Kennywood or Gaeuga Lake???

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 2:25 PM
I am planning a Cedar Point trip for me and my dad, and my original plan was to leave from Philly and spend one day at Kennywood, one at Gaeuga Lake, and then 2 at Cedar Point...

I showed my dad the plan, and he said now i have to face a tough decision...I have to pick either Kennywood or Geauga Lake...and I don't know what to do!

I've heard nothing but good stuff about Kennywood, and I do love woodies, which Kennywood has...but then Gaeuga Lake has X-Flaight and Dominator and Villian! I really am in a dilemma...

What I want to know is what you all think, based on your past trips to the input would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 2:33 PM

I think I would go to Kennywood based on their fries alone. :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 2:38 PM
I would choose Gayuga Lake for the awesome floorless!
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 2:59 PM
Go to Geauga Lake. It is actually a nice park with awsome roller coasters. I mean, they've got an impulse, floorless, flyer, and a CCI wooden coaster. What else could you ask for?(Besides a hypercoaster.)
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:32 PM
I know you're looking for opinions and this is just mine.

Kennywood. Phantom alone is worth it. Kennywood's woodies aren't exactly world class, but they're unique and every bit as good as GL's lineup. PLus you get the spinny mouse too.

I'm not a big fan of GL's coaster line up. I found both Big Dipper and RWB rough and unenjoyable & Villian seemed average at best. (perhaps that will change under CF management - who knows?)

X-Flight does nothing for me. I've learned I'm not a Flyer fan over the past few years. I'd consider Dominator the worst of the 4 floorless coasters I've had the chance to sample. Even S:UE...errr, Steel Vemon (while probably the most worthy ride at the park for me) still does little for me. I'm not a launch whore. (sorry, Brett :) ) Double Loop was about the smoothest Arrow looper I've ever ridden and I dig Boomerangs. The rest is kiddie or throwaway for me.

Again, just my impressions of the lineup, but one lap on Phantom's Revenge beats one lap on all the above mentioned coasters. Add some hand slapping Racer fun, the ridiculous air on Jackrabbit's double dip and the intense laterals of Thunderbolt and you have yourself a good woodie day. A spinkle ofindoor spinning mouse gives good flavor.

Chase it all down with the wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner, the bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacer and the competent drumwork of Don Brewer and you have a good time fun thing happening.

(that last part only applies if Grand Funk happens to be at the park...and you're a Simpsons fan)

I'd also easily give the nod to KW on flats selection too :)

And if I were in your shoes, I'd prefer the shorter drive to KW. (and it sounds like Dad would too :) )

Keep in mind that I haven't been to GL since the name returned, but even that takeover would have to mean leaning towards KW if it were my decision - give them a season to get things 'right', then head over and support the cause.

Sorry for what sounds like the worst pro-Kennywood propaganda ever, (or anti-Geauga depending on how you look at it), but I'm just passing along thoughts.

:) - courtesy smiley for those who might otherwise get defensive and consider the above some sort of GL bashing

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:41 PM
My vote goes towards Kennywood. Like Gonchar said, Phantom's Revenge is all that is needed to make me want to visit again. The airtime on that beast is fantastic, definately something that shouldn't be missed. I would certainly say that Jack Rabbit is in a class of its own, airtime wise. Back seat, 'Nuff said. Thunderbolt is very enjoyable, especially if you get paired with a hot female like I did the first time I rode it. =) Finally, Exterminator is easily my favorite mouse, so much spin. Its highly enjoyable.

As for Geauga Lake, its another good park in my opinion. I loved Big Dipper, those trains are fantastic and I got some lovely airtime. Villian wasn't that wonderful for me either. I'm going to say those trains ruined it for me. Awful G-Trains. Raging Wolf Bobs was horrible. Rode it once and vowed never to waste my time there again. I loved Steel Venom (Err...WAS Superman). Front seat and back seats are the ones to hit for that ride. The Floorless wasn't as exciting as the one at Six Flags New England. I think the Zero-G Roll did it for me there.

Anywho, go for Kennywood, you won't leave disappointed and yes, you must have Potato Patch fries before leaving! Its tradition.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:41 PM
I would have to give to the nod to Kennywood, because Phantom is the best of the coasters at either park. It also has a unique atmosphere that I found enjoyable, just don't wait for that Garfield Ride, and get some fried Oreos.

Of course you could just keep nagging your dad until he gives in.

Take us to Mount Splashmore !!..... No

Take us to Mount Splashmore !!.....No

Take us to Mount Splashmore !!.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:42 PM
I'm not biased toward either park. I've never been to Geauga Lake in any of its incarnations, but I've been wanting to go for some years now. However, given the choice, I would choose Kennywood. I may not say that next year, but since Cedar Fair has a lot of work ahead for the park, I want to wait until next year for a GL trip.

And I must disagree with Gonchar (a rarity) on this statement:

Kennywood's woodies aren't exactly world class

I've only ridden 30-some-odd woodies, but Thunderbolt and Jack Rabbit are up near the top of the list. I'm sure a lot of folks would disagree about JR, but that double-dip alone ranked it in my top 10.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:45 PM
I vote for Kennywood because GL will have a new good coaster within 2 years and Kennywood won't. When the new ride is built, then you can go to GL.
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 3:50 PM
Hey! Gonch and Vater disagree!? I seriously think this is a first!

To get the full effect of that quote it needs to be finished:

but they're unique and every bit as good as GL's lineup.

They rank rather highly for me too, but usually based on that uniqieness.

Seriously, without that Double Dip, Jackrabbit would only offer 4 dives into that ravine - all with little air.

T-bolt would be a bigger version of the neutered Jackrabbit with out the two circles around the "bowl".

Racer would be...ummm...something less than good if it didn't have the racing element (and subsequent hand slapping)

All unique rides..and all notable mostly for the thing that makes them unique.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 4:01 PM
True...true. I guess I base my affection for those rides (and many others) on their uniquity, and in that respect I guess I don't disagree with you...

Phew! I sensed the temperature in Hell drop considerably for a few minutes! ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 4:48 PM
Depends on if you're looking for a relaxing trip to an amusement park, or a thrill-packed day. While neither will offer as much of the second as CP or some of the bigger SF parks, Geauga is the more "thrilling" park, while Kennywood takes some time to just walk around and enjoy the place. The launch whore thinks SV/SUE is enough to convince a trip to GL, but only in place of a Kennywood trip because it costs $30 to go to Kennywood and I've already paid for an entire summer at GL ;)

Then again, if you're not good with directions or familiar with the area (sometimes even if you are!), Kennywood is a major bi*** to get to, although Geagua's no picnic either.

Now this is pure speculation, but I wouldn't be so convinced that there won't be a coaster in Kennywood's near future, neither would I be so convinced that there IS a coaster in GL's near future.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:01 PM
The biggest reason to go to Geauga Lake was when they also had Sea World and in addition to a mediocre ride selection you could enjoy the aquatic zoo and the water shows. Sea World and the animals are gone now so the park is less of a draw. Yes, Cedar Fair might infuse it with new life by 2006, but you're going this summer.

So go to Kennywood.

Go for the history. The Jackrabbit introduced the lockdown wheels and the double dip. Racers introduced the single track double loop. They hinted at the idea of the terrain coaster, and Pippin (now Tbolt) introduced it as a full blown concept. Phantom is really the grand daddy of all hypers. And there are the Kangaroo, Noah's Ark, Turtle, full sized Whip, Auto Race and double lift Log Flume.

Go for the landscaping. Kennywood has much more foliage than GL.

Go for the food. Not just the fries. Eat dinner at the Parkside Terrace. IB's Sky Room beats it, but nothing at GL does.

Go for the free parking.

Go for the excellence. That is a magnificent Carousel. Exterminator is simultaneously one of the two best indoor coasters anywhere (DW's Blazing Fury being the other) and one of the best spinning mice anywhere. KW's Paratrooper is one of best five, the Log Flume and Rafting Ride are #1, and when it's running well the Flying Carpet is one of the best five of those you'll find. Swingaround with its position high above the park, and the view from Pitt Fall is one you won't soon forget (be sure to get a riverside seat). The Turtle is in the best condition of the few remaining incarnations of that ride, and the Turnpike just as you enter the park is one of the five best.

Go for the arcade. KW has games from back in the 20s that not even CP or Indiana Beach have.

Go for the train ride (even though the train itself is not the equal of the ones at CP, PKI, DW, BGW or Disney) because no amusement park in the country offers a view to match that one of the Monongahela Valley. Those industrial towns and mill sites, those railroads, barges and tugboats moving far below you, are where over 100,000 men once made this the greatest industrial power the world has ever seen. The day will come when their grandsons will be asked to do it again.

And go for the ghosts. Men like Miller and Mangels pursued their craft here. During World War II, when parks everywhere were closing, KW executives convinced Congress to allow them to stay open to keep public spirits up among the steelworkers who were building the machines of war. KW kept the flame alive so that parks like CP, PKI and others could blossom later. KW is like Notre Dame football, Kentucky basketball and the New York Yankees.

Geauga Lake is just a park. *** Edited 6/9/2004 9:08:21 PM UTC by Trekker Park***

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 6:11 PM
Is there really even a question, go to Kennywood.
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 6:29 PM
I dunno - since you're driving accross PA anyway, I would consider dumping both of them and stopping at Knoebel's.

But that's just me.

If I had to choose between the aforementioned, I'd probably pick Kennywood. it is a better park, no doubt.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 7:30 PM

Lord Gonchar said:

...without that Double Dip, Jackrabbit would only offer 4 dives into that ravine - all with little air.

T-bolt would be a bigger version of the neutered Jackrabbit with out the two circles around the "bowl".

Racer would be...ummm...something less than good if it didn't have the racing element (and subsequent hand slapping)...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... and without the 300 foot lift, Millennium Force would be Gemini Jr.

Without the heating elements, my toaster would be a 2-slice breadbox.

Without my wife, my bed would be for sleeping.

...not world class, my ass... ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 7:48 PM
go to kennywood. thunderbolt. jackrabbit. seriously.

granted, last time i was there, i rode the newly-built fastest roller coaster in the world. so that dates my trip pretty specifically... =] i've still got the t-shirt, too.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 8:15 PM
Ok, I should probably keep my mouth shut, but I have been known to say crazy things.

Maybe between the two parks, Kennywood would be a better choice, but Geauga Lake is still worth a visit if folks have the time and money.

Why do people want to wait until new things are built to go? We, the employees at the park, are working hard to bring our guests the service they deserve, and make sure they have the most fun for their money.

I know the park has room for improvement, and I know we have a lot of work ahead of us, in making that improvement happen. But what I have a hard time with is the nay-sayers, who do not want to visit the park until Cedar Fair does something amazing to it.

Well guess what, they have already done something amazing with the park. All over the park, you should be able to see fresh coats of paint, friendly employees, and an atmosphere of the smaller family amusement park, reminiscent of the old Geauga Lake.

And I think Impulse-ive has a point about the two parks and their future plans. I don't know the plans for either park, but without the right amount of capitol coming from admissions and in-park spending, I doubt much would be built at either park.

I guess what I am saying is that people should visit Geauga Lake, if they have the time and money, to support the park, and the new direction it is headed in. Just sitting by until 2006, and waiting to have fun, will not help the park, and it will make you miss a great little park that is working hard to bring back the atmosphere that made it famous.

Anyway, enough of my rant. The Fun Is Back (tm?), and I suggest visiting, and feeling the new atmosphere, as we improve.

And Swim92688, I will not take it personally if you choose Kennywood over Geauga Lake, as Kennywood, from what I hear, is a great park, and one that I would like to also visit, considering its fame. Have fun at Kennywood, and I hope to see you at Geauga Lake some day soon!


Wednesday, June 9, 2004 8:36 PM
Kennywood--it is not even close in my book! I second the fries comment!
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 8:49 PM
I say stay in Ohio. I love the coaster lineup that GL has, especially the flyer. The flip after the lift on X-flight is amazing. Also, they have a floorless, an impulse, and a bunch of woodies (Villain is better than just "ok").

By the way, they got rid of their crappy customer service. If only they could steal some fries from "The Wood". . .


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