Major hot takes

While I have not been to many parks (which is slowly changing) I have done a fair amount of large attractions. Because of that I have several hot takes and I want to hear some of yours. Here are a few of mine

Soarin at Epcot sucks

Arrow Mice should only be used as a torture device

Excalibur has elite ejector airtime

S&S Drop towers (the ones that launch you up not drop you) have great airtime.

Spaceship Earth is a top tier dark ride

Figment > Frozen

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This feels a little like trolling.

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"Ride A is so much better than Ride B"

"You're crazy! I bet you like churros without cinnamon sugar!"

"Yeah, well you eat too much gravy on...everything!"

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Figment > Frozen

I mean neither is a dopey turtle show…

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In my opinion, one of the best comments in CBuzz history.

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What is a "large attraction"? Just curious. Living with the Land is large...but I'm not sure that is where you are going with this.

And, why is everyone ragging on Turtle Talk? That is a pretty decent attraction, and certainly for the younger set. I've sat through it a couple times and enjoyed it for what it is.

Dopey Turtle Show > Fast & Furious Supercharged

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Both > Rip Ridin' Rockit

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In my opinion, one of the best comments in CBuzz history.

I’ll have to say I agree

TRON is a disappointment

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That's hardly controversial.

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Steel Vengeance is the ninth best roller coaster at Cedar Point.

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Right behind disaster transport.

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Disaster Transport > RRR (>Steel Vengeance)

Or something.

Rip Ride Rockit > Cedar Point Rain Policy

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I knew this would be a super productive thread.

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High five!

Just need a Gonchback reference to make it complete.

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Rip Ride Rockit > Cedar Point Rain Policy



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