Is there a better meal available at any park for $7.00

Overpriced food detracts from the overall park experience. That's one of the reasons why those parks in IN and PA are so special.

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I SAW that at KK! $7.50 for Dippin Dots. I almost had a heart attack!

Well, anybody who eats Dippin' Dots probably isn't thinking clearly anyway.

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Mmmmm...flavored styrofoam.

I've added Dipping Dots to Peeps and orange circus peanuts as snacks I will never eat again.

I saw a something similar to 'Dots at the zoo called "Mini-Melts." I wonder how they compare.
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$7?? Pshaw! Hang around the food stands and wait for folks to throw away their un-eaten food. Free leftovers kids! Dig in! :)

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Funny you should say that, janfrederick. I was hungry and miserable on Sunday at KK, had like no money, and was almost considering going through the trash cans. Almost. Not quite. Okay, I really wouldn't. ;-)

If you are visiting Universal Studios/IOA your best value is to go to either Vitorrios Restaurant or Camillas Restaurant on nI-Drive about a Mile from the Parks. It's more than $7.00 (About $4.00 More) but it's :) ALL YOU CAN EAT! :)

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RatherGoodBear said:
Anyone ever eat at the Alamo (indoors) at Knoebel's? They have really good food there compared to other parks for decent prices. They offer much of their menu as either "dinners" or "platters." Both offer generous portions of entrees and sides, but the dinners include either soup or salad and dessert.

I've only eaten there once so far, but I was very impressed with the prices and food there. I'm going to try to head to Knoebels tomorrow (25th) and I might make it to the Alamo. Actually depends on if this is a solo venture or not, I guess alone wouldn't be so bad at a sit down restaurant...

There should be a thread about bad park food since that is more the norm. On opening weekend at VF I got a Philly Cheese Steak for about 7 bucks. The steak was bad, the bread was stale (how does that happen opening weekend?), and they forgot the cheese. When I asked if the Philly Cheese Steak was supposed to come with cheese the poor girl just stared at me. I said nevermind and just ate it. From past experience I know that VF food workers need a good 3-4 weeks to move up to just normal poor customer service but I wasn't really there for the food.
^Thats the problem with bad food or service (which you experienced both)... you "just ate it". Technically you can't have a valid complaint, because no matter how bad it was, you "just ate it" and went about your day. If everyone does that, then theres no reason for change, because it can get worse and worse and.. "oh well".
Oh I do have a valid complaint. I just did not feel like waiting forever to get another sandwich. I wasn't alone so I was not waiting alone and they already took forever and it was clear they did not know what they are doing. I can say that and still eat some food and get back to the coasters. The food at VF usually sucks, the food workers often suck too, and I just know that and deal with it. The change will happen when the people there get experience as the year goes on. Food service is not an easy job even though it is low pay. Those who have worked in the food service industry before know that. Here at VF you have several kids who are all new to it and often on their first job. It is bad enough at normal restraunts when one one or two are new. I guess I could have complained but it is what it is and I know in a month or so they will be somewhat better, but still slower than I would like for the price they charge.

millrace said:
Well, anybody who eats Dippin' Dots probably isn't thinking clearly anyway.

But how else would you get the "scoop" (pun intended) on the latest coaster the park is putting in?

One thing my family and I did while SFNO was open which we went every weekend was pack a lunch and go to the parking lot and eat, worked fine but, only the nice and homey(not gangster-like) park and get food there, but at CF and SF the big business men unfortunatley dont mind charging you an arm and a leg for microwavable food.

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Great Adventure charges about 7 bucks for each nugget.

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