New B&M Dive machine for 08

RCDB lists Chimelong Paradise in China as getting a B&M dive machine in 2008. This park is already home to an interesting line up of coasters including: Intamin 10 inversion, half-pipe, spinning coaster, and a Vekoma booster bike. Anyone heard anything more about this ride, any info on elements or layout? Whatever happened to the rumor of only Busch being allowed to build dive machines for the next couple of years?

nobody can build a Diving Machine but Busch? Doubt that. Even if they did get some kind of time-frame exclusive it wouldn't be worldwide. Busch doesn't have any parks outside North America, they're not competitive overseas.
The first/second dive machine wasnt even at Busch!

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I think Amnesiac means now, like since SheiKra & Griffon were built, maybe for the next 2 or 3 years, right? But I still don't think it's likely
Yea, there was a rumor going around that Busch had made an agreement with B&M that dive machines could only be built in their parks in the U.S. for X number of years provided that they ordered X number of coasters, but I don't think we ever found out if that was true or not. Either way, I'm glad they are building another one, although I'll probably never get to ride it.
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Whatever happened to the rumor of only Busch being allowed to build dive machines for the next couple of years?

It was a rumor.

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I would be willing to entertain arguments that Busch has negotiated with B&M for exclusivity in their respective MARKETS - maybe no other parks within 100 miles could build one. This would keep Busch safe from having one built at say KD/maybe SFA, and BGA would be safe from Orlando. AT might have negotiated for a similar arrngement. There IS of course a time limit on this stuff...even Harry Potter's licensing has an expiration date, LOL.

Wasn't there *something* to the arrangement re: KBF/DCA and S&S towers?

Of course, that kind of *exclusivity* DOES cost extra... ;)

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Exactly, Gator. If B&M and Busch had any kind of agreement it was just as you describe.
From what I heard it was a agreement that B&M could not sell another DM in the u.s for 5 years.

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There was an article in a Tampa paper quoting the GM as saying they had some exclusivity in North America. They did not say for how long though. I can't imagine it's more than a couple of years.

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I don't think B&M had a problem agreeing to the North America exclusivity as I don't see SF, CF, or any other parks in this country beating down the door of B&M for a dive machine. These have been around for a number of years and Busch is the only company in this country to purchase them.

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Well color me surprised. Doesn't seem like it would be good for business...unless of course Busch paid more for both BHW & BGT coasters than they would have without said agreement.

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It isn't a rumor.

In an article with Busch Gardens Tampa a few days before SheiKra opened, a local newspaper quoted a park spokesperson mentioning a contract agreement between Busch Entertainment and Bolliger & Mabillard that secured Busch Entertainment the rights to the Diving Machine ride for an unspecified amount of years in the U.S.

rollergator said:

Wasn't there *something* to the arrangement re: KBF/DCA and S&S towers?

Yes. That's why Supreme Scream is an all Turbo Drop tower complex. *** Edited 7/31/2007 2:17:55 AM UTC by kRaXLeRidAh***

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I was wrong :)
I think it was no other park, other than a Six Flags, could build a Deja Vu. That was it, right?
Exactly as Kraxleridah said. The contract only applies within the US. If another country wants to build a dive machine, they can. Its also rumored Canada's Wonderland is to get a dive machine next year.
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I am surprised that nobody has mentioned that Chimelong Paradise has a knack for creative named rides.

Let me guess this new rides name: Dive Machine, or Dive Machine Coaster.

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Finally some pictures of this beast:

Good news, does not appear to be a clone of any of the dive coasters thus far. Cool paint job, immelman goes all the way to the ground, and a swooping turn up under the lift and drop supports. Looks awesome so far, hopefully the rest of the layout is unique.

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A link that works.

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Here's a working link:

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