NASA to build 3rd Tallest Rollercoaster.

I wonder if ex-Space Campers will qualify to test this out. ;]

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This was actually talked about some time ago.

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Actually, if NASA wants to continue to expand their "Visitor's Complex" attraction then this would be a nice fit. Order two. I'll give it a spin.

I wonder how long it is going to take to check their lapbars? Do you think they are going to have trouble with "hefty" astronauts?

Please make sure your lapbars are in a secure position and make sure all loose articles ar


Of course this will be the dumbest comment in this thread but I can't help myself from wondering:

Do you think with something like this they will need to make a few test runs and if so, how would they get the train back up onto the platform. (not that this would really matter if a rocket explodes, destroying the tower as well).

Also, I'm guessing the train will be made of different alloys, you don't want it to melt after a successful launch! (for next time)...

The article says it's designed to get the astronauts down and into a bunker within 4 minutes. They must have incorporated Mean Streak's first drop trim. :)
Either that, or the bunker is like 3 miles away.
This may be the dumbest question, but is this designed just for astronauts or are visitors going to be allowed to ride?
I think it's for Astronaunts only, but I'm sure the Florida Coaster Club and ACE can work out some deal to ride it. By the way did anyone notice that at 380 feet, it would be the fifth tallest coaster not the thrid? ^_^
It's an emergency escape system for the launch pad. I HIGHLY doubt anyone will be able to ride it.
I'm guess the "4 minute" time period is for egress from the vehicle for X astronauts, travel and load into the S.S.E.V. (Space Ship Emergency Vehicle) and then the rather short ride to the bottom.

Lord knows they will to training drills just as they did with the old system so I'm sure there will be a way to get the vehicle but up to the starting point.

The picture wasn't very clear, but it almost looked to me like there would be a tiliting platform on which the vehicle would rest until it was "launched".

It doesn't just go to the bottom, it also will have a long flat run at the bottom to get them as far away from the pad as possible, very quickly.

This is a system that would be used if the vehicle was about to go up in a massive explosion and they needed to clear out FAST.

Rob Ascough said:
This may be the dumbest question, but is this designed just for astronauts or are visitors going to be allowed to ride?

It's not really a dumb question. I'm sure there are a lot of enthusiasts who will want to ride. However visitors to Cape Kennedy soon learn that you never get anywhere near an active launch pad. I think the closest our tour bus ever got to the pad was a mile away.

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Does anyone know how fast it will go?
This looks pretty much amazing. Good theming! ;)

If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

It might be the thrid tallest, but I'd be willing to bet it's the most expensive.

Yeah, I'd try it.

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that looks really awesome. =)
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Was there something wrong with the baskets on zip lines that they've been using for almost 30 years? (I didn't read the article.)

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I wonder if an established coaster company is being consulted, or even contracted, to build this?
Just my luck... the US government finally spends my taxes on something I am 100% for, and I won't even get to ride it... go figure.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

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