New Coaster for Port Aventura, almost 4D?

I was looking through RCDB earlier today and happened across information about Port Aventura's new for 2007 coaster. It says its an intamin hydraulic launch system with the seats situated on the outside of the track. Has anyone heard about this yet? I tried to use the search feature, but it turned up nothing. Sorry if its a repeat topic, but I thought the ride looked interesting.
The seats are outside the track,but do not rotate, so it's not really "4d".

Does look cool, though!

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Some of the kids on Pointbuzz won't shut up about this ride. They swear that's what Cedar Point's new ride is going to be.
There a few videos on you tube showing povs and other angles of this ride.

It looks pretty cool and is going to be heavily themed around a crazy inventor that owns a winery.

When you look at the layout of this ride you'll see that its nothing remotely close to CPs new ride. Seems pretty unlikely to me even though I was hoping for one of these "wind walkers".

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Raven-Phile, you just wish you were as cool as one of those "kids." Take your profile pic back to MySpace. ;)
Wow, that was a burn...

The "angles"... Haha, Classic!

Raven-Phille, it's funny you say that since I haven't seen a post about Port Adventura's coaster in months at Pointbuzz.
He was referring to the type of ride, not the actually Port Adventura coaster.
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You only wish you could take as good of a picture as me.

For the love of God his name isn't Michael. (Can't you read?). His name is John

Neuski, I know that. But I haven't seen a mention of "4D Type" seats in awhile over at Pointbuzz. Yes, there was mention of it, but not recently. *** Edited 8/1/2006 4:30:43 AM UTC by Keith2005***

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I can't belive no one posted a link yet.

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So that's what they finally settled for at Porta Aventura... the rumor of a 4D happening there were around for quite a while now.

I think an actual S&S 4D would have been much more spectacular - but OK, this also looks fun.

Where did anyone find a POV of this ride on YouTube? I couldn't find it...

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Gilman burns Josh...oh the irony.

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I'm sorry, but I fail to see how that's ironic.
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Keith2005 said:
For the love of God his name isn't Michael. (Can't you read?). His name is John

:sigh: You moron.

^ That's all bohemian villages to me--- who's burning what and why again?

Thanks for the link to the video. I guess I was consistently trying to write porta aventura with the extra "a", but it's of course not a door, but a haven of adventure (makes more sense)


That video is so NoLimits! - apart from the train design of course.

I must say I'm a little disappointed that the seats don't rotate independently - it's not even fake-4D then - it's pretty much the Intamin version of floorless, it seems.

The layout doesn't have any hills, but who knows, maybe just speeding through the trees like that will be enough fun, and, it's unique no matter what. *** Edited 8/2/2006 10:36:48 AM UTC by superman***

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Raven-Phile said:
You moron.

Your a idiot.
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No u r.
Does anyone else think that layout in the video looks a little boring? I mean, sure, the launch will probably be a nice one, but aside from that, and the nice gradual inline, I see no excitement involved with this project at all.

Hopefully, newer layouts with more interesting designs will surface after this prototype is built.

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