Kings Island Announces 2012 Attraction on 9/2

Kings island has gotten worse every year since Vortex opened. I bet there are 40 less things to do at the park than say 1984. Skylab replaced by lockers. Sponge Bob replaced by PPR. Flyers replaced by 3pt challenge. It goes on and on. Sure there are a few high capacity newer rides but by far they've removed three attractions for every one they've built.

This hasn't changed under CF. I think the park looks better but the pricing. Dispatches ect. Completely suck.

YMMV but IMHO if a park every was in need of a ten flat addition. This is the one.

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Lord Gonchar said:
I don't think I need to express my lack of enthusiasm for the place...again. :)

It's really funny how totally opposite our opinions are about some things. lol

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But what's even funnier is that you like the place and complain and I don't really care if I get there or not and I think their growth and choices generally make sense.

Which I think point out what is often the case with things around here - being too close to the subject at hand many times gives skewed perspective.

(that sounded like a fortune cookie :) )

Rebranded Waterpark to be Soak City. New wave pool with 4ft waves that allows tubes. Reworked lazy river to Action River. New lockers, new entry way. More shade.

Sums it up.

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Lord Gonchar said:
...being too close to the subject at hand many times gives skewed perspective.

Maybe you shouldn't sit too close to the TV with those glasses on? ;) :)

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Happy 40th KI!

Well, it's more money than CP got, and it's something original at least.

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Charles Nungester said:
More shade.

First park ever to announce charm as an addition?

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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Lord Gonchar said:
being too close to the subject at hand many times gives skewed perspective.

That is genius...

Lord Gonch: Coaster Guru.

And I will admit that you are right about why I feel so strongly about the decisions that Kings Island makes about their park. (SMACK!) I think it just hit me as to why Cedar Point fans are the way they are.

Or why I consistently harp on operations and capacity. ;)

In all seriousness, though, LK and Pagoda nailed a lot of my issues. With the Crypt, I actually can appreciate the ride cycle...when it had the cool Tomb Raider storyline and themeing. Now...I look at it and think "What a waste of an attraction now." Seeing the Paramount Story area literally rotting away drives me nuts. Its one thing to discontinue the general theme of something like that, but then to just leave it and let the rock work literally fall apart and rot in plain view of everyone with stone facades crumbling to reveal the yellow foam base? Keep it and keep it in decent repair, or get rid of it.

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BullGuy, I don't think we're going to be seeing any "charming" shade. Probably just some gigantic triangular pieces of cloth hanging over large areas of concrete.


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