Is themeing important?

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^you got that right. The wood, the flowers, the FOOOOOD!!!!!!!!
argh, I so want to go there this summer....

Tina: have a great time!

I will. ;)

Who could forget about all that yummy food? The fact that it's all over the place and kind of "in your face" makes it hard to resist, especially those steak sandwiches and the gyros.



If you look closely I didn't say that I didn't find ANY excitement. The only coaster I rode that lived up to my expectations was X. The others were fairly pedestrian. Of course, 4 coasters were not in operation when I was there. And yes I realize that there isn't a slab of concrete under EVERY ride but the sparse landscaping doesn't add much to the ride experience. My point from the previous post was that the location of the ride can add alot to the experience. See Indiana Beach for another example.

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I looked closely.

Without any qualifiers [such as: "...didn't find a lot of excitement..." or "...didn't find much excitement..." or even "I found some of the rides less exciting because of..."] the reader is left with the impression that you didn't find ANY excitement from ANY of the rides. However I appreciate your clarification regarding what you meant to say ;)

As for the sparce landscaping, please tell me which of the coasters you rode that day. Perhaps the ones that are on the mountain and surrounded by trees were closed?


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I think a themed que line is very important, expecially if the line is you something to focus on and pass the wait time. Unless of course your in line for Batman the ride at SFSTL and have to look at that eye sore cop car. lol. Although its good for a laugh.................So..themed que.....themed loading station.....themed music......tunnels, trees if your a Roller Coaster and a themed shop has you exit the ride.

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^^X, Goliath, Colossus, Scream, Riddler's Revenge, Gold Rusher, and Psyclone. Ninja and Revolution were shut down for Tatsu construction. Maybe my impression of SFMM would have been different if they had been open.
^ That's a lot more than 4.
^I rode: X, Goliath, Colossus, Scream, Riddler's Revenge, Gold Rusher, and Psycolne.

Closed rides: Ninja, Revolution, Superman, Flashback

Rides I did not ride: Deja Vu, Batman, Viper, and the two kiddie coasters.

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Well now your comment makes more sense.

Other than Gold Rusher, which opened with the park in 1971 and is surrounded/hidden by trees, the others you rode are either the aforementioned "parking lot coasters" [Scream, Colossus, Goliath -- and notice those are all in one area] or are in Baja Ridge and have scarce southwest desert-like landscaping [Viper, X]. Riddler's foliage is growing in slowly. It's a shame you didn't ride Ninja, Revolution, or Tatsu...those are all surrounded by foliage as well.

Sometimes theming can make the difference between a mediocre ride and a good ride or between a good ride and a great ride.

Someone mentioned Big Bad Wolf. That theming really adds something to this ride. Compare it to CPs Iron Dragon and the defunct XLR8 at SFAW and the also defunct Bat at KI. Of course, BGE is a true theme park so it makes sense that they theme their rides strongly.

Spinning mouse coasters are very good rides (which is one reason why there are now so many of them now) but KW went a step further and themed the ride to add another dimension to it. This is now one of the most popular rides in the park.

Dark rides, of course, are one of the best examples of theming. Bill Tracey was well known for this back in the 1960s for this and a few of his attractions survive including the one at Trimpers and those two at Waldameer. The Sally interactive rides are also strongly themed.

Even flat rides are being themed more now. HW is adding a Tilt-A-Whirl this season which doesn't seem that big of deal but this TAW is special because the cars look like turkeys, fitting into the theming of the Thanksgiving section of the park. Congratulations to HW as it becomes increasingly more strongly themed.

Arthur Bahl

Is theming important? I think it is the wrong question to ask. It is a fact that atmosphere, surroundings, environments around attractions enhance ride experience or take away from it. The Beast, Magnum XL-200, Thunderbolt & Phantom’s Revenge are all great coasters with no need for a theme because their surroundings already make these rides perfect.

These days cookie cutter coaster are squeezed into smaller and smaller areas with little or no attention paid to the ride’s atmosphere or the attraction’s attire. If these coasters were people I’d be telling these poor slobs to put on some pants when out in public for crying out loud.

It’s a question of whether you want your coasters dressed up like they are king of the world or looking like they just rolled out of bed with a hangover. A ride that has some landscape to it is like a nice jacket. A coaster’s layout is the cut of the suite. Theme is the bling if the ride needs it. If your coaster doesn’t pay much attention to any of these things then basically the park is hoping their ride’s drab attire won’t change anyone’s opinion of them.

Anyone who says atmosphere doesn't matter hasn't ridin' the lift to the top of the Beast at night while fireworks are going off. Atmosphere or theme, what's the difference? It's the great rides that use these qualities to take it to the next level, making a ride experience unforgettable. Unfortunate that night rides at Kings Island may become that much more elusive with possible early closings. *** Edited 4/24/2007 4:44:34 PM UTC by rc-madness***

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^The Beast still has some amount of theming and at opening there was a lot more. Points taken, but The Beast isn't exactly as bare-bones as a lot of other coasters when it comes to theming.
^Or you can just expand themeing to include natural environments. The forest around the Beast is part of the theme, and if it was cut down the ride would suffer, as would the BGE coasters. Even with Alpie's great themeing the ride would lose some of its thrill if the ride and themeing was taken out into a flat grass field.

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Theming is just one factor in the ride environment, I guess you could call it. When the natural surroundings are compelling, less theming is required to present the same quality ride. I think of Magnum, which almost doesn't even need those corrugated steel tunnels over the bunny hops. Who needs tunnels when you have those breathtaking views of Lake Erie? I'm also reminded of the old Keelhaul Canal at KI, which apart from the station had very little theming, yet was such a nice experience floating through the treetops.

dannerman said:
Fresh wood, Tina?

It's all about the smell of the cinnamon bread...and the steaks...and the CINNAMON BREAD!!

thats good but not as good as Mrs. knotts chicken that restraunt is the best themepark food (or food) ANYWHERE


Ensign Smith said:
^^ If SM (either American layout) was placed outside on a concrete pad, I suspect it would suck big time.

I completely agree! or how about Indiana Jones at disney land (the bolder you are about to get run over by) that is the best part of the ride... without it you wuold just ride a car ride... Space mountain would suck... bigtime...

Themeing is EXTREMLY important. Sure you can enjoy a ride without it and thats fine. Cedar Point is highly regarded for their amusement rides (not really sure I had the same themeing reaction to Maverick as you did as I wouldnt consider it themed). I know there are a lot of people who would LOVE Cedar Point as a theme park and their success as a theme park is unimaginable!

I know a lot of people here aren't big Six Flags fans, but lets look at that chain for a moment. They operate theme parks, granted their themeing isn't up to par with what would be desired, It helps bring people through the gates. I mean some of these parks year after year have similar turnstile clicks as Cedar Fair (A nationally known park regarded highly on this site). If Six Flags is so bad in all the ways people state on coasterbuzzz, why is that still happening?

Seeing a truly themed ride Vs. a non themed ride, youll ride the themed on any day of the week. Lets take Superman: Ultimate Flight for example. Many people think it is a mediocre ride, or even lacking. It is easy at the parks that have them to pass hour the hour plus lines and move on. Picture if that ride was themed very well... Luckily Beijing China has done just that at Happy Valley

now check out the same type of pictures at a superman:

Another thing to take note of after reading what everyone had to say, is that I dont find landscaping to be "themeing". Landscaping i would describe as "landscaping". Landscaping can be good for sure theres not doubt but its not really in the thememing category in most cases.

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Winningfreak said:

thats good but not as good as Mrs. knotts chicken that restraunt is the best themepark food (or food) ANYWHERE

I politely disagree Winningfreak. While I found the restaurant charming, the chicken was a little too greasy. The bread with the boysenberry jam was excellent though. For best themepark food, check Mythos at IOA..

Mythos another great example of themeing making a place so much better. Doesn't have to just be rides.
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^ I couldn't agree with you more. Landscaping has no part with themeing what so ever.

Thunderhawk at GL, that is a fine example of poor landscaping. Wait, maybe when you put a vakoma over a swamp it then becomes a good thing.

The comparison you made is perfect. Superman "would" be considered a poorly executed ride, but with the help of some pricy themeing, you want to ride it. Flying around a castle or a mountain seems very cool to me.

One other thing. Could you justify your name for me IntaminHater. It would be out of place to start a new thread on your handle/screen name, or bring this question up in another thread someone else started. I'm just curious to know.

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I was disappointed in the chicken at Knotts. Don't get me wrong, it was very good. Just not something I would write home about.

IMO, one of the best theme park meals anywhere -- scratch that, one of the best meals anywhere, period -- is the pot roast sandwich at the Cafe at Kennywood. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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