KI's King Cobra

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What is the status of this coaster? Is it still in storage or has it been scrapped? I really enjoyed this coaster while in operation, so if you have any info please let me know.


Being shipped out to a steel recycler.
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Poor King Kobra. :(


Wonder what they'll do with it's square wheels? ;)

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King Kobra was the coaster that turned me into a coaster enthusiast. I was about 12 or 13. It wasn't the fact that it was a standup, it was the ride's layout that facinated me, and still does somewhat.

I truely loved that ride.

Square wheels? Since when was the coaster rough or bumpy? I imagine its not in top form for operation now, but back when it was running at PKI, it was easily the best stand-up I had been on and if currently operating the same, would probably be my favorite steelie at the park. Besides Screechin' Eagle, I think the airtime on that was unmatched in OH. :)
I've only been on it's cousin at PCW, that was for sure, on square wheels. Unforturntly, I've yet to make it to PKI. Next season...

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Well DS you can enjoy KI but King Cobra has been gone since 2002.

Hi.....whats your name again?

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dexter said:
I truely loved that ride.

Same, it's still my favorite stand-up.

The crotch bar will NOT be missed!


I think that since KI is getting X-Flight, Geauga Lake should get King Cobra. :)

I never got to ride it though, so I don't know how good/bad it is, but it seems like a fair enough trade! *** Edited 12/18/2006 3:46:20 PM UTC by Sarah Jackson***

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DS said:
I've only been on it's cousin at PCW, that was for sure, on square wheels. Unforturntly, I've yet to make it to PKI. Next season...

I was at PCW for Spring Con and I thought it was fine. I think the Togo Stand-up coasters are easier to ride (for a man) than B&M's. The thing about the Togo's that sux is the difficulty getting into and out of the restraints. It make for a slow load/unload.
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For whatever reason, I think PCW's and PKI's were "the good Togo standups"....PKD's is a brutal beast - maybe I am just a carrier of that rare Togo gene? ;)
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I rode PKD's a couple months ago and it seemed fine to me.

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Well, I guess no one took Maureen up on her offer at BeastBuzz. On the SOB walkback tour, we were shown the location of KC, and were told we could buy it.
I agree with Dexter. King Cobra also led to my fascination with roller coasters. The 720-degree turn was the coolest...standing up!!!! I remember the first time I rode King Cobra in 1986...that was the most afraid I've probably been in my life as we climbed the hill.
im with Danny, Dexter and Matt. while i never rode King Cobra, we have Shockwave here at PKD, and i think its a great ride...i will definitely be bummed out if its finally sold and removed.

Tim the TOGO defender lol:D

It truly was a TERRIFIC RIDE and you always had a sense that you were on something that was ONE OF A KIND or, at the very least, very special.

I will say this, however. . .it was particularly rough on guys. I'm not being sexist when I say this (and, remember, I'm the guy that likes "rough" coasters) but the "nether regions" took some major abuse on the ride. We hadn't quite gotten to the point in time where there was a "bouncy" quality to the stirrup. Ah-hem. You know what I mean.

Guys always rolled off that ride pulling at the front of their pants and looking slightly quizzical as they weren't quite sure about what they had just experienced. They just knew that there was a very distinct tingling sensation as a result of it.

Never thought we'd get into THAT particular subject matter before, but there's always a first for everything!!


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Actually, I heard a rumor that King Cobra was going to end up at MiA next year - right next to X-Flight.
King Cobra is wore out. The End. It will either be used for parts or scrapped.

Chuck, who used to love riding that thing in the rain, It would bend your knees much more than when it was dry out. Just a couple MPH and wow! that loop had some G's.

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