Lake Compounce-2002-free soda & new season passes

Lake Compounce To Offer First Season Pass This Year

Quoting Tom Wages, General Manager of Lake Compounce: "I think everyone is going to be pleased with the free soda stations, and not just because the soda is free. I think people will like the idea that they won't have to wait in food lines when they just want a drink. It's a really good idea," said Jerry Brink, Food Services Manager for Lake Compounce. Two years ago Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana became the first theme park to offer unlimited free soft drinks with admission. The program was so successful that this year the park will expand it to offer free sunscreen in the water park. "We know our patrons are always looking for something new each season when they come to "The Lake" and since we are not adding a new ride or major attraction for 2002, we thought the free soda stations would be a nice addition,"

Aside from Holiday World, Lake Compounce has to be the friendliest park. From the guys at the Potato Patch who give you extras free and the best to do coaster talk with when you're waiting for your food. When they are under staff, tell the operators which ride you want to ride and they'll walk you over to it and start it up themselves. The ladies in the locker rooms hand give free lockers to families and groups so they don't have to pay for a bunch. The operators even let Matt and I ride Zoomerang for three times consecutively when there was no lines. You alsocan't forget the park manager, Dr, Wages himself, who doesn't stay cooped in a office all day. Instead, he spends the day walking around the park and using his higher rights and capabilities to help others in the park. He even opened up the Coaster Shop especially for me when it eas closed down for renovation. I'm glad to see the park continuing this era of friendship and following the great acts of Holiday World.

Thas really cool, I heard about this park and im planning a visit somtime this summer. Even thou they might not have the most rides in the world etc they seem to strive for the best... and the free soda campain works for me.
Don't forget free sun screen and towels at the water park :)
I live 10 mins.from Lake Compounce and I go there often to ride Boulder Dash and Wild Cat. A season pass is better than the 10 visit fun pass they had last year. My only question is can you use it at Kennywood like the fun pass? Ajrides. B&MRULES!!!!!!
I went to Lake Compounce last summer instead of SFNE and I am so happy. It is so refreshing to go to a small and relaxing park, especially one that is as great as LC. Boulder Dash is spectacular and I love the other rides the park has too. I really think that the sky ride is my favorite non-coaster ride at a park and the rapids ride was fun too. I have heard of a lot of people bashing the lake but I reccomend it whole-heartedly. Also, Wildcat isn't as rough as I have heard some people say. It is smooth compared to the Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavillion and the PC Huler. If you are looking for a relaxful and peaceful day, go to Lake Compounce. It think this new pass will only improve the park and its atmosphere. At IOA or any other big name corporate park, you pay so much to get a drink. Let's hope many other parks adopt this free soda tradition.:)

Lake Compounce: New England's Holiday World

Holiday World, changing the way the world does business [or at least some of it] =D =D

dose anyone know how far Lake Compounce is from Newyorkcity? it syas about 100 miles so im thinking 1hr 30mins?

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got a strong feeling this won't be the only HW "customer-first" concept adopted by other parks...the Koch family cares about their patrons, and I think we'll see other smaller parks "follow their lead" in other ways, too (at least I hope we do)!

Kennywood will probably be the next one ;)

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dose anyone know how far Lake Compounce is from Newyorkcity? it syas about 100 miles so im thinking 1hr 30mins?

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Yea it was about an hour and twenty minutes. Without any traffic.

Forgiveness requested for the necro-thread, but had anybody noticed that Lake Compounce has discontinued their free soda program? I was just looking at their website for food allergy info and saw combo meals with drinks offered. Apparently, they announced it back in November, but I didnt see anything here (or search failed me). Anyway, thought you oughta know. Perhaps this will cause another 'spot analysis' by Gonch.
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Soda is still free for season pass holders but they did away with the soda stations and you have to get them at food stands.

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Its just as well. I paid $30 for the free CF soda pass, and found myself regretting it. I got a ton of mileage out of it, and the cost per fill up was incredibly low, but I don't need to be incentivized to put carbonated sugary goodness in my body when I'm in the 90 degrees heat. I feel like despite the walking around all day on my road trip, I put on some weight by eating park food all and knocking back 10 cups of soda a day.

If anything, I'd appreciate bigger ice water cups. Or maybe even houses that only dispensed ice water with big cups for free and no line.

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