MiAdv Evac

The local news around here makes me want to vomit.

Apparently, there was a power outage at MiAdv today that caused an "evacuation". Nobody hurt, all were given day passes to return, and this is one of the lead stories on my local news?!?

I think I will go vomit. Please excuse me for a moment.


Um, well you have to understand that that area is in the middle of nowhere and to them THAT IS big news.

I'm sure if a water main had busted or some cows had gotten out they would have been major headlines as well. ;)

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Slow news day?

Consider yourself lucky. Here in Los Angeles we get this: the news of the birth of TomKat's baby Suri is the lead story, followed by less important matters like the war in Iraq and the rising price of oil. Oh but who cares about the world when Tom and his latest beard have a happy healthy girl?

I loved the last time I was in SoCal. There was a very little drizzle and the weather forcasters on all of the stations were having "STORM WATCH" coverage. Got to love SoCal and their overreacting to things. ;)

^Was that station KTLA, Moosh?

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All the independent and network newcasts here in LA are pretty much the same in that regard.
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So how many homicides, rapes and/or robberies does it take before LA news considers it newsworthy?

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Just one, as long as it happens on a ride at an amusement park, or was committed by Tom Cruise.
I do not live in "no where". I live in West Michigan.


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No reason to get frustrated at the discussion.

I'd bet it was a slow news day and this was the most exciting story they could find to lead with. Remember not only are they telling the news but they're trying to keep viewers from switching the channel. Sometimes leading with something a bit sensational is one way they attempt to accomplish that.

In all likelihood anyone who caught the story came to the same conclusion you did: it no big deal.

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I would consider it a non-event, but what else do you report on in that area? It's not a big redneck backwoods region, but it's not Metropolis either.

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I just checked a couple of website for TV stations that cover the Holland, MI area and in their list of "recent stories" I could not find the MiA event mentioned. So it seems we're not the only ones who've come to the conclusion that it was a non-event.

FYI, another possibility for leading with the MiA story is that it was the most recent, or "freshest," item. With some stations offering morning, mid-day, evening, and late night newscasts a slow news day can be boring not only to report but to the viewers. If something happens between airings, even if it isn't all that big a deal, it's really the only "new news" they have to offer.

Jeff, some of us still open beers with our teeth, up here.


What about the parent whose kid is at the park that day hearing on TV the park has been "evacuated" (as opposed to "closed)?"

If you want to report the park is closed, don't bother going there, that's one thing. But report it for what it was. To say there was an evacuation makes people think of so many other bad situations. Was there a bomb scare? gas or chemical leak? gunfire? No, the power was out. There's a difference.

MrScott said:
I do not live in "no where". I live in West Michigan.Nevermind.

The only time that Western Michigan gets any real attention is during Holland's annual Tulip Festival (and we have a long time to wait until May).

Jeff said:
but it's not Metropolis either.

Oh come on, like Metropolis has anything else besides that large statue of Superman in front of the courthouse and the Superman museum across the street... oh wait you were just being facetious and did not actually mean Metropolis, IL? My bad. ;)

Here comes Swoosh ripping on the Illinois folks again.

Gotta love how a politician in your state was killed and low and behold, your state still voted him in. Where did the losing politician end up that was still alive?

With the Bush administration.

Keep up the good work and remember not to drive in northeast Illinois where you will find yourself in a ditch. :)

Is your state spelled Missouri or Misery? :)

Just messin' with you Swoosh. *** Edited 8/15/2006 9:10:54 AM UTC by Chitown***

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Jeff said:
I would consider it a non-event, but what else do you report on in that area? It's not a big redneck backwoods region, but it's not Metropolis either.

What is your definition of a "metropolis" Jeff? It's very possible that since the OP lives in Holland that s/he was watching a station out of Grand Rapids. Isn't Grand Rapids the second largest city in Michigan? Anyway, kind of a pointless argument anyway. Lots of reasons they could have led with this story...

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Yeah, and none of them good.


Television news is about as worthless as county government.* No matter where you go, they all sound exactly the same, reporting on the same types of worthless stories, and scaring people with the weather reports.

Turn it off!

*no offense to county employees. :)

When I caught the 11:00 last night, this was the second or third story (but I don't remember the first ones).

It is still on www.woodtv.com.

I found it an interesting piece, even more interesting were the people who were upset that the park couldn't stay open after the power gets cut to the whole park. Even Disney doesn't have that kind of back-up system.

And Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan, but I wouldn't call it a metropolis.

Idlewild lost power this past weekend also and people had to to be evacuated from rides and guess what? It also made the news. They even interviewed MaryLou Rosemeyer. Big deal, stuff happens.

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