Mean Streak RMC Confirmed... pretty much.

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So, I'm sure at least some of you have seen the pictures going around about Mean Streak and how it's conversion is going. I honestly think that from what we've seen the coaster looks absolutely AMAZING. That airtime hill after the first drop looks stunning, and we all know there's much more to come. Now almost guaranteed it's going to be announced later this year and open in 2018. Unless it does like Lightning Rod, and open like 8 times in the season. Also this could very well be the best RMC we've had. Now I know it has some stiff competition against Iron Rattler, and Twisted Colossus but I think it will at least come close to those two. Either way I doubt it won't take it's place amongst the top 3 RMC's. Anyway I can't wait for Cedar Point to officially announce it.

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