New B&M Dive machine for 08

the paint reminds me of X. Its good to see more of these are being built
The colors remind me more of Top Thrill Dragster than it does X.

Chitown said:
I don't think B&M had a problem agreeing to the North America exclusivity as I don't see SF, CF, or any other parks in this country beating down the door of B&M for a dive machine. These have been around for a number of years and Busch is the only company in this country to purchase them.

Right. It's not as if Busch had to twist their arm to get them to agree. Since Oblivion debuted in 1998, how many U.S. parks were really interested in a dive machine before Busch built one? Not many, it seems.

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"immelman goes all the way to the ground" ???

This maneuver does not preserve speed and altitude. It trades speed for altitude.

All the way to the ground is more like a Half Cuban Eight.

In airplane lingo it may be a Half Cuban Eight but in roller coaster terminology that inversion is typically called an immelmann: The maneuver starts like the first half of a traditional vertical loop. When the train is near the loop's apex it will be inverted and heading back in the direction it entered. Rather than completing the loop in the traditional way, the train rolls on its axis becoming right-side-up while simultaneously turning away from the loop. The result is the train exiting the maneuver in the opposite direction it came.
Did anyoen else notice there advertisment for it had a picture which seemed to be Sheikra on it.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Yeah, there's a picture of the splashdown effect too so I think it is safe to say that that element will be included. I bet the name is either "Dive Coaster" or "Vertical Coaster."
I cannot reveal my source (and no, it wasn't the Dippin Dots guy), but there is another chain interested in building some Dive Machines. Stay tuned for another two-years to see if he's right.
Since it's Asia, it's either something generic or something nuts like Super Fast Jet Crazy Coaster.

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