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I think this ride does actually look fun. Though I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't for the theming to go along with it. I think the same thing of IJ:ST, fun little ride, but it's only fun because of the effects and scenery. Anways I just have a few questions and comments and just wanted to see what everyone else thought.

First, does anyone know how fast the LIM launch is. 0-70 MPH in how many seconds?

Second, I noticed on the video what seem to be trim brakes along the hill after the launch. If this is what they are I'm kinda disapointed. Kind of a waste to just slam on the brakes right after a launch.

Just wanted to give my 2 cents.

I mentioned those brakes in the Maverick announcement thread.

I think they may be there because CP wanted a 70-mph launch, but in reality, the train would be going too fast in traversing the rest of the course. So, they give you the launch, then they slow you down to a more reasonable speed.

It looks like the barrel roll will be taken retty fast AFTER they slow you down--think about how insane it would be if they didn't have the brakes!

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That barrel roll looks like the most fun part of the ride. So close to the ground and the waterfall and water right there!
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The theming & close-to-the-ground-terrian as the track traverses through it is what really makes this coaster. If it wasn't for those two... it would be just a very average ride with a mid-launch section.

...however, with the added theming, landscaping, and close-to-the-ground terrian as the coaster traverses through it... it puts it into a very-much average coaster & may rank as my #2 or #3 Cedar Point favorite... and I think it may even earn a Golden Ticket Award (#8 is my bet) next year, if the coaster lives up to its expectations & winds up being just as fun as it looks.

^Sounds like a scenario building up already. If it's built at Cedar Point it automatically should be considered for a Golden Ticket entry.

Sad part is, even if it turns out to be mediocre like Italian Job, it will still get an extremely overrated placing.

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Well its location will certrainly help it get into more voters' track records.

Mav looks like a very fun ride. My only negative is the OTSR, but I'll take that over a lapbar cruhing my legs like on El Toro. The theming really makes the ride in my book. If I were them, I'd pack in as much scenery as possible on this one.

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I am going to mention this.

I hope that the barell roll does not kill your neck.

I am saying this because my neck gets slammed into the top of the shoulder harness like it would cut my head off.

Sometimes its really painfull. I hope for cedar points sake they took that into consideration on that barel roll.

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^Nah, I bet they just drew that part on the blueprints by hand.
Speaking of coasters close to the ground, I have a new idea for a different kind of coaster. A close to the ground wooden coaster that has some elements much like a bobsled run. The ride would start out with a long but quick lift (possibly part of which is in a tunnel to add interest). It would than wind down the side of a hill making numerous turns including some 90 degree turns like Voyage and maybe having several quick, short drops for airtime. The ride would build up speed as it progresses along the course reaching a top speed of around 70 mph before hitting the station brakes. (I would like it to go even faster but I concede that this might be to hard on the track--as was the case with Boulder Dash's problems this season).

This ride would use conventioal wooden tracking such as is used in GG coasters.

Best possible places for such a ride: Knoebels or Lake Compounce. *** Edited 9/8/2006 11:25:19 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

Enthusiasts were all forewarned early on that they would be disapointed with this ride. This is one enthusiast that is exactly the opposite. I can't wait to ride it. It looks so fun with all the twists and turns and the themeing takes the cake. My favorite part of the ride so far (just by seeing the video) is when you come back from the swan boats area and that water is splashing on the rocks. That inversion looks so awesome since it's so close to the ground and all. Maybe CP finally "got over" having the tallest/fastest ride in the world and is getting down to the business of catering to more families with rides like Maverick as this is a ride even the most timid of amusement park goers will attempt.

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I'm not sure why anyone thought enthusiasts were going to be dissapointed by Maverick's announcement - the response has been almost completely positive in every way as far as I can tell.
Looks like an action packed ride and the theming certainly appears to enhance the ride experience (as theming should).

That said I can't help but wonder about something that I haven't seen discussed yet. What's up with the LSM lifthill?

I think I know the answer, I just wouldn't mind seeing what other people think.

My guess is that they can't use a traditional chain or cable lift with the launch track located directly under the lift. But how important is it that the launch is directly under the lift and station? Couldn't it have been located just off to one of the sides?

Is it that much easier for the programming, maintenance and power issues to just use the one type of propulsion (although it does have advancing tires as well)?

Again, I'm not trying to complain. I'm just trying to figure out why they went with this route for Maverick. I just hope that it doesn't fall victim to more technical problems and downtime than it would if it had a more traditional lift.

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California Screamin' has the exact same system, a LSM Launch and an LSM lift hill.

It experiences little to no problems.

-Brent Kneebush

I'm thinking they used an LSM lift hill because with the smaller trains they can't hold as many passengers. With the fast lift hill, it decreases ride time and increases the capacity per hour. I could be wrong, as I often times am. The hill is only 107 feet so how much time is really saved. *** Edited 9/9/2006 12:39:01 AM UTC by Giant WheelJay***

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...which is one reason that the lift hill's angle is at only 20 degrees... so it gives the train time to climb slowly & accellerate at an easy pace before going down versus a higher-angle of which would require a greater amount of accelleration to bring that train up the hill & probably harder to control speed wise (my guess).

A chain-lift (if used) woulda probably brought forth a sharper angle of ascent and therefore, a smaller distance from ground to top, so therefore the time saved is very little. I woulda prefered a chain-lift, but hey... any lift is a welcome change at Cedar Point than the past two launchers (prior to that, no launched coasters at CP).

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I think it looks perfect.


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My wife has ridden exactly two things built at CP from 2000 on---Skyhawk, which she doesn't really ever want to ride again, and Wicked Twister, which she thinks is fun.

She took one look at the animation, and said "that looks REALLY cool!"

We'll see what happens next year, but it sure looks like a winner to me. Lots of fun, and nothing too intimidating for the average guest.

I have one quick question that I didn't see addressed anywhere yet, and that could be because it may be a stupid question.

The launch section... is it really going to come to a full stop before launching, as shown in the video, or will it be a "booster" that bumps you back up to speed, much like that on Volcano at PKD/KD? I really hope it's like Volcano's, as I love that part of the ride as you head toward the mountain, and wish more coasters would be built with that kind of element (other than going back and forth like CP'S WT).

I guess it may come to a stop for blocking purposes, but I just thought I'd bring it up. Otherwise, the ride looks awesome!


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Knowing how accurate Keith's models tend to be, I would guess the real thing will work just like the model appears to.

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I think it's good to see CP making a coaster that isn't a record breaker for a change. It looks like it's going to be a solid, fun ride.
I'm psyched to ride it.

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