LA County to require vaccination or negative Covid test for Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood

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Los Angeles County’s chief public health officer said Wednesday, Sept. 15, that the county will amend its health order this week to require “targeted” vaccine verification at outdoor mega events and certain businesses, including theme parks, warning that the region will face “endless cycles” of coronavirus surges every few months without more vaccine coverage across the region.

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I know that this is just because of the LA County mandate, but it's really going to take private companies and businesses to require this nationally to get us out of this mess. The venue I work for in Chicago finally reopened in August, and they've been requiring proof of vaccination for entry. I've spoken to some people from other states who were vaccine hesitant that have told me that the mandates made them finally take the plunge and get the shot, as they wanted to be able to freely travel and go out to places that require it.

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Jeff said:

I think you grossly overestimate the number of people willing to make a convincing forged card. If it was happening with any frequency, I think we would see a lot fewer punched hostesses.

Maybe they are just stupid, because there have been far more difficult id’s replicated in the name of purchasing off limit items by younger individuals. This thing is printed on paper, a simple forgery, I wonder how many of those are out there?

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But these people don't want to beat the system, they want to proudly say, "**** you, I'm not getting vaccinated!" I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm saying it's rare. They're all too eager to prove how awesome they are without the vaccine.

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RCMAC said:

It’s too bad they just can’t use that there chip that was planted in everyone that got the shots.

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djgreghaus said:

I know that this is just because of the LA County mandate, but it's really going to take private companies and businesses to require this nationally to get us out of this mess.

You may be right, given the unwillingness of politicians in certain states to mandate masks or vaccinations, but the absence of mandates puts businesses in a difficult spot. My theater company in NYC is planning to open a show next month, and it's a relief that we'll simply be able to say to audience members that the law requires them to be vaccinated and masked if they attend. We may get some pushback, but at least we don't have to defend our decision.

(To say nothing of businesses that wouldn't mandate vaccination and masks, of course.)

Some businesses don't want to make tough decisions; they would prefer government do that for them. And some in government don't want to make the tough decisions; they would prefer businesses do that. Explains a lot of how we got to where we are.

You could replace "businesses" with "schools" and it still rings true.

Between employees and contract staff I think I have about 8 of 160+ who were not vaccinated. I made vaccines (or weekly testing for those with religious or health exemptions) mandatory although our Governor has threatened to fine any government agency who makes vaccines required of their employees. He doesn't seem to have a problem with private businesses having those requirements yet wants to penalize local governments for having them. If this isn't a political distinction then I don't know what is.

I've had media asking for interviews. I'm declining. This isn't about politics. It is about health (and an employer's rights to set regulations for its workforce).

Oh, and when I made the vaccines required I had 2 of the 8 immediately being the process...and a couple more are leaning that way.

It shouldn't be this difficult.

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I don't think the governor is willing to actually go after a municipality, because he'll most certainly lose.

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I also suspect the Governor doesn't much care if a municipality actually has a requirement---as long as that municipality or its officers are not giving lots of high-profile interviews on the Sunday morning news talk circuit, and instead does so quietly.

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