Knoebels Food Suggestions?

I’ve been to Knoebels a few times but never know what to get since there is just so much good stuff to choose from. :) I’ve found the crab cakes to be great as well as the potato pancakes. Other stuff I’ve found to be mediocre so I must be getting the wrong things.

What and where is the best food at Knoebels?

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Cesaris Pizza, great for when you don't want a meal, main food area.

steak sandwiches from the Phoenix food pavillion

traveling taco from the saloon

Bison burgers at the International Food Court.
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Everything is so cheap I usually just stick a $20 and eat anything I can get my hands on.
Teaberry ice cream at the Old Mill Cesari's Pizza. Chicken Fries near the Alamo. Rib-B-Q sandwiches near the Round Stand. And I'll admit the bison burgers are pretty good.
The Oasis (cafeteria) has some great daily specials. The all you can eat Friday Fish Fry and the BBQ chicken on the weekends (1/2 a chicken) cost only around $7.50. Drinks are extra, but you get free refills with the cups they give you in there (they're different from the cups used at the other stands so you can't try filling those up without paying).
Tuesday night featured steak dinner from 5-8 for only like 8.95. I opted for the steak sandwich platter since it was earlier in the day, and it was delicious. Reasonably priced as well. Large drinks there are only 2 bucks.
I once made the mistake of ordering a potato pancake thinking I was getting a potato wedge.

Make no mistake...the wedges are the real deal and are required eating.

Sometimes, I dream about cripy, golden brown triangles. YUMMM!

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I like the Tri Taters and Perogies at the round Food Court near the Haunted Mansion and Cesari's. The Sweet Potato Fries at the International Food Court are good too along with the 3 Amigos platter. For dessert go to Stoney Gables the stone building next to the Flyers and get a Wurzel. It's basicly fudge made into a milk shake. They take a while to get made but they are good.
I can recommend a few things, "Fancy Fries" ( or heart attack fries) at the Wharf, I think they are only like, $3 or $4 bucks, but they're sooo good. A plate of waffle fries covered in cheese and real bacon, along with ranch dressing, very good :D. Also they Gyros there are very good too. A couple other things I usually get for snacks are cheese on a stick at the Totem Treats, and a fudge covered apple at Stony Gables. Other people have good suggestions as well, and these are mostly snacks. :) *** Edited 6/29/2007 10:00:06 PM UTC by P18***
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I love it how you can have a thread about Knoebels that can include 20 different food items, all of which alone are better and more reasonably priced than every single food offering at other parks around the country.

Is Knoebels that good or is most everyone else just that bad? Little of both I'm guessing....

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Knoebels' affordability is largely due to the more rural setting (see: HW's Plymouth Rock Cafe). The enormous variety and quality are due to the wide range of ethnic groups in the area. It's kinda at the crossroads - PA Dutch, Italian, Polish, German, Czech, etc. Just LOOK at the variety!

LOL, just wait 'til I bring some Miami-style Cuban food up there... you haven't lived until you've had my black beans 'n rice... :)

IMO.... ;)

The funny thing about Plymouth Rock cafe -- at HWN this year a group of us from Pittsburgh and New York City was talking to Mrs. Koch about the fantastic deal that meal is (and make no mistake, it IS a good deal!)

She laughed and said "Thank you, but you know 'inexpensive' is a relative thing. I've already heard complaints from the locals about how expensive it is!"

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

rollergator said:

LOL, just wait 'til I bring some Miami-style Cuban food up there... you haven't lived until you've had my black beans 'n rice...


If anyone is looking for unusual food, there's an Internet cafe with a crazy menu, run by a Cuban-American family, in Danville:

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You can't really go wrong with ANY of the food at Knoebels. The Perogies, the BBQ sandwiches, tacos, steak sandwiches and yes.....CHEESE FRIES!

Ok, now I am hungry. :P

Greg, I totally agree on the Plymouth Rock Cafe. We ate there as well and I couldn't believe how large the portions were for the money.

Getting back to the Knoebels menu....what exactly are "alligator bites?"


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^^^ Exactly, Greg. And the same holds true for Knoebels. Every time a larger group from our family goes up, someone insists on bringing along a cooler with drinks in it, because $2.00 is way too much to pay for a soda. (insert rolling eyes smiley here.) Of course, we end up leaving it in the trunk unused for most of the day anyway.

It's true that if you go within a 20-30 mile radius of the park, there are lots of restaurants and bars that serve food amazingly cheap-- and the quality is pretty good, so they aren't just greasy spoons and dumpy dives.

^^ Tina, they are exactly what the name says. I ordered them during my Knoebels visit last year thinking they would be some sort of extra spicy chicken tender. When I tried them, it was like..."these taste funny, not quite like chicken." Surprise!

My sister's cafe in Florida sells them, made from farm raised alligator. Not awful, but not to my taste either. Texture is the main thing I noticed, kind of gummier than chicken.

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I have wondered if that was real alligator in the alligator bites myself lol... I'm curious now. Next time perhaps I'll be daring...
My new favorite food is the D&D Pita at the Warf.
It is a cheesesteak with onions peppers and sauce on a pita. But you better be hungry or split it with somebody. The gator bites are great too. They are chunks of deep fried alligator meat.

I'll be at the park tomorrow and I have been doing good sticking to my diet so I might just get the Knoe-bowl salad.

Damn!! now I'm hungry

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You mean it's a real food item? I thought someone was just being nasty about rollergator. :)

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