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There was a short segment on one of the Pittsburgh news channels this morning, stating that Kennywood would be making a big announcement later today. Anyone know what this is about?
I was listening to my local sports station on the way to work 2 days ago, and one of the guys made an excellent point;

What's the purpose of making an announcement that you plan to make an announcement later in the day.

Why not just make it right then, and there.

It's all about the buzz man.
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Coasterphan said:
What's the purpose of making an announcement that you plan to make an announcement later in the day.

To get more people to tune in?

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Hopefuly they won't keep us in suspense at Coaster Bash today.

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Well, they already announced their new ride for this year and it won't be about a coaster (for this year at least). Hmm, interesting.
Could it be about a future plan such as a coaster in 2008 or 2009? I would expect something important within the next three years even if that highway isn't finalized. One factor that could lead to growth at KW is GL throwing in the towel by downsizing. No more of that "park that is closer doesn't even come close" business. Also, just because a park is hard to get to doesn't mean thay won't come. Look at HW and Knoebels. *** Edited 3/10/2007 4:10:57 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

I seriously doubt it's for 2008 or 2009... assuming they have something big planned for one of those seasons, of course ;)
Unless Mary Lou (PR director) is throwing a curveball, the announcement isn't anything nearly as exciting as a new ride.
I love announcements for announcements.

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Jason Hammond said:
Hopefuly they won't keep us in suspense at Coaster Bash today.

We'll know soon enough, but considering the CoasterBash flyer says "possibly including a notable announcement") AND the annoucement is today, I'll wager that whatever it is, will be unveiled at CoasterBash.

Well, that plus one blurb I heard today specifically said "Kennywood will make an announcement of some sort today at an annual gathering here in Pittsburgh called 'CoasterBash'".

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I'm sure whatever it is, someone will make sure to keep us posted.
Kennywood is not difficult to get to at all. All you have to do if follow the yellow arrows conveniently provided by the park:) It's less than five miles to get there once you've left the Swissvale exit. The only tricky part (as many will atttest) is making sure you're in the correct lane to catch the bridge going back to Swissvale.

Knoebels at least has lots of housing and some businesses around it, even if it does feel remote. Holiday World though? Even though we came in through a backway this year since we left from St. Louis and saw some businesses, it's still feels pretty sparse. This feeling was even more pronounced on the way back towards Kentucky.

I wouldn't say that Kennywood is the easier park to get to but it's not overly difficult, either. Then again, it helps that we always stay at the same hotel- I've made the trip from Harmarville to Kennywood and back so many times, I can practically do it with my eyes closed.
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So what happened?!?!?!

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They announced "KTV", an "interactive video signage" project. LCD TV's placed throughout the park (as well as at Idlewild and Sandcastle), which will be displaying park information, videos, polls and quizzes (with a number to text message your response), etc.

Could be interesting.

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Any advertising revenue or sponsorship opportunities going to be taken advantage of?

I think it's great, but I'm wondering how the 'purists' feel about technology like this invading the 'traditional park' experience?

Do I qualify as a purist? ;)

If I do, I don't really care. Here's how I see it- the traditional park experience is not about a park being stuck in an era that ended long ago, it's about evolving with the times while retaining a large part of what made the park special in bygone eras.

Truth is, modern-day things have been creeping into traditional parks for decades. Water rides. Steel coasters. Barcode scanners. ATM machines. Auto-flushing toilets. Security cameras. The list goes on. To me, it's about a park remaining true to it's roots while evolving.

So, getting back to what you asked... let Kennywood add LCD TVs to "interact" with the guests. As long as that kind of thing makes the park relevent to today's guests and interested enough in rides like the Jack Rabbit and the Auto Race to justify their continued operation, I'm all for it.

How's that for a long answer to a short question? ;)

They're getting rid of the Kennyville stage in order to place a giant video screen. Removing an entire show venue for KTV might be a little too much...

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