Mean Streak - Cedar Point

Just when I think I have a problem and probably ride too many roller coasters.... along comes "Mean Streak Henry" reminding me "Nah... your 100% normal!"

Mean Streak Henry

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That dude can give Paul Reuben a run for his money.

That has to be one of the most tragic sentences I've ever typed.

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Good lord, he doesn't even live here!
So, Mean Steak is is chiropractor, is it? Funny, it only caused me to have to visit one!
I wonder who's sorrier about the closing, Henry or his wife?

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Mmm I love a good Mean Steak

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Streak. I meant streak.

RCMAC said:

So, Mean Steak is is chiropractor, is it? Funny, it only caused me to have to visit one!

You laugh, but Ruth Voss, longtime PR director for Cincinnati's Kings Island used to ride The Beast EVERY morning on the ACE walkback. She always said "This Beast helps keep me loose".

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She credited it a number of times with helping her arthritis.

If I recall correctly, when she retired the park gave her a Beast car.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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The last time I rode Big Dipper at Geauga Lake I thought I would be paying for it since my back was already out of whack but that night my back felt better than it had in weeks. I think all of our bodies just react differently.

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I can actually see how this could work for some people. Of course if you have a back that is not out-of-whack, then the shake and bake might be bad for your back; but if you have an out-of-whack-back, then a little smacking around might actually result in a temporary subjective feeling of better.

Whatever works.

And in case some of you missed it, an RMC conversion was certainly heavily teased during the funeral.

How was it teased?

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They pointed at it and called it ugly.


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During the ceremony, the first speaker emphatically introduced himself as "Richard Michael Crosby", reading each name off a note card so that the connection could not be missed.

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One of my pet peeves at the theater: when I ask someone their last name, and they have to look at a piece of paper or their phone.

Him reading his "name" off a note card was a clear reference to RMC. Whether that was a hint, or the park having good-natured fun with enthusiasts, remains to be seen.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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kpjb said:
They pointed at it and called it ugly.

Not too far from the truth. They definitely took some jabs at the coaster's reputation.

Jason McClure kicked dirt over the open grave at the end. The whole thing had a really good balance between pointing out what a bad reputation it had while still acknowledging that some people had a soft spot for it and will miss it. I think they did a good job of incorporating something that could have been the mundane closing of a ride into a HalloWeekends event. Entertainment for the haters, closure and a sympathetic "there, there" for the lovers. A win, win situation.

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I saw this yesterday. I think this send off is awesome. Like paisley said above, they could have just closed it, with no theatrics, and no fun, and no honor. Instead, they put forth some effort and had an actual ceremony. I'd even say that doing this showed respect for park fans and enthusiasts.

They didn't have to. Doing less than this would have been easy. Kudos to Cedar Point.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

They gave out pins for the last riders like Mantis but if you were in the earlier group of riders you got a key chain too. Not some tiny little plastic thing, a substantial, metal, $4.99 priced key chain which is obviously new and not just something pulled out of a long lost box someplace. They definitely did more than they had to.

I have to wonder... SO will the new ride be called Revenge of Mean Streak or Son of Mean Streak? :-)

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Meaner Streak.


...or Thunderhawk.


...or Maverick.

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