Is there a 2007 wood coaster announced or not we can talk about?

Is Bells new coaster for 2007?

Sorry but I find the lack of interesting to me topics a little low right now.

Chuck, who understands Valley Fairs may be as well.

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Flying Turns, Meteor @ LAMA, Starliner @ CG, and the newest GCII project at Toverland...there's FOUR right there, not counting the aforementioned GCII at VF! :)

edit: I believe that Bell's, and most likely Waldameer's, are slated for '08... ;)

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OMG, yeah the Flying Turns. Yeah I'll see it first time at PPP!

Meteor. Im sure they'll try to have it running next year. I do know they had finished the footers and started rasing bents.

I don't talk much about forign coasters so if I get over there someday, Everythings gonna be a total surprise/

VF. the one reason we didn't continue our Wisconsin trip up there was for lack of wood coasters. I hope it's great.


I would expect VF's to be announced before the end of the season in 2 weeks. That GCII is all but a done deal from what I have seen but I could be wrong.
Im not sure about Starliner being rebuilt any time soon. The park just filed chapter 11 bankruptcy for reorganization citing 50 million in hurricane damage the insurance won't cover (From when they were reopening)

Any word on Delgrossos? I keep hearing the hint that somethings going on again reguarding a woodie.


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I was at Little A-merrik-A about a month ago. Veritcal construction of Meteor is well underway. They are using new wood for most of it, but there are "original white" boards placed here and there--odd.

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I think they want a woody, but they're already getting a "major" steel coaster for next season, so it might not be for a while if at all if they have the room.


Delgrosso's. Ok it's not a "major" steel coaster to many, but for the park it is.
K, Yeah the Arrow from Libertyland. Yeah, pretty impressive for Altoona.


DelGrossos seems to be doing so many great things for a park of its size. They have some good flats, a historic carousel, the spinning mouse, the waterpark, and now this. Not to mention the food, free parking and admission and very low ride prices (both POP and Pay per ride.) Plus the park is very clean, attractive, and well maintained. It's just a shame that they have so little available space. Otherwise that woodie would probably already be in place.

This is a great example of a well-run park that is in an improbable situation but is still successful. It's in a very small metropolitan area and they even have competition from another park less than 15 miles away. Maybe this park could be an example of how to put a small, affordable park into an area that lacks an amusement park.

Arthur Bahl

Charles Nungester said:
K, Yeah the Arrow from Libertyland. Yeah, pretty impressive for Altoona.

And even more impressive for Tipton ;)

re Meteor: The few pictures I saw seemed to show the old while wood being used to hold the structure in place as it gets built. I guess the park felt it better to replace all the wood and just use the mechanicals from the Hillcrest ride?

One thing about Little Amerricka. Those guys are machinest through and through. Everything they got (Even 60 years old) looks like new!

Now it's not a big adult park by any means but I found it enjoyable. Meteor should be a fun ride.

I only hope people stop and visit this park because its level of success has everything to do with wheather they recreate the Lincoln Park comet! (A ride they already have the trains from and have already restored)

Now as for KFT, Those clearances are just sick! WOOHOO!


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The train ride is reason enough to visit Little Amerricka. Best train ride EVAR!

I didn't know or had forgotten about the deal with the Lincoln Park Comet. That's great. I sure hope they pull it off someday soon.

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Little-A-Merrik-A's level of success will have nothing to do with re-creating the Lincoln Park Comet. They are a small carnival style park geared for small children.

Was at the park about a month ago and as was stated about Meteor, most of the wood being used is new wood with the exception of a few pieces of the old white painted wood from Hillcrest (Little Dipper). You can see the whole pile of old wood sitting at the back of the parking lot and I can see why they aren't using to much of it. Looks rotted for the most part.

They basically paid the 9 grand for the rolling stock, whatever wood they could salvage, the mechanicals, and the blueprint of the ride.

The guys that run that place are specialists in the trains they have. You can't find a better train ride in an amusement park. *** Edited 9/13/2006 2:25:55 PM UTC by Chitown***

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Yup, their main thing is the Train, It's their hobby and love. Thousands of unpaid hours are put in by several people on them.

My only regret was not being able to ride behind steam as I visited on a weekday.

I did get a backshop tour, Seen all the engines, Got a history of all the engines and chatted about many things including the LPC.

what I said before it true. They have the philosophy as to how well they do, the more they will add. The park was created as a something for locals to do but they said it's not out of the question in a few years if they continue to do well.

They also said that it might not be a LPC recreation but haven't rulled it out.

Chuck, who knows they have the trains and blueprints for LPC too. LPC however is beyond transfer and as I understand it. The trains were thought to be unrestorable too but they did it!

And these are the type of people that will comb the country to find any used ride they can and re-furb it to new type status. It is amazing how well maintained all their rides are and none of them were purchased new.

I bet they make a trip on Oct. 25th to Dundee Il for the Santa's Village auction. They will find quite a few rides that would fit their park perfectly.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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^ I'd wager that the Erieview auction has a couple items LAMA might find useful (esp. those awesome hand-powered cars for the little kiddies - rare). :)

edit: Funny how a thread about all the '07 woodies has become a LAMA-based thread. I guess that's what happens when you re-build a Schmeck? ;)

edit 2: Don't give up on Starliner too early. The bankruptcy filing might have more to do with delaying creditors/putting pressure on the Insurance Co to pay up than it does with the actual operation of the park itself....and *I* am supposed to be the pessimist, so...

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Rob, I thought the same thing as soon as I read the Altoona comment.

Arthur, I agree about DelGrossos, esp. the food. Where else can you get a plate of pasta, a salad, a roll and 2 drinks for just over 5 bucks?

So will I need to wear waterproof shoes for PPP this year? I mean with all the drool from enthusiasts standing at the kiosk in front of the Flying Turns, it will look like the flood all over again. :)

The one at Valleyfair is supposedly being announced tomorrow.

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