Kings Dominion selling Hypersonic XLC

It's going to a new CF park where X-Flight and the remains of (you thought it was dead?) WoF's Orient Express will also operate.
Coasterguts, I do find that interesting about PKDplace. There's a high-level of arrogance there--and yes I hope the people who run the site will tell the Coasterbuzz readers why.

I just don't understand why they would burn bridges with a place they once supported. Heck, a respresentative can even send me a private message if they don't want everyone else to know. A simple "We've decided not to maintain PKDplace anymore" would've sufficed, don't you think?

Ah, but there's something else going on and to me, it's real personal. Maybe someone didn't get their ERT session, or their butts weren't being kissed enough by the park in exchange for the things that the website posted.

Or, maybe the park just wasn't listening to PKDplace about what rides they should install at the park, and due to PKDplace's incredible insight, they got upset when they put in Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Mansion instead of the hypercoaster (as an example).

And they were still upset two-years later when PKD added Italian Job instead of the hypercoaster. And they really lost it this year when they found out that they were making additions to the waterpark instead of the hypercoaster.

Then again, it could be a Cedar Fair thing. Again, I'm just having fun hypothesizing.

Rob that is not even funny. Also how violently it was torn down the only place it will ever operate again is that big amusement park in the sky.

Jeff said:
Hypersonic was a piece of crap. No one will miss it.

Piece of crap, yes. It's like a carnival ride that's been falling apart for the last decade but nobody bothers to fix. I will miss it, however.

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What's not funny? Joking about Orient Express?
Intamin Fan, I do agree that the level of arrogance at PKDPlace was exaggerated. I can understand a person or persons who don't care for KD or just prefer BGE over KD. But, the harshness with which these web owners started bashing the park to such an extreme over a very short time leads me to believe the KD management was ignoring them and when BGE showed them some attention they "jumped ship". I think BGE realized they could have all the good publicity they could get without much cost to them by giving the web site owners a little attention.

Their reasoning was it was too much work to mantain 2 web sites. I can understand that. But, its what they say, not what they do that makes me believe their ego has been stroked by BGE.

Its a shame the park the size of KD does not have a fan site of its own.

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Thank God!

This coaster wins the award for "Ugliest Coasters ever Made"

Hands down.

This is like the town eyesore on Main Street finally getting demolished.

Good luck selling. They haven't been able to sell Demon Drop or Mr. Hydes/The Edge yet, and those have been up for over a year.

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How much steel is in Deamon drop & XLC? Last i heard, scrap steel was going for about $1,000 a ton ($.50/lb, 2,000 lbs in an American ton for those outside the USA).

For the sake of discussion, let's say XLC has about 400 tons (I'm guessing here) of steel in it. That's another $400,000 that can go for other smaller improvements like adding a resturant or updating the landscaping.

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I'm not sure if there's that much steel in Hypersonic's structure. There really isn't much to that ride aside from the first hill. The short track stays very close to the ground.
Okay, even at 50 tons of steel, that's still about $50k that can be put toward other improvements.

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That's pretty much all the ride is worth. Not sure what they were thinking when they installed that one.
How would they take that thing apart, and rebuilt it in another place?
Sounds a little irrational to me looking at the pictures - it's a massive construction.

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Just hope it stays open long enough for me to ride it in late June. After that, they can take it down :)

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Not really, it's just a big tower and some low-level track. Compared to moving a coaster like X-Flight, that would be a piece of cake.
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JR, they said that just like Demon Drop at Cedar Point, Hypersonic will continue to opperate until it sells. All indications are that it will be running this year.

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If they're waiting to sell it, I have a feeling it will be running for a long time. Those S&S launched coasters didn't exactly fly off the shelves.
Look out, KD patrons, I see Cornhole in your future!

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As one of the former members at PKDplace and good friends with the administrator there, the decision was made to shut PKDplace down for the simple reason that Kings Dominion was becoming something the administrators did not support. CBS turned the park we once loved into a craphole that none of the admins desired to pay money to support a fan-site over.

The former admin of PKD and myself have decided that should Cedar Fair succeed in restoring KD to a respectable status, we will happily found a fan-site for the park, but until that time, we are focusing on BGEscape, which in our eyes has infinitely more potential than a KD fan-site.

I would like to assure you all that we are not a bunch of idiots who would turn our backs on a park simply for not building a roller coaster that met our standards. It was the unprofessional nature of the CBS management, poor maintenance of rides/theming, depressingly uninspired atmosphere of the park, and rudeness of employees that forced us to seek a higher quality venue. We found this in Busch Gardens Europe. *** Edited 3/12/2007 7:40:35 PM UTC by Fergusonat***
^ Wow. You make it sound so bad. I know that PKD isn't the best park, and I agree that BGE is better, but you make it sound kinda like Six Flags :) Take a trip up I-95 to SFA and PKD might just look nice again :)

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