Millennium Force from marina gate

This is kind of a random question. Does anyone know the distance from the Cedar Point marina gate to Millennium Force?

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According to Google Earth approx 1500 feet via the gate path all the way around to the entrance of the queue.

But this is an estimate using their measuring tool.

Thanks :)

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Lol. At 18 feet per second, which is the low average that a human can run, you can get from the Marina gate to MF in about 83 seconds, if my math is correct. I am terrible at math, but that was kind of fun. :)


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

So you get off a boat and do the running of the bulls? :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

They should just install a gate at the Millennium.

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Yeah, that way the lines at the other gates will be less congested for those of us who'd rather ride Iron Dragon. :)

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+1 for post author who spelled 'millennium' correctly.

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It only took 10+ years!

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We always enter that gate for morning ERT. Recently we joined the "running of the bulls", just for fun. It's great exercise in the morning! Usually its the same group of people there every week... haha

Yep, we became one of the "regulars" last fall. The marina gate's the quickest way to Millennium with the least amount of people. Winter's just too long...

'Somewhere between Millennium and Dragster.
-First ride of the season, Millennium Force

I don't think that gate quite qualifies as running of the bulls. No mass of people, no rope dropped.

When I think of the "running of the bulls" I usually mean when the front gate opens to the public. Was anyone at Millennium for the last ride of the season? What happened between the ride operators and the guests? I just heard yelling. Whatever happened allowed me to get last ride of the day.

'Somewhere between Millennium and Dragster.
-First ride of the season, Millennium Force

The smart people are sitting at the Magnum Gate ready to hit Maverick first.

But what makes them smart is that they've parked to allow them to have Magnum be their last ride of the night and walk the least amount to your car.

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The smartest people have a room on-site and have been riding for an hour by the time the gates even open. ;)

It's amazing how critical that early ride time is. You can knock out Maverick, MF, and hit Raptor (with a re-ride or one or more of these three depending on crowds) most mornings with time to spare before the bulls descend en masse. I love how you can tell about what time it is (usually 10:05, give or take a minute or two) simply from watching the first of the 10 am rope droppers arrive at the ride you're at!

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Rode Delirium, Raptor, and had 5 laps on Millennium Force in that one hour last time I was up there.


You rode Delirium, Raptor, and Millennium Force in one hour? Just how fast were you driving down the interstate? :)

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This is a digression but, Shoot the Rapids ERT? Yay or nay?

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Coaster Crazed said: Does anyone know the distance from the Cedar Point marina gate to Millennium Force?

No, but if you hum a few bars I can fake it! ;)

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