Kozmo teased the Flying Turns on Facebook today

1:02 - OUCH
1:03 - OUCH - Hope they can figure out a nicer way of catching the train to transition from the trough back to the non-barrel sections.

Otherwise - looks incredible. I hope they can keep it running that bonkers when they get around to opening it. I'll be at Knoebel's for a bit next Sunday, if there's any notable visual progress I'll snap a pic or two to share.


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I don't think those bumps are as bad as you think.

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That video has me drooling. Soon, please...

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Rick_UK said:
Mack Bobsleds have additional 'side wheels' don't they, I wonder if this will be similar?

Old Intamin bobsleds also have them.

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I would imagine that fixing the bumps would be pretty easy if they notice that they are too hard on riders. They would just need to redesign widen the catchers. I'm with Jeff though, it probably looks more painful than it really would be.

Here is a link to the video that we are talking about so that we don't have to click to the previous page to find it!

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"When it opens", whenever that is, I *will* be there... :)

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LK, I said that, not Jeff :)

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I had to watch the video 4 times to see the 'bumps' people are talking about. I still didn't see them until I reread where BBSpeed26 mentioned they are at 1:02 and 1:03. 'Ouch'? Seriously? I'm not feeling it; they look completely negligible to me.

Yea, I think a rigid mounted camera to the ride vehicle is making those bumps look worse than they are.

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I'm still not going to watch the video. I really want to be surprised when this finally does open. :)

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Just know that when you do ride it, if it's riding at all like the video shows now, expect that any bumps you may experience will probably be insignificant. :)

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Kozmo: "Hey Flying Turns! Your momma is so fat...."

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