making six flags Magic mountian a landmark?

This might sound like a long shot but here it is...

I think that Six Flags magic moutain should be considered a natonal land mark of somekind because of its historic history of world record holding roller coasters and attractions, Futher more I beleave that the place houses a ton of jobs somthing californa really needs more of!

p.s. just if it somehow someway because a national landmark dosen't mean it has to stay a six flags park. I wish cedar fair would just buy it they would own the 2 biggest theme parks in the world!

umm help me add on to this

Those aren't good enough of reasons for it to be considered a national landmark.

If I were you, I'd delete this before you get torn a new A-hole by the other members. And why did you post this in the Trip Reports section?

There is no way that Magic Mountain could even get close to being a national landmark seeing how it holds little or no historical significance.

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Exactly. If something significant in the state's history, or if something significant in the nation's history occured here, or maybe there was some sort of architectural breakthrough (and i'm not talking about coaster/ride designs) or something like that, then it could be granted as a "landmark" with protection.

Sure, the fact that it's important for tourism and jobs for the area is very important, and needs to be kept open for those reasons, but its coaster collection is not enough to make it a "landmark" area.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

and why is this in the trip report page?


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umm can this somehow be moved? i was reading a trip report when i got the idea and ushaly only read the general fourm

^ No, it needs to be deleted, not moved.
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Revolution and Colossus were used in Vacation. That should qualify it!! ;)


The one park in Southern California that is deserving of National Historic Landmark status is Disneyland. Now that it is turning 50 years old, it should be eligible. The park has historical significance because it completely revolutionized the amusement industry. It also has many truly historic attractions and buildings that have been around for a long time such as Main Street USA, the Sleeping Beauty castle, the Jungle Cruise, the River of America and its rides, Fantasyland rides such as Dumbo, Mr. Toad, and Snow White's Scary Adventures, and the Matterhorn bobsleds. *** Edited 10/6/2006 8:21:45 AM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

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^ Eh. Knott's would get that title before it ends up in the hands of Disneyland. Knott's was technically the first themed amusement park in America, about 15 years before Disneyland cut the ribbon --- something most people happen to not know.
The historic significance of Disneyland is that the amusement park business was never the same after it appeared. There were other theme parks before Disneyland such as Knotts, Santa Claus Land (now Holiday World) etc. but they didn't have this kind of impact.

I do agree, however, that Knotts Ghost Town section is deserving of the honor (because of its longevity, uniqueness, and the historic authenticity of many of the things there) but that this should not be applied to the park as a whole, most of which was added much later.

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historic history?

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Better than non-historic history I suppose! ;)

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winningfreak, please, please look over your posts before (and after) posting. You have tons of spelling mistakes, and wrong words. If you're trying to get historic status for Magic Mountain, you're definitely not the right person. For one, it helps to spell 'mountain' correctly.
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The best mark they could make in the land that SFMM currently sits on is with a bulldozer, a whole lot of asphalt, a dozen steam rollers and a million gallons of yellow paint. :)

OK, maybe not THAT extreme, but wouldn't see me crying.

Don't they do that anyway as part of their landscaping for new coasters?

I thought the parks in coney island were the first ones?
Cedar Point and Lake Compounce are considered the 2 oldest in the country.

I do not understand how making MM a historic landmark would save a 'ton of jobs'?

If the steel industry couldn't do it, I sincerely doubt Six flags could.

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