do with the speed of the lift.

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Sorry to bring this old topic back up but I just have a quick questions about I-305 restraints accommodating large people. I can ride Maverick no problem and struggle to buckle myself into Millennium just barely making it, and sometimes not (depending on train/seat). Does I-305 allow for larger riders like Maverick does?

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It should accomodate the same size person as Maverick. The only difference is the hard straps that are off your body on Maverick, actualy conform to your body on I-305

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If you can sometimes make it on Millennium Force, I can't imagine you'd ever have trouble making it on i305. The lap bar and belt are still the same as before. But yes the soft shoulder straps tend to fit snug on your shoulders.

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