Is themeing important?

I'm not exactly and Intamin fan. More actually an Intamin hater. I know plenty of people love the company and their rides, and thats fine. I do have some concern with the company over safety reliability and price. I don't quite understand what all the rave is for these rides or how they, after so many problems of the 90's and early 2000s, continue to sell so many rides with a number that has even increased as of late.

I'm not a fan of the company, I don't like them one bit. I guess that opens up the Intamin debate which is way too far off topic for this particular thread. Hope that clears up your confusion.

Well, they do have some issues, but at least their rides are not boring. I guess you like boring rides.

IntaminHater said:
Themeing is EXTREMLY important. Sure you can enjoy a ride without it and thats fine. Cedar Point is highly regarded for their amusement rides (not really sure I had the same themeing reaction to Maverick as you did as I wouldnt consider it themed). I know there are a lot of people who would LOVE Cedar Point as a theme park and their success as a theme park is unimaginable!

I know a lot of people here aren't big Six Flags fans, but lets look at that chain for a moment. They operate theme parks, granted their themeing isn't up to par with what would be desired, It helps bring people through the gates. I mean some of these parks year after year have similar turnstile clicks as Cedar Fair (A nationally known park regarded highly on this site). If Six Flags is so bad in all the ways people state on coasterbuzzz, why is that still happening?

Seeing a truly themed ride Vs. a non themed ride, youll ride the themed on any day of the week. Lets take Superman: Ultimate Flight for example. Many people think it is a mediocre ride, or even lacking. It is easy at the parks that have them to pass hour the hour plus lines and move on. Picture if that ride was themed very well... Luckily Beijing China has done just that at Happy Valley

now check out the same type of pictures at a superman:

Another thing to take note of after reading what everyone had to say, is that I dont find landscaping to be "themeing". Landscaping i would describe as "landscaping". Landscaping can be good for sure theres not doubt but its not really in the thememing category in most cases.

That theming at the other park looks bad. It's just rock work. Who cares about rock work? SUF is getting an hour and a half lines, and it doesn't need to be themed much better. I love the signs in the queue along with the music. They have each character along with Superman logos, and him. Putting buildings up would be nice on the ride, but it's not going to make the ride itself any better. It wouldn't make me go on it more if there were buildings up. I would go on it the same. It's an awesome ride in my opinion.

I really don't care for Expedition Everest at all. The ride is themed, but to me, it doesn't make it any better. Yeah, the mountain looks cool, but it doesn't make me want to ride it after the time I've had on it. It's just so boring. The theming was great, but the ride was boring for me.

I care about Space Mountain because it's indoors. It doesn't need asteroids, blue lighting, red after burner, and so on. If it's black in there, it's awesome. The fact that it's the dark makes it fun. It's not the space people in the booth, the asteriods in the sky, or even the queue that makes me want to ride it. It's the complete darkness of the ride. I'm talking about the Space Mountain at Magic Kingom. I think that the other Space Mountain stinks though. That's themed, but the ride is just not there for me.

If Thunderhawk at GL was themed, it wouldn't help me want to go on the ride at all. The ride to me isn't good at all. To other people, it might be perfect, but it wouldn't matter after once. It all depends on how good the ride is. Otherwise, who cares about riding a ride you don't like.

If you hate SLC's, you are going to hate them if they are themed also. Dark rides have to be themed. Otherwise, there would be no point to a dark ride. You either have to shot some targets or experience a story like the Haunted Mansion. They have to be themed.

I think Top Thrill Dragster is themed already. They have the bleachers, the track, the trains, and even that song (get ready to go). When I looked at pictures with the tires, I thought it looked out of place.

Look at Raptor with not much theming at all, and that's one of CP most packed rides. I consider that, MF, and Top Thrill to be the most packed at that place. That's what I've seen when I went to that park. MF has no theming. Raptor has none, and Top Thrill has enough in my opinion.

Paramount was always my favorite example for what can go wrong with theming. Individually, sure, you could say that they at least put some effort into theming their rides, which is more than some parks do. But, to me, it never seemed to rise above the level of feeling like blatant product-placements for some forgettably bad movies. And, in a way, I always felt that it cheapened to overall experience. KD's Hurler, for example, hit the trifecta of poor judgement: 1. a mediocre ride, 2. poorly-themed to a cheesy movie, that 3. diminished another ride's atmosphere (Grizzly) by removing its natural surroundings. Wow. Just, wow...

I know theming isn't really CF's strong suit, but it would be nice to see them overhaul the theming in the former-Paramounts.

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