Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point?

I wasn't even born when Jumbo Jet was around but for those of you who rode it, was it good? I have never been on the type of coaster, i forget what it is called, but it looked pretty cool and interesting in the picture.
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I loved the Jumbo Jet. Whizzer, at SFGAm is a similar coaster.

The cars were interesting as they had a long seat where passengers sat one in front of the other. It was a great ride for those of us riding with boyfriends/girlfriends.

It was a quick little ride with lots of turns and small hils, probably not very exciting by today's standards, but I remember riding it over and over. Of course, back then the Blue Streak was the biggest coaster in the park.

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Jumbo Jet was a great ride. I wish CP had kept it. I loved the circular motorized lift. Sitting in those trains reminded me of a Bayern Curves on steroids.

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Schwarzkoph had a knack for innovation and aesthetics. Wonderful machines says this lover of woodies.

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Missed my ride at the Point and also missed getting a ride on the one at Coney too. :(
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While the seating is nice for dates, it's horrible for capacity (well, if they ran it anything like SFoT's Vibora).

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I don't remember this one at CP, but I recall a similar one at BGE a long time ago. I think I remember riding it, but I would have been pretty young at the time so maybe I just remember looking at it.

These things must have been maintenance-hogs or something, because they don't seem to have stuck around too long. Bummer, cuz it looks kind of fun!

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I remember very little of the ride, but I do remember riding it. For some reason I remember that you traveled down a long section of track to get to the lift.

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I have a friend who knew the ride fairly well. He says it was fun, but maintenance was a pain. And apparently it migrated a little every year, an inch or two, from the force of the trains rounding out at the low end.

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I rode both the Jumbo Jet at Wildwood and the one at BGE. I loved those things and so I felt a sense of great nostalgia recently riding The Whizzer at SFGAm. The only problem with the Jumbo Jet at Wildwood I can remember is that occasionally it would get stuck, so a ride op would have to come up and hop in the backseat after pushing it forward.

One thing that suprised me about The Whizzer is that from observation the lift looks slow, but once onboard it's quite fast.

Jumbo Jet scared the crap out of me as a kid. The height limit was higher (maybe 54") and I could not ride it like I did the Blue Streak. Then, I was finally tall enough, and could not get enough.

The rush of whipping around the bottom turns was indescribable. No real restraints either. I think there was a heavy canvas seatbelt that you shared with your co-rider.

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Jumbo Jets are a lot of fun.... if you can find them. I used to love the one at Coney Island.
The Jumbo Jet was one of the most comfortable trains I've ever been on. Since they were shaped like Swiss Bob ride trains, you could really strecth out and relax.

Many of them had a "rotating radar thingy" on the top, though I don't know why.

Also the exit area of the ride was before the station platform where you boarded. I rode the one in Coney Island and the one in Wildwood. At the time, I think the fare was $3.00 to ride and a buck to re-ride. Morey's was part of P.O.P., and it was replaced where the Great Nor-easter is now.

This is an example of a Great family coaster. Ah, memories....

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Too bad Anton had to be too creative for his own good and design a complex way of getting the cars to the top of the structure instead of a traditional lift. Those Germans have a way of making things more difficult than they have to be...

Isn't there a park that took their Jet Star II and replaced the spiral lift with a chain lift?

Actually his later creations replaced the electric drive with a lift that used a fin on the bottom of the cars and rubber tires set up in a pinch roller configuration spaced out long the lift hill. He used one electric motor and connected the lift gearboxes with drive shafts with universal joints. I believe some of the other German manufactuerers now use this system, especially on their portatble coasters.
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Drat, have to go to China or Sweden now for a Jumbo Jet experience. :(

I wish the CPC had kept one here in the States running. ;)

Still, that set-up sounds very complicated... a lot of driveshafts and whatnot just to get a train fifty or so feet off the ground. Still, you gotta love the way Anton thought!

I think the CPC tried to secure a Jumbo Jet but then they needed a new controller for their Playstation so they couldn't afford the coaster?

Rob Ascough said:
Isn't there a park that took their Jet Star II and replaced the spiral lift with a chain lift?

Yep, in Australia...


The Jet Star II in Morecambe, UK was my first steel coaster - I fell in love with the steep banked curves considering that all the coasters I had ridden at that point had slowish flat turns (ie, the Blackpool woodies)

-Jimvy! :)

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I think that both the drive tire and spiral lift configurations were done simply to dcrease the footprint. I'm sure it was a big selling point.

Many of them had a "rotating radar thingy" on the top, though I don't know why.

Hmmm....radars keep jumbo jets from bumping into each other right? ;)

BTW Boblo, you can still ride athe similar Jet Star 2: http://www.rcdb.com/ig198.htm

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