Multiple Rides without getting off

Monday, March 3, 2003 1:48 PM
Just wondering what other peoples personal records are with how many times they have been on a roller coaster without having to get off. Before I go any further, it cannot be connected with a special event (ie coaster marathons) this must be during standard operating hours with GP. My record is 7 on Kumba (weekday, early March, right after opening the year Gwazi opened 1999?)

**In response to a question, you can count it if you changed seats as long as you stayed on the same train.**

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Monday, March 3, 2003 1:55 PM
I love re-riding coasters when allowed. My personal records without leaving the train are:

Kumba - 56 rides

Viper (SFOG) 21 rides

Twisted Sisters (or Twisted Twins) 47

Those are the ones that took place on a normal, non-event, day, that I can remember.

-Sean (Now......ERT, that's a different story) F.

Monday, March 3, 2003 2:05 PM

56 without getting off??? come on, how is that possible
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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:08 PM
15 times in the row on Comet at Great Escape.

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:13 PM
Why on earth would anyone want to ride TS/TT 47 times in a row? ;)

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:21 PM
Python - 13 times

Colossos - 22 times

Expedition GeForce - 14 times

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:23 PM
Roar for a little over an hour (didn't count!) During hurricane Dennis in 99 :)

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:27 PM
I did over an hour on Boulder Dash - quit counting after 10.

Did 12 on Magnum.

I can't take the inverteds, though - 6 on Raptor and I had to get off, and not because someone was waiting for my seat.

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:28 PM
Raging Bullet,

I did that on a day in November 1997. Yes, there was an event earlier that day, but my 56 rides were all taken after the event was over, and during normal operating hours.
ACE member Jerry Flemming just got back from BGT and mentioned to me that he ended up wtih 82 rides in one sitting!


That was the final day of the 1998 season for SFKK. A group of us decided to ride the coaster(S) as much as we could. We ended up riding 47 times in the same train before we had to get out of the seats. At the end of the day, we ended up with 113 rides total.

-Sean(who doesn't do much lap counting anymore)

Monday, March 3, 2003 2:29 PM
me and my friend did 20 laps on Medusa East on the first day of fright fest...we started gettin sick though and we had to meet some other people...

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Monday, March 3, 2003 2:35 PM
Got in about 15 on Cornball Express.
Monday, March 3, 2003 3:03 PM
I have ridden Nitro 10 times in a row, without getting off. Strangely, I don't think that was the same day we rode Nitro 20 times in one day. lol
Monday, March 3, 2003 3:15 PM
Great American Scream Machine-47 times

Comet at Great Escape-12

Monday, March 3, 2003 3:24 PM
Does that mean actually not getting off, or not missing a dispatch on your train? I've done a few marathon sessions, but never without changing seats every now and then.
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Monday, March 3, 2003 3:28 PM
Are you all serious? I can not believe that. The most in a row without getting off was 2 or 3 on Goliath at SFMM. I don't know about out there but here in Cali, all the parks are packed. You would be lucky to ride the same ride twice in a day. And even when I did ride Goliath that 2 or three times, it was when the park was about the close at 12 midnite. Well I guess you guys have it luckier then we do in those terms. But we still have better rides, HA HA HA.

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Monday, March 3, 2003 3:39 PM
I believe my personal record is 7 on Superman Ultimate Flight.

Chaindog, I agree about the inverts. B:TR 5 times virtually rolling right through the station was definitely intense...but I could have done more if I was challenged to... ;)

Sean Paul
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Monday, March 3, 2003 3:48 PM
Now this isn't my record but last season, we counted these two girls rode RWB at SFWoA 46 times in a row without getting off. They weren't even in a rider friendly row(very front or very last give virturally smooth as glass rides).

I was the op at the time counting. They rode for over four hours straight.

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Monday, March 3, 2003 4:04 PM

astrosgp said:
I believe my personal record is 7 on Superman Ultimate Flight.

I can't see this being possible considering this is a brand new ride?????

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Monday, March 3, 2003 4:05 PM
the most i have done all occurred @ SFGAm

Batman: 7/7 - this was during the 2nd year of opperation, we were there for an hour, the only hour it stopped raining the whole day, only time we got off was to use the bathroom. 14 rides in 1 hr.

V2: 7 - this was during the first year of V2, rode 7 times in 1/2 hour, had to get off due to park closing

Monday, March 3, 2003 4:09 PM
36-ninja sfsl

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