Knoebels is expensive!

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I am planning a trip to Knoebels and was shocked at the POP all day plan. It's $37.00! I was planning on hanging out at the park and campground all day, casually riding rides, but at that price I will just wait until the evening rate which is still outrageous IMO, $22.00.

What is everyone else's thoughts about this? There is so much talk about Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks being too expensive... what about Knoebels?

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Doesn't sound too expensive to me.
Take of the $10 you save due to free parking, and it's down to $27.

Factor in the cheaper food prices and shorter lines too; it doesn't sound like such a bad deal anymore, does it?

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I don't know. I adore Knoebel's to death but 37 bucks seems like way too much to me. The skyride and haunted mansion are extra on top of that too.

Heck Kennywood is only 32 and there is just as much charm, just as much cheap food (probably even better food than Knoebel's GASP!), and arguably a lot more overall to do there plus they have free parking as well.
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8.3, if you're only planning on only riding "casually," why would you want a POP instead of using ride tickets?

On Sunday evening I spent about 3 1/2 hours at the park. Rode Twister 2x, Phoenix 3x, and caught 4 rides on the Flyers. I spent $15.20 on tickets. (Actually I spent $16, and brought 80 cents worth home to use another time.)

I could have added the Haunted Mansion, Bumper Cars, the Pioneer Train and the Thrill Coaster and it would have cost only $20.00. Plus if you buy ticket books on weekdays, those $20.00 in tickets cost only $18.00.

Other than PPP, I seldom opt to buy a handstamp @ Knoebels. I find using tickets is a more economical choice for me. Of course, YMMV.

Yes, Knoebels is not exactly the cheapest option when you add in the driving back and forth to Elysberg, and the POP option (if you choose). But, if you like flat rides and two fairly decent coasters (okay, Phoenix rules), then Knoebels isn't too bad. Taking the flats out of the equation, I could see some people finding the POP option not being a bargain.

There are also add-ons which can make your day more expensive such as The Haunted Mansion which was $1.20 I think two years ago, the Skyway at $3.00, and the Crystal Pool at $5.00 (these prices may have changed).

There are good bargains to be had though if you look through the calendar. I know the day after the Coasterbuzz event at Dorney, that the POP option was only $15.

And then there was a night where we hit Hershey during the day, and then hit Knoebels at night with a discount POP option (which stopped at 7 pm,). All I know is I'm not returning until The Flying Turns opens--whatever decade that is--and I'll be returning with my never-to-expire coupons.

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This October I'll spend about $600 (flight, car, and hotel) just to travel to Knoebels...and I still feel I'm getting more value for my money than if I drove the 30-60 miles from my home and spent the day at SFMM, or Knotts, or Universal, or Disneyland, or DCA. Heck, I could visit all five parks here in Los Angeles and still feel the same.

Expensive? Sure...but worth every penny (and more, in my case), lol ;)

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Funny thing is I was just saying the same thing to myself the other day. Then I bought bread, and there is a $4 off coupon for POP at Knoebels. It used to be only $3.

We go to Knoebels at least 15 - 20 times each summer. It is close to home here is Scranton, and although we can get to Dorney in less time, I just don't feel as good after a day there as I do Knoebels. We always opt for tickets, as two of us can ride as much as we want for $40 at the max. Add in around $10 for us both to eat at Cesari's Pizza (with drinks), and $4 for ice cream... that is still less than parking and admission to Hersheypark for one person(which was fun on Monday!)

I guess if you are expecting the coaster line-up of Hershey or Six Flags Great Adventure, then yes... comparatively Knoebels can be expensive. If you are looking for charm, a true family atmosphere, and value... Knoebels can't be beat in my book!

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We're going for three days next week. We are sticking to tickets even though we plan on riding all day. Last summer, on the first day we got the POP bands, then added up individual ride prices as we went along. We didn't even come close to spending what we did on the bands. The rest of the trip we used tickets. A bit of a PIA but we saved money. Keep in mind, ten dollar ticket books are nine dollars on week days.
What's interesting is that I first started going to Knoebels in 1999 and I believe the POP was $18-$19 (w/ the wood coasters). Quite an increase in 10 years!

Having said that, the individual rides haven't gone up at that same rate. The Phoenix was $1.60 (now $2), the Twister was $2 (now $2.20) and the Flyers which I thought was scariest .70 you could spend is now $1.20.

I live about 2 hrs. south and I have made that drive an average of 4-6 times a year since 1999 (driving right past the Hershey area). Sometimes it may only be for 2 hrs., getting some pizza and riding the Phoenix and the ONLY bumper cars I care to even ride anymore.

In August, for the first time, we have rented one of the private cottages you see on your right as you drive in towards the parking lot. It's pricey, but everytime I go to Knoebels there is a certain peace I get. No rushing, laid back and while it has happened, very little line jumping.

I feel very similar to Mr. Mamoosh about the place however I wish I could change locales with him for a year or two. Disneyland Resort gives me the same peace even though crowd wise there may be a slight difference.

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swhite1987, I live in Pittsburgh and Kennywood is cheaper to get in, parking is free and the food is better IMO. I could also bring up that I am staying at the campground, and when comparing that to staying on the resort at Cedar Point, parking is also free. But I won't go there.

I love Knoebels, but $37? Its like they don't want you there all day.

My fiance and I have been there twice before, the first time was just for a night and the second was during a rainy PPP so we wanted to spend some quality time there and at the campground. We have only rode the coasters, Haunted Mansion, Sky Ride and the Antique Cars so I wanted the POP so we could get on some more rides and just casually enjoy the day without worrying about conserving tickets.

And while some of the food may be cheap, its not all cheap. I remember wanting a root beer float and seeing one for $5+. That's not cheap.

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Charm don't come cheap.

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You would think for $37 they could afford to maintain their rest rooms.

As I mentioned above, the POP is more than it used to be especially when compared to the rate the price on each ride has risen but they were way too cheap 10 yrs. ago. Now it may be a tad high.

However, the amount of rides you WILL be able to ride in one day compared to most other parks I believe helps add to it's value. You live near Kennywood and they are one of the few parks that is close to Knoebels as far as atmosphere, cost and quality/value of food so you may not see what a gem Knoebels is in compared to way too many other parks.

If it's just two of you $50 in tickets will go a long way on a leisurely day at the park. A long way.

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The reason why Knoebels POP is higher than at most comparible parks is because only those who ride the most use this option. In comparable POP only parks such as Kennywood, everyone is paying the ride-all-day price even if they do little riding.

Unless you plan to do a really large amount of riding at Knoebels, use tickets. As mentioned earlier there is a 10% discount on them on weekdays when the POP is available. Also, there is a lot more to do at KG besides rides. You will want to spend some time strolling around the park, just relaxing, or enjoying the free shows and exhibits. There is also the good, reasonably priced food and the games including one of the few remaining Fascination games in operation.

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I choose the POP option simply because it's more convenient than using tickets. I just show my handstamp and walk on.
I am curious to hear Gonch's reply to this topic actually, usually he has some interesting input in topics such as these. I think the POP is on the slightly pricier side, but I've never used it really I just tend to use tickets and it comes out pretty cheap, but I would use a coupon if I were to use the POP.
I am also guessing the POP could be higher because of the free parking and lower food prices. I've gone alone and I don't see how you save 10 bucks you never paid on parking, and its only 10 bucks if you're completely alone. If it was a large family or group of people the 10 bucks you "save" is spread out to however many people so you're not really "saving" on admission. I'm not saying the free parking is bad.
It still averages out to spending less then at other parks during the day when I go to Knoebels, but I can also get in tons of rides at Dorney's starlight admission which is $20 on a weekday with no lines. *** Edited 6/19/2008 4:50:35 PM UTC by P18***
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I live over 2 hours from Knoebels now (much better than the 16 hours away I lived last year) and I have already gone to the park 5 times. It's worth it! Go on Wednesdays and Fridays for Bargain night--$8 for all the flats, plus the cheap $2/ride for the wood coasters.

When I visit for a full day, I too opt for the POP because of its convenience; although I would likely spend less in tickets. It's still a great deal.

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eightdotthree said:
You would think for $37 they could afford to maintain their rest rooms.

Admittedly they have a 'camp' feel to them. I'm sure there is no difference in sanitation on a regular toilet seat and the bare porcelain that you would sit on there but it just doesn't feel right.

And those spring loaded, cold only faucets are a joy to work with also. However primitive the hardware may be I never see them 'dirty'.

They've actually upgraded a few of their bathrooms in the park and campground. (such as the new one over near the tilt-a-whirl)

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