Mean Streak makeover underway at Cedar Point, no announcement yet

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Cedar Point's Mean Streak roller coaster, which closed last month, is in the midst of a dramatic makeover that coaster fans say could make it one of the best rides in the park. Steel track appears near the ride, along with Rocky Mountain Construction vehicles.

Read more and see photos from The Plain Dealer.

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Still wondering if this will be for 2017 or 2018?

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this will turn out. Never been on any kind of RMC.

The park opens in 7 months and not one piece of track has been installed with over 5000ft to do. So its safe to say that it will be for 2018 with the announcement in August of 2017.

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It's definitely going to be for 2018 considering they just got Valravn this year, also like the reply above mine said, they would have a lot of structural work to get done in that short amount of time, also if they were giving Mean Streak the RMC treatment this year they probably would have announced it by now.

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...which will be fun. Hopefully we'll get to watch the new layout reveal itself through 2017 piece by piece. Given RMC's preference for bizzarro ride elements, should be fun to witness. That is unless they release / leak the layout earlier.

The conversation over at Pointbuzz makes my head hurt, with the same few folks dramatically claiming fact to things they know absolutely nothing about only to hear themselves talk. It will be cool whenever (and whatever it is) but I am just looking forward to getting out of Orlando for the long weekend to hit up Cedar Point closing day and enjoy three days of Ohio fall...

I've been enjoying the suspense but after this weekend when we can no longer gawk at it in person I'm sure the lack of info won't be so fun anymore. Brett, the colors have really started to pop this week you should have plenty to look at by the weekend.

Orlando has been absolutely gorgeous in the last week and a half - it is finally walking weather again. I work downtown and love to do a lap around Lake Eola during lunch this time of year when I can go back to work and not be sweaty. But what I miss about Northeast Ohio is late September-Thanksgiving fall weather and the sights and smells of the leaves and can't wait to get there for a couple days.

We get the crisp temperatures and "fall" weather as our winter and I wouldn't trade it for a second. I could never go back to the dull gray skies of an Ohio or PA winter. But I never miss a chance to go up for a fall weekend and always try and plan it for Cedar Point closing weekend.

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I did a lap around Lake Eola just last week. It has been fantastic. I was in NC (Maggie Valley) during the hurricane, and the leaves were just starting to change. I do miss that. But then Thanksgiving rolls around and I see my Ohio friends complaining about cold, rain and/or snow, and I'm good.

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I am always amazed people live where they hate the weather 3-4 months a year. Long time to be miserable.

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Absolutely. In fact, I love Ohio weather, and would actually despise living in a place where it's warm all the time, or any particular, specific temperature range for more than 3 - 4 months for that matter.

And that's not cognitive dissonance speaking either. :)

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It's not warm in Orlando right now. Only 80, practically jacket weather in the shade.

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GoBucks89 said:

I am always amazed people live where they hate the weather 3-4 months a year. Long time to be miserable.

Like Florida in the summer?

My statement isn't limited to any locale/climate/season.

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Ohio and any state just east or south of a Great Lake is miserable in the winter because of the "permacloud" that forms every winter. Here in Wisconsin we might get colder but the sun is visible most days. I enjoy winter in December (Christmas effect) and am ambivalent about it in January, but come February(aka the worst month of the year) I've had enough.

Until I can snowbird, I'll continue to try and schedule a trip to someplace warm the first part of that month to get me over that hump. Only disliking the weather for one month isn't bad

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I think that's absolutely the truth. The cold and snow isn't ideal, but it's definitely the weeks of seeing a flat, gray sky that bring you down. I didn't really appreciate that until I moved to Seattle, where it may "mist" for much of the winter, but it's broken up by nearly daily breaks in the clouds (depending on the elevation and your proximity to the mountains).

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Funny how differently we all feel about the weather. I'm of the "Florida is horrible" variety - even if I've lived there twice.

For me, weather isn't a consideration in where to live. You guys who make that decision based on weather are an odd breed to me (although all things being equal, I suppose eventually weather would become the tiebreaker...WAY down the list). Obviously, I have preferences, but if the situation is right in Florida, then guess what? I'll be sweating my balls off for the forseeable future.

Ideally, weatherwise, I get four seasons, snow in the winter, and summer tops out south of 80 degrees. So if someone could point me towards that Utopia and give me a shove, I'd appreciate it.

I am one of the people that live in Chicago and hate the cold weather. I love Florida weather. My wife and I are planning to move to Orlando within the next 2 years barring any major setbacks with our job transfers.

I will miss the fall leaves but that is about it. I can take humidity and heat any day over freezing weather. The worst feeling to me is walking outside when it is 10-20 degrees I feel like I am going to die!!

I initially came to Florida after college for a six month temp gig and I am almost at the eight and a half year mark now. I never thought weather would have been a factor in where I would live until I noticed how much better my emotional well being was down here. Feeling down during those gray winter days and having cabin fever was just the norm that was winter, and it took coming down here to realize I could choose to be somewhere that made me not have those feelings and I never looked back. Heck, at the beginning of the month when we had the near miss with Hurricane Matthew I felt cooped up and had ridiculous cabin fever because I was stuck in the house from about 6pm until 2pm the next afternoon. The literal minute Orange County lifted the curfew I headed out to run an errand and see a friend just because I was climbing the walls being stuck in the house without any sunshine. It was a short reminder that I could never do winter again.

I do miss the pretty snow from Thanksgiving to Christmas sometimes. The holidays don't necessarily feel like the holidays down here as much. But I go check out the Christmas stuff at Universal and Disney and have made my own traditions over the years and am more than content with all of it. And the January-March snow, I never have to see it again.

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For me, family and friends being close trumps ideal weather. I hate cold, but I do appreciate change of seasons to some extent and would probably miss that if I moved to a climate that was pleasant year-round.

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