MiAdv Evac

Kings Island lost power Sunday night as well. Where is the national news coverage of this obvious epidemic?
And none of it would have been covered if the Brangelina brat passed gas or something.
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Has TTD's (or any of the other launchers) rollbacks ever made the news?

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Did they get their parking fees back when they left?

okay, who didn't pay their electric bill!

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Chitown said:

Is your state spelled Missouri or Misery?

When it is as F-n' hot is it is right now (with the humidity to match) it is spelled Misery! :)

I actually really like Metropolis, it has that old school Route 66 distraction feel to it.

Also the reason why I dislike Illinois so much is because my wife did not have the best experience with the locals when she did her masters work at ISU. She loved her program, hated the town and the school. --- Don't ask me to try and explain it. :)

Also Illinois isn't too bad -- they have SFGAm! :)

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I'm surprised that people who love rollercoasters and amusement parks would not consider an evacuation as big news! Actually, there was more to the story, than what has been mentioned.

First of all, there was a fire across the road from the park, that caused the power outage in the area. The fire was not the big focus. However, the power outage shut down almost all the rides at once, leaving people stranded on the rides. And, some had to be walked down the lift of the coasters. and helped off from others. I do not know which rides stopped mid-course...but, I can imagine that there was a lot of comotion...and panic.

If the park was as crowded as it was on my last visit, I can imagine that there must have been some pretty pissed off guests, and a very large mass exit. And, if you a familiar with the roads around there...most likely snarled traffic...and a driving nightmare.

So, before you go ho-hum and go about your day. Imagine driving seven hours to your favorite park, to have something like this happen to you. A free pass for your next visit? I think not!!! give me a refund!!

That's big news!!!


okay, who didn't pay their electric bill!

Is it really just a coincidence that three parks lost power over the same weekend? I would not have been happy, especially after driving 5 hours to MIA just to have it close when I get there. I'll note they were all in neighboring states on the east side of the Mississippi river. Does power ever go out in CA? J/K


MiAdv is 7 hours away from you and it's your favorite park? I would think there would be bigger and better parks closer to you.


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Ummm. I only live about 45 minutes from Michigan's Adventure. And, it's not my favorite park, it's my home park. I really don't have a favorite park.

When I said , "how would you like it if you drove 7 hours to a park", I was talking about those poor people who probably did drive long distance to Michigan's Adventure...only to be asked to leave after just a few hours...some of them may have only been able to make the trip for that day, and not have time to use the free return pass. So...I feel sorry for them. And, I know I would have been steaming!

MA should have refunded their ticket, and offered them the free one as well. As most would not be able to use the free one anyways.

To those who did get the free pass...If you aren't going to use it sell it, or give it to a friend...(Or, just give it to me....just kidding.) *** Edited 8/16/2006 2:04:31 AM UTC by Timber-Rider***

^(in a facetious tone) "Should have gone to Cedar Point" ;)
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Yeah, 'cause then they could have spent 12 hours at a park and gotten just as many rides in as they did at MIA. ;) ;) ;)

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If you know how to do the park correctly - you can ride all of the coasters in one day.

Timber-Rider said:
MA should have refunded their ticket, and offered them the free one as well.

They don't have to do either. I was a little surprised though that the passes were only good until the end of this season (less than a month away). They should have given passes good for next year as well.

This happened to me last year (as the news said, 1 year and 1 day before). We had driven out after work, and got there as they were emptying the park. I didn't go around looking for a camera to cry into, I chalked it up as "**** happens".

It is interesting though that twice in two years a fire on that property has knocked out power to the park. That's really kinda funny.

Funny? No. Interesting? Yes. Coincidence? Perhaps.
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Let me give you a couple examples of bad things that have happened in other areas. Ones that were well taken care of....and, which happened to me, and a friend of mine, and her kids.

First. The band Aerosmith had a concert scheduled in my home town a few years back. Well, steven Tyler broke his leg during a show, and there was talk that there would be no refund on tickets. Did that happen? No!!! The Concerts were re-scheduled, and, every person that had a ticket got to see the show a few months later. A kick ass show!!! by the way.

Another concert disaster happened here in Michigan with the band In Sync. A few years back. About 5,000 people waited inside an un-aircondition holding area for the band to arrive for 5 hours, in 90 degree heat. By the time the band arived, 50 people had already been rushed to the hospital with heat stroke.

The whole concert only lasted 45 minutes, and, there was quite an up-roar. And guess what. They didn't tell these people to just to go home, with a free ticket for another show....They gave every person a refund of their ticket price!

Sure, theses parks don't have to give their guests a refund for un-expected events that happen at their parks. But, they certainly should. I don't know how any perk would think that a guest would want to return to a park with such a situation, without any compensation.

I will say, that if I owned the park. I would not only have refunded the guests tickets, I would have given them a free ticket for another visit...plus give them a free t-shirt!!

oh geez, not the MO senate election again, i swear....the only reason that woman was elected was because her husband died, "he" was elected (she) on the sympathy factor. Ashcroft had a good record as a judge, so Bush appointed him attorney general. im so sick and tired of hearing that damn story turned into a joke; i mean we've had a new AG now for 2.5 years....it was 6 f'ing years ago, let it go already! *** Edited 8/17/2006 5:37:56 AM UTC by vacoasterfreak***

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