Kozmo's Kurves

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In a recent post on Kozmo's official facebook page Knoebels announced the much anticipated delivery of Komzo's Kurves. If all goes as planned (current PA weather aside) installation should be no more than a two day process. I am anxious to get down there to see how HSTC's replacement is in comparison, and it take some pictures to share. Here is hoping for at least one fair weather day in the next week.

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Sweet. I was there last Friday and there was still no sign of the Kurves. Hopefully it's up and running within a week.

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The park is looking to get it up and certified as quickly as possible. On a side note, am I the only one who things that Knoebels Kozmos Kurves might not have been the wisest choice? Not sure too many in northeast and central PA could make that connection, but even so, I feel that maybe a rename is in order... just to be safe.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

Pshh, The Simpsons already did it.


^^ That's a joke, right? You just forgot the smiley face, right? :)

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The acronym/moniker will likely be KK, you'll just have to determine from context whether someone is referring to the "kool kiddie koaster" at the Groves, or the big green monstrosity at the megapark a couple hours' away.

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I have a better option: KoKu.

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KoKu... nice! And yeah, I am joking about the Knoebels Kozmo's Kurves. I guess I did forget either a :-) or ;-).

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

I sort of like "Da Kurves" myself.

With a name like Koku will it run on rice and last about 1 year?

Dude, I didn't realize Kozmo was a girl... :P

I was there tonight, and construction is well underway. Station track, lift hill and first drop are all in. They were lifting the second hill (that will turn and drop into the helix) into place on its bent. They had the boat ride shut down for all of a few minutes, then they opened it again.

Of course, I don't have my camera with me this trip. I only got a few cell phone cam pics-- that I can't download to a computer.

Could you text/e-mail them to your e-mail and then upload them. Most phones will send the picture if you put an email in there. That is what I have to do at least.

I don't want to pay Verizon an extra $30 a month for internet connection.

It's called sending a PIX message to your email address. I do it all the time at no extra cost...

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It's not free on my Verizon plan.

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Nothing is free on Verizon's plan.. Course work pays for my phone.. So technically everything is free on Verizon's plan to me. ;)

Hmm.. Time to Text/Pix bomb Moosh now :)

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No nudes, please!

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Buzz kill.

Not the best shot...but I took this last night:


Track is complete and train is on now. Looks really cool...glad they chose to get something with a similar layout and build it over the boats again. Looked odd empty.

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