Largest Pirate Ship Ride

Here is another pic.

Timbers crew 08

So, to Japan, it's not about beating the US, except for Steel Dragon 2000?(Could be it, too lazy to look it up) They only build large rides to adapt to the crowd. Has anyone been there and noticed if the park was over crowded. If you look at that picture, the Farris Wheel is huge as well. And i'm sure both large coasters pump out huge capacity.

I remember a while back at the NC State Fair, we had a huge Pirate Ship. It wasn't the 200 footer but it was about 125, I would say. It was large, held about 80 people(12 rows and held 7 to 8 people per row. It was only there for maybe a year or 2 in the early 2000s. But since then, they've replaced it with a mediocre ship, that's been there ever since the fair opened. Riding the big one, I was always scared it would flip, because it was so massive, that you would think it wouldn't be impossible if it did.

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Japan is a huge country with lots of different parks. It's impossible to really say what "it's about" in Japan or something like that just like you can't say "So in the US it's about..."

Has anyone been there and noticed if the park was over crowded.

In this pic the parking lot is packed.

Timbers crew 08

What the hell? Is there really that much of a demand for a swinging ship in that park? A two-sided beast next to a regular swinging ship? Not that the thing doesn't look as cool as can be!

I never understood why Japanese parks are so big on the white theme. I like my wood coasters white but steel coasters with creative use of color. Those all-white Japanese parks look so sterile.

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