Kings Dominion teases Grizzly restoration

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Not sure this is news worthy, but KD posted a teaser on social media this morning called "Restore the Roar" and linked to their blog which will be updated on 11/7.

Not sure if it was discussed here, but a few weeks ago someone posted a photo showing most of the top of the lift was disassembled. I'd guess a full traditional retracking is coming over something like an RMC.

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Here are a couple of the photos that have circulated the interwebs about a month ago.

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Weird that the chain is still in place while incomplete.

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I believe I heard someone say it was storm damage, initially. I'm not 100% on that, though. The cuts look too clean, but they could have come through and cleaned up the ends after the damage, I suppose.

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Yeah, it caused a lot of speculation that it may have been damaged. Not sure if anything was ever confirmed. Perhaps KD will mention something in the blog Monday, but I kind of doubt it.

My first thought on the picture was that it does not look like construction work.

Jumping that lift like the bus in Speed would be less jarring than my last ride on Grizzly

Well, if CF is happy with RMC, perhaps they are going with a full 208 ReTraK type deal. Could just include a few little tweaks but keeping the same relative layout (perhaps increased lift height for more speed, better pacing for example).

I didn't mind my ride on this earlier this year, but we also rode in the front so it was probably a bit better there. Still a few pot holes here and there, but managable. An overhaul would be good, though!

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Many online sources and coaster watchers have recently noticed that The Grizzly coaster is closed for repairs and that sections of track are missing. The theories behind the nature of the changes are as wild as the ride itself. The theories range from massive hurricane damage to large trees toppling onto the first drop and taking out a large section of track. None of these are correct. The truth is that Grizzly is undergoing extensive renovations and retracking and will re-emerge some time next season more fierce than ever before.

Then I stand corrected. I will change my comment to it looks like someone got carried away with the wrecking ball.

After my ride in mid August I'm glad to hear it's getting some TLC. I got jackhammered in the back row. I love the normal roughness but that was an almost Mean Streak beating I took.

Watch the tram car please....
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Part Deux...

Promoter of fog.

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I don't remember much about that ride, other than knowing I had a lap. I wonder if they're doing the new TGG track.

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That “vintage” promo piece mentions the ride’s design was taken from the original Wildcat at Cincinnati’s Coney Island. The company held on to those original blueprints. Shooting Star was supposed to be re-created on KI’s Coney Mall but they changed their mind and went for the more spectacular Racer instead. (The jury’s still out on that one).
Wildcat’s was a design used several times, the first being Wildebeast at Canada’s Wonderland. Then Grizzly, then the other Grizzly at California’s Great America which is so modified it shouldn’t even count. KD’s version is the superior of the three, but has gotten so bad that something definitely needed done. Both CF and the riders seem satisfied with the re-tracking on KI’s traditional wooden rides, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did the same with this ride.
It’s too bad that park expansion over the years lead to the removal of a lot of the surrounding trees though.

The first time I rode Grizzly at Kings Dominion I was kind of hoping for a Beast Jr. kind of ride. Instead I got one of the worst, roughest rides on a wooden coaster I have ever experienced (and I loved the original Raging Wolf Bobs with the trailered PTC trains and terrible track gauge)

I hope the track work they are doing makes this the ride it could (should?) be!

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Part 3

Includes a decent video where GG's lead engineer for the project explains the changes being made. As a fan of Grizzly since its opening year, I'm not at all opposed to the changes as described.

I actually am looking forward to riding Grizzly. I don't think I have ever said that before.

Traveled to KD for the 1st time last summer. Rode Grizzly and did not really enjoy it. I'm glad GG is doing work on it as they have done excellent work on the Racer. From what my son tells me, the Beast greatly improved as well.

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By the time I got to KD (August), Grizzly was already closed. I can't say I was too disappointed.

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