Is there a better meal available at any park for $7.00

Last weekend at HWN event. Our groups met up for lunch at the Plymouth Rock Cafe.

What we got was either Chicken (Fried or rotisserie) Ham or Turkey. 3 sides and a roll for 7.00+ tax

I personally got the Rotisserie with baked potato, corn on the cob and mac and cheese. Added a piece of pie bringing my grand total which includes the free drink to $11.00

I openly joked that that meal would cost $20 or more at any chain park except Kennywood.

Fact is, IT WAS GOOD!

Chuck, thanking HW for that affordable great option. Now I'll have a huge problem deciding between THE ALAMO and PRC. :)

Yeah the trashcan, but that is a great deal.

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I'd nominate Pasta Wednesdays at DelGrossos.
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I would agree, Chuck. Good quality, and a good portion. I would have liked more potatoes, but I'm a nut for that stuff. ;)

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Worlds of Fun's new Panda Express offers pretty filling plates for $7.00 each. A plate includes rice, chow mien and two entrees.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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The Smokehouse BBQ at Busch, not $7, but still in the reasonable range.

Damn, Chuck, just reading your post made me hungry.

Heck, GL had a Hotdog and a Coke for 7.00. HW blows that away.

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We ate there to and it was an incredible value. I had the ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and baked apples and it was all really good. One of the best values in park food around.


One more reason why GL has attendance problems. If it wasn't for the waterpark, I don't know where they would be now.

Arthur Bahl

For a Park that's pretty cheap.

IMO, still expensive though. Dont think it'd ever pay over $5 for s meal

I've never spent more than $5 on a "meal" at Knoebels and all of their food is amazing.
That's a great price for theme park food and sounds compared to Boston Market (maybe even slightly less than Boston Market). Sad thing is that entire meal is only $0.50 more than 1 slice of pizza at Great Adventure.
The $7 Plymouth Rock meal is what I use as an example to friends & co-workers how affordable a Holiday World trip can be. I wanted to try a PRC meal, but our pre-ERT buffet was mere hours away. I'll hit it next trip.

- DJ

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I'm not going to lie,

BGA's chicken tenders are exceptional. Perfect fried batter for my high cholesterol. And plus the corndog that comes with the meal with extra carbs! Hmmm.

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For that price, at Kennywood you could get Two mini-cheeseburgers, two mini-hot dogs, a mini-corn dog, a mini-pretzel, and a small-small Pepsi.

Including tax.



Actually, For about that I get great chicken fingers and Potato Patch fries with a drink at KW.

A great meal but still not a five course dinner :)


You should be the next Rachel Ray and you can do parks for $40 a day
Just for comparison purposes...on Sunday, my group went to Six Flags KY Kingdom. A funnel cake is $6.99.

It gets worse. That $6.99 gets you a pre-made overly-dark funnel cake that gets dropped into a fryer long enough to make it warm. $7 and it isn't even fresh.

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PKI Sunday, Pretzel with cheese sauce and a 20oz coke 7.50

Burger and fries from Happy days with coke 12.50

Not even close


kpjb said:

For that price, at Kennywood you could get Two mini-cheeseburgers, two mini-hot dogs, a mini-corn dog, a mini-pretzel, and a small-small Pepsi.

Including tax.


I could just as well say I got hooked up with a 18-item plate at Busch Gardens Europe for $3.50 and conveniently forget to mention that the 15-items are grapes. Way to make it sound better than it actually is. ;)

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