Kings Island Announces 2012 Attraction on 9/2

Kings Island will announce the 2012 attraction(s) on Friday at 2 PM.

Return of the antique cars? Wait a minute this is where the Paddle boats from Cedar Point are going to end up ;)

Son of WindSeeker

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Well, it can't be a WindSeeker and it can't be dinosaurs, so it should be original. Any other rides missing from CGA?

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Waterpark related is my guess.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Maybe the Cincinnati Enquirer will leak the announcement around midnight tonight and then pull it.

"Thank the Phoneticians!"

My preferences would be, first, to retrack and retrain Son of Beast and reopen it, or, second, either a water coaster or Big Bowl for the water park.

Without a lot of fanfare, they should also be retracking and retraining Racer, bringing back the Antique Cars, and buying new smaller boats for Congo Falls so they use the double dip to its best advantage. But those should not involve big media announcements. Just let people discover them when the park opens next Spring.

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Well, last I heard was that the park wasn't going to make any decisions on SOB until around September of this year, so maybe we can expect to hear an announcement about the rides demise of resurrection.

I'd love to see the antique cars return, but I am half expecting them to sit on those until they rot. In my opinion, the park has changed for the worse in the last decade, except for the addition of DB (as a ride in the park, but not it's location.)

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Really? I think I've come to like the park over the last couple of years. The ride I like the least out of the past couple of additions has been Diamondback.

I'm especially happy to see them adding a FOL system, and I can't wait to try it.

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Hello can of worms. How are you today? What's that? Oh, you're going to spread all over the place now? Nice. Thanks.

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I think I picked them up and stuffed them back in while you were looking away. Let's hope. :)

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I'm not letting you off the hook that easily. ;)

I'm completely serious. I fail to see how KI has gotten worse. I mean, sure, they took away Chuck's flyers but seriously. The place has grown up, and evolved with the times. It's not always gonna be the place you loved when you were younger, because if it was, you'd find yourself asking what you ever saw in that run down old dump.

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The work they did to the coney island midway last year alone is astounding. The pavers are beautiful.

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I have to hand it to Cedar Fair and their use of pavers lately. I absolutely LOVE the look of a wide paver path/midway. It looks so much better than blacktop, and is way less reflective/bright than standard concrete.

I'd accept stamped and stained concrete as well, but don't tell them that. :)

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Well, I haven't been there this year yet, so I can't comment on this year's Coney Island project, although the photos I saw looked fantastic.

I thought all of those worms were "front-of-the-line-access" worms. I am not going to comment on that subject tonight, so that's why I though I had picked them all up. I didn't even see the "Kings Island has changed for the worse over the last decade" worms...

They removed the car ride for Stunt coaster. Lame. They took out the amazing Nick theme and replaced it with Snoopy. Lame. Beast is still fun, but just not the same. Lame, lame, lame.

Diamondback is incredible (in my opinion), but the rides that have been added over the last ten or so years do not follow the (secret lol) park layout rules (guidelines) that with the exception of the main weenie, all the big stuff is to be on the outside of the loop (or park boarder). This rule allowed for the park to have some really nice, quaint areas, with the Eiffel Tower as the main focus of the park.

Swan lake is gone. The quiet walk from the Eiffel Tower to the Beast is gone. The funny tunnel with the greenery growing over it going into the kid's area is gone. They landscaping has seen a lot of work over the years, but a lot of the (dare I say it) charm has been removed.

No one can ignore SOB, hovering over everything in the park, but not doing anything. Eyesore. The Crypt is a big, non-decorated aluminum box. Because what is inside is pretty lame, it is an unnecessary eyesore. Where does that path lead to after you pass Flight of Fear and Flying Coasterhawk? Nowhere? Ouch! Eyesore!

The trees growing around the International Street Fountain are really nice. The landscaping all over the park is done very well, but it has always been done very well. Keep in mind that I could say twice as much about how much I like Kings Island. It is still my favorite non-Florida park. But I somewhat understood why the layout of the park was the way it was from an early age, and it resonated with me. That's why I am so passionate about the subject.

Did I ever mention I'm still ticked they removed Enchanted Voyage?

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I'm not sure the park has gotten worse, but it certainly hasn't gotten better. It seems like every good decision is balanced by a questionable one.

At the very least, they have a lot of messes to clean up. LK mentions many of them. Tomb Raider is an ugly building with a mediocre ride. WindSeeker was placed in a location where it now pretty much hides the old Action Theater which is really just a haunt building now anyway. Tower Gardens, the old Paramount Story, is just a smoking area with nothing in it. SOB. Lots of wasted space.

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You are right, Pagoda. I will go ahead and cautiously take back my statement that it has been getting worse. BUT, I will 100% agree that it hasn't been getting better either.

I still absolutely love that park. I wish they would have kept a lot of what made it so great in the past. I tell people who haven't been there in a decade that the would probably not recognize the place now.

I went to KI last year for the first time, and I gotta say I was moderately dissapointed. I would go back, but i'm in no hurry.

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LostKause said:
I tell people who haven't been there in a decade that the would probably not recognize the place now.

In all fairness, you could say that about any park that's actually growing and moving forward.

With that said, I don't think I need to express my lack of enthusiasm for the place...again. :)

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