Kings Dominion adding wild mouse for 2002

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Paramount's Kings Dominion will get a Mack wild mouse for 2002. The coaster will include a 50-foot drop, which is higher than those found on standard models from the same manufacturer. The ride will be named Ricochet.

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Well no hyper, but at least they get a coaster.

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It's a shame that they don't get a hyper or drop ride. I went to PKD for the first time this year, and that's what I felt they needed most. Should be a solid addition, though.
Wow! When the cat's away, the mice play.
Well, maybe the hyper will come next year.
In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the biggest wild mouse (I think) on the plant. Also, I noticed a mistake. It said the park will have 12 coasters, actually it'll be 13 b/c one Rebel Yell side runs backwards and in GRP or whatever I was told that if it races and one side runs backwards that it counts as 2 coasters.

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BOOOO!!!! They need to add something that is longer than 2500 feet for christ's sake!
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Naw, these additions are perfect for the park!
great now some paramount park other then PCW gets disapointed. now you know how ive been feeling for like the past 4 years. and i will continue to feel this way because PCW aint gonna get another full sized coaster for a long time. you guys got hypersonic last year and volcano like 3 years ago. what are you crying about!!!

RCTfreak PCWs wild mouse is 50 feet too.

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what about thier flat ride called triple spin?who makes it and are there any pic's of triple spin available?I'm interested in seeing just what that ride will look like and what it exactly does.didn't they have a wild mouse coaster back in the late 70's early 80's called galaxy?it used to be where shockwave is now.
Well Rebel Yell is 2 Coaster anyways they do not both have opposite turns making it seperate whether or not one was backwards, no matter how you like it. But pkd is nice not saying 13. Hey they are catching up to the bigboys cough cedar point cough magic mountain. hahah. we all know those parks have more diverse rides but who cars we got the launch coaster park.
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Limwarrior writes:

"Rebel Yell is 2 Coaster matter how you like it"

This is not a flame. Who made you the one to decides whether dual tracked coasters are considered one coaster or two? I know plenty of people who consider Rebel Yell to be one, including me.

There is no definitive way to count dual tracked racing or dueling coasters. Some people count them as two, some as one. Some parks count them as two, some as one. Even lets you decided which way you want to count them. The trick is to let each person do it as they see fit and not berate them if their method is different from yours.

So please...don't say "no matter how you like it" because your word is not gospel.

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the galaxy coaster is not quite a wild mouse. galaxy is a small steel coaster with some great helixes at both ends. a wild mouse features the sharp, zigzagging turns.

This is another Paramount park going for quantity instead of quality though.
NitroExplodes -
Well "they" really can't get a hyper because "they" just got a Trust Air.

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What is so bad about a Wild Mouse? PKD got a brand-new, first-of-its-kind prototype for 2001... honestly, I wouldn't have expected another coaster until 2003 or 2004 at the earliest. A mouse may not be the most exciting coaster addition a park can get, but since the park has pretty much all of the other bases covered, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.
does anyone know what type of flat ride it is that they are getting. It was described in their press release.
Looks like there just trying to add coasters and dont really care what kind they add. As long as one's there I guess it is counted as a coaster making it 12 or 13.
Although this is a fairly good addition to the park, I am suprised at this decision, This means yet another Low Capasity Ride for PKD(Hypersonic and Volcano have low capasitys and a few others do like Avalanche,Shockwave etc)
I would have thought PKD would have gone for a Hyper with Mega Capasity as they really dont have many rides like it(Granted, Most Rides still do have a High capasity there) But Really There are 4 coasters with Low Capasity and this will bring the total to 5.
I am not trying to say that The Wild Mouse Coaster is a bad decision, But they really should have built something Longer and with a Much Bigger Capasity because IMO the park really needs another Ride Like it.

Thats my Opinion anyway, What do you think????
I am still excited about the new coaster even though it is a wild mouse because it's one heck on a wild mouse. I wasn't expecting a new coaster untill 2003.
I really thought that PKD would build a drop ride for 2002. A Drop Zone clone would've really improve the skyline of the park. But a Wild Mouse will do.
hey maybe since PKD gets a Mouse.. PGA can get a Thrust Air now.. because this year PKD got a thrust air and PGA gets a mouse.. What a pattern .. i hope this is true what i am saying hahah... i really dont want PGA get a thrust air... PGA gotta steal PKD's hyper woo!

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