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Soooooooooo...the opening day of Knoebels. Can I say...SWEET?!...well, today wasn't opening day, really. Yesterday was. Not that it matters. After being in Arizona for nearly 3 years, coming back to my home park was like...coming back to where I belong :)

It was cloudy and about 43 degrees when Steve and I pulled into the parking lot. We had only about 2 hours, as we both got off from work at around 3:30, so whatever wanted to eat/ride had to be quick. First stop? The almighty Phoenix.

On the way down, we passed near the empty void where Whirlwind once stood, which was really weird. Everything is pretty much gone. I felt really bad, lol, to see basically nothing in that spot. I had a soft spot in my heart for that was my first upside-down ride.

Onto the Phoenix we went...and what a great ride it was! Running the yellow train, the Phoenix never ceases to amaze me. I can't speak highly enough of it...and I love the fact that there's just a lap bar.

BTW, it also looks like they fixed that minrature model of the Phoenix in the window near the queue. That thing was torn up for the longest time.

Then we headed over the ride the Super Roundup...and dang! This was the first time I was on it since they built it, and its a good little ride. Got me quite dizzy, which is saying something. And I was pretty surprised on how vertical it went.

On the way out from the Roundup, we got to talking with the operator, and Steve and I got some interesting dirt...(forgive me if any of this has been posted already)...

--Whirlwind has gone to a children's hospital in Puerto Rico, apparently. I think they donated it...but I could be wrong; I might have mis-understood this guy.
--Fandango is actually going to be located right next to the Phoenix instead of Whirlwind's spot (where I originally thought it would be). Next week will be the date when they will try to open it.
--There is talk underway to bring in another woodie to replace Whirlwind next year.

...So that's what I found out. Nothing too new, I guess.

After the Phoenix, we payed homage to the old Eli wheel in the Mining Museum, then headed over the the Haunted House. We headed into the queue line, and the operator was talking to someone and didn't notice that we were right behind him. Steve and I were standing there, kind of laughing at how long he would be go before he noticed us. Then the person he was talking to said there were people waiting to get on, and the guy apologized and said we could get on for free, lol. So that was a buck twenty we didn't have to spend :)

The Haunted House also seems kinda darker this year, but maybe its just me. And those headlights get me EVERY TIME. Right before we were about to turn into the skull room, the door opens to the left of us, near the track, and this guy walks in from outside! It was the funniest thing in the world! He left the door open and the light was shining in and completely ruined that whole scary moment, LOL. He walked around...I guess he had to fix something...and walked right back out and sort of waved to us, LOL. Steve and I couldn't stop was so hilarous and Knoebels-esk, LOL.

Then, to add to the silly-ness, about halfway into the skull room, ALL of the lights went on, lol. I guess it was sort of timed bad, cause I didn't notice them go on before we went inside, like they usually do to charge up the skulls. So our Haunted Mansion ride was pretty funny!

After the Haunted Mansion, we headed over to Cesari's to get some of the world's greatest pizza and birch beer :D Afterwards, we went on the Skyride, which was also my first time being on it since being built. It's a pretty good ride...and I was surprised, because it actually goes really far up the mountain. If it hadn't been so cold, I would have enjoyed it more. But I really liked it. It def fits in the park well.

Afterwards, we got some cheese fries, waffle fries, and headed home. It got pretty cold by then, and it had started to rain, so we decided to call it a day. Overall, I was impressed. All of the rides were open...including The Flume, may I add!...with the exception of The Skloosh, of course. The new kiddie ride, Flying Tigers, was also open, but I saw all big people going on it, lol. But, like I said, despite the cold, great day :) Sometimes I forget why I love this park so much, since its been so long since I've been there. But it was a great day :)

"May the Millennium Force be with you!"
Ya I Love that park too it is my home park too.
By "right next to Phoenix" do you mean Fandango is going in that large open area where the sitting area is now? If so, that would be cool, IMO. There's an old thread around here somewhere were I said I thought Fandango should be located there.

Letting it swing in an axis parallel to the Phoenix lift hill would be awesome. That is a pretty large area that has little in it right now other than a few benches. It could certainly accommodate another ride or two without getting too cluttered and crowded.

Where are the flying tigers located, btw?

Nice report-- getting me psyched for a visit. All we need is some warmer weather now.

Fandango is located next to the kiddie go carts in what used to be a small parking lot. There's only one row of parking left there now. The swing is parallel to the Phoenix.

Flying Tigers is located between The Whipper and the Sky Ride station. Adults can ride but it's a tight fit :) Fun little ride!

As for the big open area where Whirlwind was, didn't you notice the pieces of the new (to Knoebels anyway) Looper scattered around? ;)

Thanks for the info, millrace.
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Actually that Looper isn't new to Knoebels. Its been sitting in their boneyard for quite a few years, along with a lot of other used flat rides I'm sure will find their way to the park someday.
And what would these other rides be? :)
Actually, just to clarify Moosh's statement. The Herschell Looper that is going in is actually new to Knoebels - it was part of a carnival's collection that had been sitting in storage for many years. Knoebels has had a Looper in their graveyard (among many other things like Moosh hinted). Evidently, the Looper in storage will be used for parts as it was not in good enough shape to be put back in operation.

For those of you not familiar with the Herschell Looper - it's often referred to as Squirrel Cages or Rock-N-Roll (which the Chance Manf. version was called) - I believe that it consists of 10 circular cars (each hold 2 people) and the whole unit rotates. Within the car, 2 riders face each other and work with a clutch to get the car to spin (in a loop, hence the name). Here's a link to pix of a Chance model:

Here's pictures of Whalom Park's Looper:

millrace said:

Flying Tigers is located between The Whipper and the Sky Ride station. Adults can ride but it's a tight fit

Unless you're freakishly huge!

You were just embarrassed to be seen on it. Admit it!
Oh no... the old "Rock-n-Roll" ride. I've actually got one of those at home. Its a Whirpool model with a lint trap and .... Oh wait... that's my clothes dryer. Oh well, basically its the same thing.

The only one of those things I ever rode was at the York (PA) Fair years ago. It had a belt... a wide canvas like belt... that cut right across your mid section. I thought it was going to cut me in two then when the thing got rolling and my full weight went pushed on the belt.... and that was many pounds ago. If they use that same type of restraint now, I would hate to see what it would do to me.

This is in my top 4 evil rides: Rock-n-Roll, AXIS, Chance Toboggans and Rotors. Truthfully, I've got an amusement park in my wash room... with my washer and dryer sitting side by side its like having a Rotor and Rock-n-Roll.

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Thanks for the clarification, Jim! ;)
why no ride on twister? Was it not running or did you just not have time? Was the park crowded? It does'nt sound like you got on many rides in 2hrs.
If you turn around going through the "spider web hall" thing on the Haunted Mansion, the lights always go back on in the skull room - it just depends if the doors are still open or not when they come on.
I was there the second day too I missed the first day because King Diamond, was calling me away! About the time you got to Knoebels I was on the bumper cars till they closed around 6ish. Does my back hurt now but at least I figured out how to pull a U-Turn with my car! My back sore today but that may be from the Flyers!

It was cold but I managed to stay the entire day. I did happen to see a few 'Buzzers there, Moosh, millrace, Rob, and, jimvid. The funny thing is as soon as Moosh, jimvid and the rest of their gang left the sun came out for a few hours! :)

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...meanwhile 30 miles east of the park on I-80 we had freezing rain and sleet [and a nice 20-mile traffic jam thanks to construction].
And 30 miles west of the park was snow which only got heavier and more treacherous as the day wore on. It is April isn't it?

I always try to get a look in the skull room when the lights go on. There's quite a bit of junk stored in there!

It's a good thing the bad weather followed both of you away from Knoebels then! Thanks you guys rock! ;)
Well it kinda took longer than we thought. I really, really wanted some Cesari's pizza and some fries :)...the main rides I wanted to ride were the Phoenix, Haunted Mansion, Skyride, and Roundup (I hadn't been on the Skyride or Roundup yet). We were just mostly glad to just be there and walk around, too :) And I had no idea the Skyride took that was 14 minutes!

No, the lights went on while were still IN the skull room! That's never happened to me before in the Haunted Mansion...but maybe it has to other people. I just found it funny :)

I never knew about the Looper before...I gotta catch up on my park news :\ *** Edited 4/25/2005 11:53:24 PM UTC by -The Stef-***

"May the Millennium Force be with you!"
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What type of ride is Fandango?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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