Knott's to remove Perilous Plunge

Knott's Berry Farm has issued an official statement that after Labor Day Weekend, they plan to permanently close Perilous Plunge to make room for future developments, that they plan to announce in the near future.

Anybody that had the chance to get on this beast knows how crazy that drop is! (especially before they modified the restraints after the fatality back in 2001).

From its debut in September 2000 until now, it was the steepest water flume in the world, and prior to the opening of Pilgrim's Plunge, it was also the tallest.

Crap, now I have to make the trip to get a farewell ride on it. I still really enjoy it, however I have to take a change of clothes because of the splash. I wonder what will replace it?

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What the poo in the hell of poo!!! Perilous Plunge is one of the best "Skloosh type" rides!! What is their justification? Maintenance? Ridership?

"We're just not that into it."

Well, I know they had issues with it but I'm a little surprised to hear it is being removed. I think it is pretty common knowledge that Knott's will be Ouimet's baby so I'm excited to see what he plans for that park in the future.

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I got to ride it in 2003 after the 5 point restraints were added to the ride. Hands down still the best Shoot-the-Chutes I've ever been on. While Pilgrims Plunge is a little taller, Perilous Plunge was much more thrilling.

I'll miss it. I wonder if it will be scrapped or if it would show up at another Cedar Fair park/water park where the capacity won't be as much of an issue.


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Dorney could use an extra skloosh ride.

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It would make a great addition at a Cedar Fair water park IF they could fix the boat/splash issue to return it to it's former glory.

It's been a ride mechanic's nightmare the last couple of years, being down more than open. I would think that it's headed for the scrap yard.

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I rode the Knott's version pre-and post-mods. With the 5-points, it took about 15 mins to load a boat...25 people in front of me in line turned into an almost half-hour wait, ugh!

On the twin ride, Hydro, they had the initial Knott's restraints, but spent an extra 5 mins per boat pushing ALL the way down on EVERY restraint. Crushing, but still a good ride in comparison. I love the *flip* over the top, and the wall of water that Pilgrims Plunge promised but failed to deliver.

Intamin is apparently Swiss for "we don't understand how to restrain people quickly OR comfortably".

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Or safely, for that matter.

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That's a shame. Such a great concept, ruined by poor execution. Intamin's embarrassing track record of water rides... continues...


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This is now the 2nd ride to be announced to be removed thi year while still holding a record. The 1st of course being Son of Beast.

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Was that the record for concussions?


Son of Beast - tallest wooden roller coaster in the world.

Perilous Plunge - steepest water flume in the world.

But yeah, S.O.B. can claim the concussion one as well. ;)

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I'm surprised by this, I wonder what park will get it. Rumor is that it will be replaced with a Giga Coaster. I've always thought Knott's could use a Giga Coaster.

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

Not sure where they would put it. That is one shoe-horned park.

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Having been around the backstage area, Knotts is larger than it looks. If the park decides to add a giga coaster, I see no problem with them fitting one in.

There goes that giga rumor again. I really don't know if that's actually going to come to fruition. The ship has not only a new captain but the navy has a new admiral. They may very well being changing course (that is of course if Dick hadn't already bought something before he left).

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Word on the street is that a very large ride was intended for the park but ended up at another park. You can do the math on that one, I suspect.

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