Kennywood applies for beer permit

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If Kennywood begins to sell beer, the West Mifflin amusement park will maintain the family-friendly reputation that it established more than a century ago, a spokesman said. Founded in 1898, Kennywood has never sold beer regularly, except during two weekends in September during Oktoberfest-themed events. That could change by the end of June if the park gets approval from the state Liquor Control Board to begin selling beer throughout the summer season.

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Wow...kpjb, how will you deal with all the unruly drunks overtaking the park? Or will you be joining them?

Bout time!!!! Hey Holiday World? You are next,,,,,,,,,,

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Biergarten + Kennywood

Do they sell season passes yet? I think I'll need one.


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Season Beer Passes! Similar to the new Six Flags dining pass... 2 Beers each entry to the park! Count me in. (If only...)

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Dear Kennywood,

Kennywood-themed, traditional ceramic beer steins. I would easily drop $100 on one. Just saying. Make it happen.


- Bill


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It always seems to be 90 degrees when I visit, and having a beer with my Potato Patch fries could be the best thing ever. I approve.

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The beer garden will be across from the Aero and closed in so you can't take beer out, so make sure you get your fries first.


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Does this mean I can still gen in free with a Pliny donation? :)

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Wow, the locals aren't happy.

Read some of the comments...

Didn't we hear the same stupid rants about another park not so long ago? Maybe in Texas?

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I,ll bet most of those commentors own a gun, and do not properly store them.

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I'm guessing that if this works well, the next step is limited service to catered picnics?

No objections from me, and I mostly don't drink. I just hope they are more selective with their choice of beer than they were with their choice of soft drink... :)

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One of my favorite BeastBuzz memories was from the year we had a keg. It felt more like a family-friendly wedding reception than a coaster event.

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I rarely buy beer at amusement parks but a nice cold Yuengling Lager with my Patch fries sounds pretty awesome.

I can only assume it will be Yuengling. ;)


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What, no Penn Pilsner?

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Why is the selling of beer often thrust against the "family-friendly" image, as if the two don't go together? If anything, selling beer makes your park more family-friendly.

That is definitely true if the family at issue is your in-laws.

Drinking beer makes people more likely to start families.

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^ whether they want to or not

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