More water slides at ma

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MA let's us down yet again with another the kiddie slide area in their water park. Why

Do they continue to build rides they don't Need. I have a feeling ma is on the way out to become another failed water park.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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I see that while you've been gone for awhile, your view on the world has not changed, or aligned any more with the realities of the business world.

Water slides for a park with an exceptional volume of water park traffic is exactly what the park needs.

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Here we go...... Get the popcorn ready!

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I am curious, what rides would you propose for the park?

Virtual reality petting zoo, complete with OTSRs and metal detectors and lockers at the entrance.

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I know, right? DelGrosso's, my home park, just built more water slides last year. They haven't got a new coaster in thirteen years. Even though they are very busy and everyone goes there, I think they are going to out of business soon, because they need a new coaster!

Either that, or they just aren't the exact kind of theme park that I enjoy. Perhaps I should just visit the closest big park that would satisfy me, and leave DelGrosso's to those who are satisfied by it. Perhaps I should quit complaining that DelGrosso's is not the exact kind of park I want to visit, and go visit Hersheypark, Knoebels, or Kennywood instead.

Naaa. I want to complain that DelGrosso's sucks some more. It's just so small, and they don't even have a wooden coaster. Their drop tower is not very high. Their spinning mouse coaster doesn't spin very fast. I hate it.


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Summertime shore tourists.



AKA Fudgies

They are in Western Michigan for all things water related. Boats, lakehouses, kayaks, dunes, fishing, and yes... Waterparks. I honestly don't think the tourists want to stand in line for 2nd and 3rd tier rollercoasters when they are on vacation, but a giant waterpark is right up their alley.

I almost wonder if MiA would be even more profitable if they sold all of their dry rides and doubled the size of their waterpark.

I'm serious.

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Wildwater Kingdom gone good?

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I just can't help myself...

You don't suppose they survey their guests and say 'guests, what you like to have us add?' and many of the guests say 'the coasters are okay but more water rides please'? Or check out the ridership numbers? 'Waterslide x had 5 gazbillion riders, but coaster y only had 3 gazbillion riders. Maybe we should add more water attractions?'

Based on other posts our friend has made, anything that's not a coaster -- new gift shop, new food stand, new dry ride, new water ride -- doesn't count. MiA could be as big and popular as Cedar Point if they'd only add enough coasters.

Tommytheduck has a point. Selling off all or most of the dry rides and going full on water park might be a good idea.

I always thought fudgies were only found on Mackinac Island. I worked there one summer, they were always underfoot. :-)

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And they got the waterside complex rather cheap, considering its relocated from Wildwater Kingdom.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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If water slides bring in money that can then be spent to maintain Timbers (or maybe even relocate a Boomerang from Knott's), isn't that really a win in the long run....?

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Still waiting on a new coaster at my home park. I fear they are also on their way out.

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Nah, nothing but good things happen with RV sellers and amusement parks!

I think water slides would be an excellent addition to Mia and I wouldn't be surprised to see that KBF boomerang coaster show up there as well.


Good to see you again. Hope your health is improving.

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Dorney's got a decent selection of coasters, and I'd bet money that Wildwater still kills the dry side for attendance. I always kind of worry Dorney WILL close the ride side, but I've been told by a pretty reliable source big changes are coming.

So now that Dorney's looking at big changes, I'm guessing this will happen to other overlooked parks as well. Sometimes it just takes a long time. A looooooong time.

I think TR loves his home park very much. You can't be so mad about something you don't care about much, right?

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What if a food enthusiast didn't like Tacos, but the closest restaurant was Taco Bell? He would simply drive a few more miles down the road to Pizza Hut. He wouldn't complain about it. He wouldn't make a post on FoodBuzz about how Taco Bell added two new Tacos to their menu, and that they weren't Pizza.

Taco Bell let's us down yet again with another the Taco flavor on their menu. Why

Do they continue to add menu items they don't Need. I have a feeling Taco Bell is on the way out to become another failed restaurant chain.

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For someone who's around enthusiasts a lot, you sure don't seem to know enthusiasts very well.

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I like tacos.


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FWIW, I think inclusive water parks are not entirely unlike Halloween events. Sure you COULD do them at a place that doesn't have flat rides and coasters, but adding the amusement rides to the overall product mix creates a one-stop shop for entertainment...

Of course, I thought DBH was the best advertising Boomers could have - the arcade/game room and miniature golf courses were doing phenomenal business, even though the coaster mostly ran near-empty or even sat idle.

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