Jury orders Great America to pay $442,000 for 1998 incident on Demon

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Looks like the people that were stuck upside down on the Demon three years ago have been awarded money for the incident.

Read the whole story from The Chicago Tribune.

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Money? What I would pay for an experience like that (as long as it wasn't too long).

P.S. .::::They probally got line jumping passes and other free stuff too::::.
Cheap, whiny tourists. The second one thing they don't like goes wrong they freak out. I got stuck on SROS at SFNE on the lift once and I didn't care. They shouldn't have been awarded any money. Just free season passes or line jumping passes. No harm was caused to them what so ever.

SFNE will have all the fun you can STAND in 2001!
How would you like it if you were stuck upside down for two hours. Small children were on the ride (I saw an interview)

Mongoose, with most people being stuck upside down for two hours would suck. However, I got a feeling that there's a few people here that wouldn't mind.

Crazy, I know.

Randy Hutchinson
You build it, I'll ride it...eventually
Me personaly I wouldn't mind but, Others would, I would be shocked though. Thats about all. I guess I see there point on getting money because they had small children on it BUT, were they the proper height? Because if not I think its both of there faults, Six Flags and the Parents for leting them ride. I was just wondering.
I don't blame the people for being upset, Six Flags definitely owed them an apology, but I think they should have accepted the company's original offer and not turned this into a big deal. No one was seriously injured because of this, and all this incident and settlement will do is feed the media with more reasons to badmouth parks and coasters. Its a case of a big deal being made out of something relatively small.
Being stuck upside down on a coaster gave those people a reason to sue six flags for some money.

It was all about greed.
The thought of being stuck upside down for two hours pressed against Arrow OTSR's is not a pleasant thought. If the people were not hurt then they shouldn't have sued the park. The park on the other hand should have gone out of their way to accomodate these people to avert even more negative P.R.
I think that the people took this a little to far but, after the park insulted them with the free pass & cokes thing, I don't blame them. Six Flags should have more class than that.

They offer $1000 per victom!
I saw a report on this case on one of those entertainment news shows. The one thing that still sticks in my mind is that the grandfather got on the ride even though he had a heart condition. The father was worried his father was going to have a heart attack. My question is why was the grandfather on the ride in the first place? Doesn't anyone read the clearly placed signs about not riding if you have heart troubles, or other health problems?
Cheap whiny tourists? Where'd that come from. SFGAm is the cheap end here, with the insulting offering of a free pass and drinks to a park they'll probably never attend.

These people were stuck upside down for 2+ hours. Come on, people.

On another note, a regional newscast up here (which shall remain nameless) called the coaster built by "Areo Dynamics." They then went on to say it was built in 1980 as "The Turn of The Century" (Of course that was 4 years earlier.)

Can you say 'excellence in journalism?'
An Amusement Park can't be held responsible for riders not reading posted warnings and putting themselves in danger. It's like a parent suing a movie theatre because their 5-year-old got scared watching a "R" rated movie. The parents shouldn't have taken the kid into the movie.

A Green Machine is rising at SFO!

These are just greedy people who want a chunk of that park revenue.

When you order food at a restaurant, and there is something wrong with it, do you sue and get $442,000?

.:| Brandon Rodriguez |:.
If I got food poisoning from it , you damn right I am going to get as much money as I possibly can.
Greedy little people.

in my opinion this is like sueing mcdonalds for serving hot coffee. granted there was not a sign posted at the demon entrance that says "caution, ride may get stuck up-side down". But geez... no one put a gun to their head to ride.
Alot of people also said that they saw this interview or that interview, please remember that shows like dateline (where I saw the story) and other ones dramatize every drop of every story they can. They squeeze every heart-terrifying moment out of a story, and leave what they consider to be "dull". The stuff left behind by their stories however probably outnumbers the dramatic stuff, and if shown, would make everything seem not as bad.
I'm going to have to play my "broadcasting training card" here and remind everyone that if it's even considered a type of journalism, they're not out to inform you, they're out to make money. Quikest way to do that is to make the bad stories look absolutely horrible, and the good stories like miracles.

This shouldn't have happened, but money won't solve anything.

I may be in the minority here, but I think that $442,000 is not an unreasonable amount for an entire train's worth of people who were stuck upside down for two hours. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of the headaches they must have gotten from the blood rushing into thier heads.OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Everybody calm down, the coasters do not open for another fifteen minutes.
Its not unreasonable, its just too bad that something like this has become the norm throughout the country, amusement parks included. I agree that being stuck upside-down for 2 hours (in an Arrow looper, no less) is something that I would not enjoy, but I don't think it was worth thousands of dollars, just like spilling hot coffee on myself would not be worth millions of dollars. The worst part about this is the fact that it will be tossed around by the media to prove that roller coasters are dangerous machines, and the general public will probably buy into it.

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