Mitch's Wood Coaster Poll Results

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Again, just a heads-up for those interested.

Top 5:

1. The Voyage
2. Balder
3. El Toro
4. Phoenix
5. Boulder Dash

Full results

Fun Facts:

- 21 of the top 25 were built since 1995, the other 4 were all built in 1958 or earlier. (1959-1994 netted no top 25 woodies)

- Voyage vs Balder: 15 to 9 in favor of The Voyage
- Voyage vs El Toro: 46 to 16 in favor of The Voyage

- Grizzly dead last for the 12th straight year

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Gonna clean up those worms, Gonch? :)
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The ones you let out of the can!
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Heh. Got the results e-mail about 20 minutes ago. Was surprised no one posted it yet.

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...1959-1994 netted no top 25 woodies...

John Allen, fun family rides, nothing earth-shattering
Summers-Dinn, intense wood, now mostly spine-shattering...see: bottom 25... ;)

Wait, were we discussing B&M vs. Arrow? :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Balder higher on the list then EL Toro BULLSHHHHHHT!!!!

I don't see what's all the hype about Balder I've ridden it and it's was ok, yes it has airtime but THAT'S ABOUT IT! THE the turns are slow as hell and overall it remides me of a junior woody with nice airtime. I think El Toro, Colosso, and Voyage rips Balder a new one IMO.

Did Rob and Elissa rig this vote, they seam like the only two people obbsessed with Balder lol J/K :O)~

I'm just glad Voyage got it's proper place at the Top where it belongs, great job HW for building such an amazing coaster.

Well, if it's not your favorite, it can't possibly be anyone else's favorite. The poll is obviously flawed. *** Edited 12/7/2006 2:57:39 AM UTC by bigboy***
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See Gonch? Worms...everywhere, and it's just the first few hours! ;)
Yup, them worms will come from everywhere now. I can see all the Great Adventure whiners come out of the woodwork over this one.

Chuck, Who says It lost by a huge margin to Voyage :)

Congrats to Holiday World, as the only place with 3 of the top 20 in one place.
I think that whole TPR crew went Balder way because they gave them free beer.

:) Not a bad bribe either :)



Surprised El Toro did that well myself. I think its the best thing since sliced bread, but based on the comments of many (including the one above mine)...I thought it'd be in the 50's

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Oh I really thought Balder would finish top ten, Possibly top five, Thing is theres other coasters like it, Mainly steel tho. (No Im not saying it's really close to the S:ROS ect) But IMHO nothing after the third drop on VOyage is close to any other coaster out there, At least it's execution of it's elements.

Standup airtime, Yeah it's amazing the first few times you get it, sometimes downright scary but after awhile it becomes routine.

IMHO TGG is making a impact and thats with only two coasters built so far. Both are in the top ten. :)

Did i miss something or is The Beast not even on the list>???
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The Beast is right where it #66.
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^It ranked THAT high? ;)

Damn! Worms everywhere! :)


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My biggest surprise was The Outlaw topping The Beast. Outlaw used to be a pretty good woodie, but not for about 10 years now. Beast is still a great ride IMO. *** Edited 12/7/2006 2:05:04 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Not in mine, IMHO it's far rougher than Sonny but thats because it shakes and bounces like no other coaster I've ever ridden, Bounce, bounce, bounce bounce.


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6 votes for Voyage ahead of Balder. Had fun predicting Balder way ahead of Voyage despite having ridden neither but happy that the folks at Holiday World came out on top, of course. No problem being wrong in this case. :) Most interesting poll in ages. *** Edited 12/7/2006 12:31:55 PM UTC by matt.***

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