Knoebels/FT question

First, I apologize. I tried to search past posts but I am computer stupid.

I see Flying Turns listed on the 2009 price sheet as NEW at $2.50 per ride.

Will it be open for opening weekend or do we not know yet?

gary b

Last word I heard was they expect to be open by the 4th of July.

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It will not be ready for opening weekend.

I'll believe it's going to be open when I see it. How long has it been since they've been promising it to be open? LOL

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Three years?

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But when they stated the project, I'm pretty sure that they expected it to take close to this long. I remember hearing that the ride vehicles where going to take some time to figure out.

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They didn't know how long it would take, but I don't think they expected it to take this long since they've had it on the ride price list for two seasons now and it still hasn't opened.

Anyone know the status of the transfer track reconstruction? A while back it was mentioned that they would have to rip it out and try a different design. Hopefully this won't delay the opening any further. Even if they can only operate one train for a while it will be worth it.

AV Matt
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I dunno, to me this adds up to one of the worst ride construction nightmares ever.I agree with Acoustic Viscosity- there's no way in heck they planned on a 2+ year construction timetable. I'm sure that Euclid Beach, Lakeside, Forest Park Highlands, and Riverview had theirs up in little more than an off season, and without benefit of modern engineering techniques.

I realize that the goal is to bring back a classic experience with modern updates, (rarely a good idea anyway), and there are challenges involved. But if I were this park I'd be wringing my hands over construction cost, lost revenue, and possible repeated customer dissatisfaction. I haven't been to Knoebel's since they started construction and don't feel like making the trip until it's done- and even then I think the ride has the potential to dissappoint.

Sorry. Normally I'm a big fan of the park, but this is really beginning to smell.

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For those of us fortunate to be able to frequently visit the park (my personal favorite outside of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom), it's not that big of a deal. I've gotten used to seeing it there, occasionally testing, getting closer and closer to opening. I still have such a blast on all of the other rides, it doesn't matter. I am sure I will love the Turns, but it's not going to make me think "I can't imagine ever going to Knoebels before this ride". It's just going to be another of many gems at the park and one more reason to not stay on the Flyers all day. :)

AV Matt
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RCMAC said:
I'm sure that Euclid Beach, Lakeside, Forest Park Highlands, and Riverview had theirs up in little more than an off season, and without benefit of modern engineering techniques.

And without benefits of modern regulation and litigation. I'm sure it's been a frustrating process for the park as well. If only for the hundreds and hundreds of inquiries they've gotten about when the ride's going to open. On the other hand, they're probably glad they're not SFKK or Rye Playland to name a few.

I guess I'm in the same boat as AV-- I'll be there a number of times this year anyway, and there's still plenty for me to do. I'm sure a lot of the locals who come to the park will wonder about the ride being open or not. But I don't see any of them turning around and leaving if it isn't.

Well, yes. Modern regulation and litigation is precisely why this project may not be such a good idea. Nobody was more excited than me, with the good fortune of having ridden an original Bartlett ride, at the prospect of being able to ride one again. And I was hopeful that with Knoebel's care and commitment they would get it right. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized the potential for disaster in this day and age - you can start with the train design and go from there.

Please don't get me wrong, and I'm sorry to sound cranky. I love, love, love Knoebel's and if it were my home or nearby park I'd be right there with you. And I suppose I'd finally have to resign myself to the fact that the ride, so far, is nothing more than a decorative piece. (Oh, we've had our experiences with that in Ohio, too, so I'm hip.)

And frustrating for the park? That would be putting it kindly, I think. Money spent, no revenue. No media coverage.Coaster enthusiasts on the way for the third season now and nothing to offer them but another construction tour and test run? It can't be good for anyone.

I am in no way close to this situation, and I don't know Mr Fetterman or anyone else associated with the project personally. And perhaps Knoebel's is a casual, laid-back enough place so that they're able to take all the time and money on earth to get this pet project right. (And a saving grace, for sure, is that they are free of some large corporation barking up their ass.) But if it were me, I wouldn't be havin' it, that's all.

I wish them success, and soon.

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bunky666 said:How long has it been since they've been promising it to be open?

To be fair, they have yet to promise that it would be open. Dick K. was pretty clear during the initial announcement that there would be some serious hurdles, and that the ride was due to open..."when it opens". While I'm sure the park is frustrated that they've been thus far unable to open the ride, there haven't been unmet promises.

I understand being unable to travel to KG at any time, but not going there unless FT is open seems ludicrous to me. I miss the frozen sweet tea, and need to ride the carousel, flyers, and bumper cars. My home park is just too far away... :)

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Oh, sorry. I don't mean to leave the impression that I refuse to visit the park because the ride isn't finished. As much as I love to travel, a trip to Knoebel's is, unfortunately, not very convenient from central Ohio- it's a long road trip and trying to fly to somewhere close isn't close enough to make it worthwhile. I've been there many times, and though I love the classic attractions they have, I'll wait and see if I can't commit to that kind of trip again when something new is offered. Lord knows, we may see the opening of the Golden Nugget before we finally see this one.

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You think Central OH is inconvenient? Try Los Angeles! ;)

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^^I didn't mean to imply that you said that or would be wrong if you did. I've seen some posts though where people claimed that the ride was somehow "supposed to be open" by this or that time. The park has done nothing to create that perception. Do they want the ride to sit there? Heck no. But given the restrictions in place now that were not around for previous incarnations, there were a LOT of kinks to be worked out. It's all's just MY feeling that the park, sans Turns, still ranks above nearly any other place on Earth. When I am ready to retire, Lord willing, summers will be HQ'd right around Elysburg...

P.S. At least Florida is closer than LA! ;)

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That's funny, my dream retirement has always been to winter someplace warmer, say Florida, and summer in a lovely home on the Cedar Point Chaussee! Well, I shoulda acted while the gettin' was good - property there is outta sight now, and even at my ripe old age, in this economy, retirement looms in the distant future! Ah, well, there's always Mega Millions!

And you know, Moosh, LA-Knoebel's might actually be a little easier to manage than the 9 hour drive I'm forced to make! At least you can justify a plane ticket to- where do you go, anyway? Harrisburg? Allentown? Then rent a car for the 2-3 hour drive that still awaits. And you could combine it with Hershey, or Dorney and make it worthwhile. (I've tried that, and it just added to the misery of a never-ending, ass-tiring road trip!) We're lucky here- we have a seemingly endless list of places we can drive to in less than a day, and those trips can be quite enjoyable. But Knoebel's? It's just always seemed like, as they say, you can't get there from here!

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Thats my retirement plan, now only have to wait 40 years...

Mamoosh said:
You think Central OH is inconvenient? Try Los Angeles! ;)

Or northern England :)

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And you know, Moosh, LA-Knoebel's might actually be a little easier to manage than the 9 hour drive I'm forced to make! At least you can justify a plane ticket to- where do you go, anyway? Harrisburg? Allentown?

I visit Knoebels once a year, for Phunphest in October. I fly into JFK followed by about a 3 hr drive. I do not visit any other parks on my trip. Believe me I'd love it if I only had a 9 hr drive to takes me more than 9 hrs to get from my house to LAX, wait for the flight, fly to JFK, get my car, drive into the city, pick up my friends, and drive to Knoebels.

Yikes! Well, that trip does sound like a nightmare. Ok, you win. Now I feel ashamed that I don't visit Knoebel's every weekend!:)

One thing we can all agree on- no matter how we get there, or how long it takes- once we get there it's worth it.

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