Knott's to remove Perilous Plunge

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Canada's Wonderland is singing that T-Pain song "All I do is win"...

Out of room? Go to Indiana Beach, there is no such thing as out of room.

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John Knotts said:

Having been around the backstage area, Knotts is larger than it looks. If the park decides to add a giga coaster, I see no problem with them fitting one in.

Isn't that area currently filled up with large buildings and employee parking? Yeah, it's certainly a big enough place to put in a giga, or two or three of them, if they wished. But that's a lot of infrastructure that would have to be moved off-site.

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Perhaps, but remember coasters that big can go right over things...

Point well taken.

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A large percentage of those large buildings (which were part of the food processing end of the business before it was sold off by the Knott family) are storing Haunt materials. It's convenient but a waste of very expensive real estate. There was talk at one time of moving the Haunt storage off site, and for now leaving the fabrication in it's current locaton. That talk stopped with Jack Falfas' dismissal, and I've not heard anything new since.

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Hershey's managed to shoehorn rides in places that didn't seem like they could accomodate anything more.

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Noah's Ark has "Flash Flood"...a standard shoot-the-chutes. Wet-N-Wild Emerald Point had a Roller Soaker type ride. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has a skycoaster. Pilgrims Plunge is (arguably) located inside Splashin' Safari. Waterville, USA is basically a waterpark with a couple kiddie amusements, go-karts, and a suprisingly-good wooden coaster. It's pretty rare, but waterparks sometimes have regular amusement rides.

I wonder how much consideration was given to moving PP to the adjacent water park...any?

I would think very little. It has spent more time down with the ponds drained completely than actually operating in the last couple of years. It's rph which was nothing to write home about when it first opened became abismal after the accident and the forced use of the five point harnesses. It wasn't any better with the new boats, so it's days were numbered from the get go.

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But nobody cares about capacity if the ride is cool. Remember?

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

I've been to Knott's 10 times in the year and a half I've lived in LA and Plunge has never been running on the days I've been there.

I'm excited to see what coaster they are putting up in it's place. I've heard the former Kingdom of Dinosaur's building will be taken out as well. Something similar to Maverick is possible with the space dimensions but all I've read is that it will be a giga.

Does anyone have a rough estimate on the announcement date for the new ride?

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