Kozmo teased the Flying Turns on Facebook today

[url][url]I went back and forth as to whether this needed a new thread or not as I dont know if this means anything or if they are trying to ramp up dwindling enthusiasm for the ride.


Let the speculation begin.

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Perhaps they had a break through with the trains.

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If only Kozmo would friend me on Facebook.

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According to the full video says its highly unlikely it will open this year.


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Here is the video that Crash must have forgot about linking to. ;)

God that looks like fun!

Holy mackerel, does that look terrific! Knoebels have officially gotten me juiced again about this thing.

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Wow, that's totally encouraging to see. I really want a ride on this thing.

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Ending reminds me of Adventure Express.

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I must've missed the glowing-eyed statues...

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Is that an unload platform or a transfer track it passes through before that last little lift?

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The transfer

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Are there pictures of the ride vehicles anywhere? Curious to see what measures are in place to prevent one from flipping over.. it looks like the car really climbed the walls in that video. I guess a long train (and not just a single car) would be much more stable than a solitary bobsled.

Definitely would like to ride this soon!

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metallik said:
Curious to see what measures are in place to prevent one from flipping over.

Centripetal Force

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weight distribution is the best solution that I can think of for that problem. The width of the vehicles probably help prevent flipping. I'm not an engineer though...

Yeah, it all comes down to the width of the wheel base and a low center of gravity.

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I was at Knoebels last night, and there was nothing around the ride except fences, and the trough looked like it hadn't seen love in a while, from what I could see. I wonder when that video was filmed.

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As we all know, wooden coasters get re-tracked a lot (if properly cared for). Because this coaster has such a different trackbed, I wonder what the process of re-tracking is on this ride.

How many layers of wood is on this coaster?
How is the wood grain arranged?
Are the wheels like a steel coaster's polyurethane wheels to help protect the trackbed?

As I recall, that process was explained in "Euclid Beach Park is Closed for the Season", if you have access to a copy. The non barrel sections are not all that different than a standard wooden coaster to maintain. The troughs, or barrel are a little bit different as it is made out of long narrow strips of wood. The strips were replaced as often as needed to keep the barrel from developing a worn in "track".

As far as the wheels , the original ones ran on industrial rubber tire casters from what I've seen. I'd surmise that they may be using someing similar but with the polyurethance tread.

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Mack Bobsleds have additional 'side wheels' don't they, I wonder if this will be similar?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Yes, Mack Bobsleds have the "side wheel's". I'd love to see a picture of the ride vehicle, it can't be to far off what we already see running this kind of chute.

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