Michigan’s Adventure will extend 2023 season with family Halloween event

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From the press release:

Michigan’s Adventure, the region’s premier amusement park, today announced plans to extend its 2023 season into September and October.

With the extended season, the park will introduce its first signature event, Tricks and Treats Fall Fest, taking place on Saturdays and Sundays beginning Sept. 16 through Oct. 15, 2023. Little goblins to grown-up ghouls will be invited to step into a larger-than-life spooky Halloween adventure, surrounded by the sights, sounds and tastes of Michigan in the fall. Families will also be able to enjoy select rides – including attractions at Camp “Spooky,” the park’s new kids’ area where kids, parents and grandparents can all ride together – all included with admission.

Families big and small will delight at experiencing the park in an entirely new season, with decorations, activities and entertainment specifically designed for this new spooky, kooky Halloween celebration. Snoopy® and his PEANUTS® pals will be showing off their costumes and invite kids and parents to wear theirs as well and come ready to show off their seasonal style in the costume contest.

An immersive trick-or-treat discovery experience will deliver on the most sought-after goods of the season – candy! In addition to traditional fall fun like seasonal crafts and themed games, families will be able to hunt for and decorate their prize pumpkin in a way that can only be done at Michigan’s Adventure.

Kids and adults alike won’t go hungry as they tour their way through some fall favorites with a unique Michigan spin. Can’t-miss favorite treats (and a few tricks) will be offered, including adult beverages, seasonal local craft brews and Michigan-made wines, along with special magical potions for the kids , that are sure to be a hit. Adults can sip, savor and breathe in the fresh fall lake air from the Brews and Boos Lakeside Patio.

“This new event will add even more value for our Michigan’s Adventure season pass holders and offer an exciting and unique opportunity for the community,” said Camille Jourden-Mark, vice president and general manager. “Our entire team is looking forward to extending our season and offering all-in-one Halloween, fall and Michigan fun next year.”

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I never understood why they didn't have fall stuff at that park. This sounds like they're going the route of not-so-scary, which seems like a good fit.

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Kings Island is killing it this fall. I've visited every weekend since they opened for haunts and it's been completely packed every time. They expanded their Sunday hours from 7pm close to 11pm close as of last weekend. Guess they want more of that action at the MI park.

KI splits the day, kids and family oriented activities til 6pm then haunts, scares and the like til close. Also no re-entry after 6 to keep shenanigans to a minimum. Seems to work well and results in a massive exodus/entry between 6-7pm.

Michigan has always had a very defined summer season, and while lakeside activities may be slamming during the summer, for a lot of places and destinations it’s lights out after Labor Day. I guess I’d attribute it to a few things. One is the strict school schedule that the state has traditionally adhered to, two might be the lack of available help that time of year, and lastly the weather can turn cool rather quickly. Lately we’ve seen some changes on those fronts so maybe this is worth a try.
It’s interesting that most parks invite the kids to dress but insist the adults don’t, and I get the reasons for that. But it seems not only is MiA asking adults to don costumes but is also inviting them to drink it up while they’re at it. Might prove to be interesting. They may be attracting a daytime party element they never intended.

Tricks and Treats Fall Fest was name of the substitute fall event for Cedar Point and Kings Island in 2020 when they couldn't host their usual Halloweekends/Haunt because of COVID. They are even using the same logo.

Yet another example of Michigan's Adventure getting everyone else's sloppy seconds.

That said, this event is sure to utilize parking all the way to mid-Timbers.

Speaking of Timber,
Que in three, two, one…

This doesn't sound like sloppy seconds at all. It sounds like a perfect fit for Michigan's Adventure's more family oriented crowd and ride line up. Also, I'm not so sure that the strict summer season is all that accurate. I am a waiter in Mackinaw City and my restaurant has had some of its busiest days during October. I don't expect that I'll be making a trip to this fall festival, but I think that potential is there for lots of locals to visit for some family friendly fall fun.


This doesn't sound like sloppy seconds at all.

I guess that I just don't get the joke.

I was searching for mid-Timbers and found this gem instead

That was a very laughable read. There used to be a lot of noise on Coasterbuzz.

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That was the Everything I Need to Know About Running Amusement Parks I Learned from Playing Rollercoaster Tycoon thread.

And somehow it ran to 32 pages!*

*I didn't get through the first page.

I believe on page 27 Six Flags Worlds of Adventure started year round operations after they built a dome over it, running Dick Kinzel and Cedar Point out of business. The good CP rides went to Michigan's Adventure because they "needed them to survive".

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I'm with Jeff, I'm surprised that they weren't already doing this with every other park already having its own Halloween/Fall activities.

Making it kid friendly is also a good move on their part since it's not a huge park with lots of adult only riders.

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