MaXair will be up and running May 10th.

For all you MaXair fans I'm just informing you all it will be open May 10th. Says so in the blog.

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Was there ever any doubt?

Troika Troika Troika... Tony's a funny guy.

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No doubt. I am baffled, however, by the frequent breakdowns of this ride and its KI counterpart, Delerium. Obviously there is nothing simplistic about a machine such as this, but it seems to have a little more than its fair share of problems.
I heard from an ex Great Escape employee that Huss is pretty bad when it comes to after sale service. Long delays to get parts and in the case of Great Escape and their now removed Rainbow, it wasn't even the right one!
Actually Jeff, it's official name is "Troika oika oika".


-Craig, hoping someone knows this reference

For all of you that didn't know, maXair was down for the last couple months last season due to a major ride component that busted and takes several months to manufacture. *** Edited 3/28/2008 6:35:48 PM UTC by Dusa65***
Thats pretty much what killed Skylab at KI. The third time the main lift cylinder busted they just decided to remove it. Specialty rides (Non massed produced ones) Take special parts that are quite costly and take time to replace.

HUSS tried and I believe never did fix KI's in its ability to park itself. I believe they do it manually to this day. They were also supposed to modify TR:TR's program and Im not sure why they didn't.


Just out of curiosity does anyone know if the Mondial version at CW is better or worse in terms of reliability?
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Make sure you put away your umberella ella ella before riding Troika oika oika.
There are "mass-produced" rides?

Every ride has it's share of replacement parts available. Wheel are one of the main ones. But when it comes to one of the two giant motors that lift the giant pendulum up into the air, those aren't on-hand.

Jeff is right. Who doubted that it wouldn't open? TTD did the same thing in 2005 and reopened just fine in 2006.

Charles Nungester said:HUSS tried and I believe never did fix KI's in its ability to park itself. I believe they do it manually to this day. Chuck

Wrong again Chuck. From day one KI's Frisbee has always homed itself. It has never been done manually by ride ops.

Maybe I'm extremely lucky, but in the few years since Delerium has opened, and the 3-5 times I've hit KI in each of those years, I don't think I've ever come across Delerium down ONCE... Same holds true for Maxair.. I've probably been there 6 or 7 days since it opened, and have always seen it running... I didn't realize there was such a "problem" with these rides.
maXair has always parked itself rather quickly, especially if you compare it to Skyhawk in which half the ride is parking.
Huss Rides have their issues, which is why I'd be worried if I were the people running The Hard Rock Park. So far, all the flats I've seen have been made by Huss including a Breakdance, a Airboat, and a Swing Around.

The one I'd be worried about most is the Breakdance as SFA's has been nothing but trouble.

pyrocoasterkid, you're lucky as Delirium went down for a day and least a half last June (it may have opened later in the afternoon on that Saturday, but they couldn't give us a solid time and we had a 7-1/2 hour drive ahead of us). Luckily, we had ridden MaxAir two days prior.

I really wanted to ride Delirium again, as in my mind from BeastBuzz 06', that was the superior of the two rides. There's always 09' for another Giant Frisbee showdown:)

^Really the only thing different between Delirium and Maxair is that the latter one has a longer ride cycle, so depending on your stomach one is defiantly better then the other (me and my titanium stomach prefer Maxair slightly)

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Well thanks for that clarification Mr. Spriggz. I was told different and know they were called in a couple of times due to issues it was having. they were even running it for a period.

You ran the ride, I accept your infinant wisdom :)


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Shame you won't get a view of any charm or atmosphere as the arm swings high...
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+1 Moosh.

My understanding is that the issue on both rides is in the gearing. I don't know enough about how it works to really understand anything more than that. I don't remember if we still have the photos on PointBuzz, but I seem to recall there are three motors on each side of the hub that drive some kind of big gear.

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This is the best shot I could find in the PB gallery.
Moosh, I'm cracking up over that one.

The only thing I liked about Delirium was that the sign for the ride kind of added a foot chopper effect. I did notice that the ride jerked a lot when the motor was switching directions. MaXair does it to, but it's a lot more subtle.

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