Lagoon customers concerned about price increases

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Lagoon has announced ticket pricing for 2023, and it'll cost more this year to get inside. Some families are having to decide if their budget can handle the hike. Single day tickets go from $84.95 but are now $97.95, while annual passes go from $180.95 to $207.95.

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Holy crap. You can get the entire summer at Kennywood for the cost of one day at Lagoon.

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Lagoon hates poor people too!

“…and it will cost more to get (insert anything and everything in the universe here). Families are having to decide…”

Lagoon is one of my favorite traditional parks ever, and I’m so glad I made the effort to get there. That was two seasons ago and I noticed way over in the corner of the parking lot a coaster that was *still* under construction. I think the announcement finally comes today. It’s a class act there, but they sure do take their time with big projects. (See Wicked, Cannibal, and now this Primordial.) And there’s an in-house component to it, which I think includes design and some fabrication.
Maybe they need the money.

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Looking at what they have, I still think the pricing is appropriate.

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"Some families are having to decide if their budget can handle the hike. Single day tickets go from $84.95 but are now $97.95"

The media *always* over-dramatizes minor price increases as an assault on family budgets. So let's do the math here:

$97.95 - $84.95 = $13.00 per person

Family of 4 x $13.00 = $52.00 increase. (manageable)

Mormon family x $13.00 = $221.00 increase. (Ouch!)

Well what do you know, the article is legit!

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Lagoon has the advantage of not having anything like a competitor anywhere near - what are people going to do, drive 8 hours to Elitch Gardens?* It gives them considerably more latitude to price according to value, as opposed to being driven by competition to price where profit approaches zero.

*With a stop at Knoebel's, since it's on the way.


*With a stop at Knoebel's, since it's on the way.

Have you been reading my trip plans again?

It’s appx 15% increase. Considering most people are lucky to get 3% annual raise, this is steep.

Best way to stop all this gouging is to stop buying.

A product that I normally buy went from $10 to $15. “Only” $5 is a 50% price increase! I stopped buying it.

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Pricing a discretionary product in line with demand is not gouging.

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This makes me wonder what price increases the park has made over the last few seasons if any. Even if they sat tight on the gate for two years then another two for Covid perhaps it’s been a minute. I don’t believe there’s been a lot of improvements or additions since Cannibal.
Except, I understand they razed a theatre and built the current German-style beer garden/restaurant which is beautiful. I believe it was accomplished over a couple of seasons. And in the meantime the new coaster sat in plain sight as it was developed over, what did they say?, seven years? (They use claims like that as some sort of badge, which I think is strange. But perhaps it’s what they’ve come to expect.)
Anyway, maybe it’s finally time for an increase to make up for lost time and revenue if nothing else.

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7 years? That's Knoebels-style coaster buildin'!


As usual. And I think it includes the back-of-the-bar-napkin phase, but still.

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A 15% increase? Hmm…pretty sure chicken’s gone up more than that. Definitely gas. Plus like 10% increase on pretty much everything else. Inflation effects everything, even theme parks.

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7 years? That's Knoebels-style coaster buildin

Don't give the Tron construction team any ideas

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