Is Storm Runner Doomed?

With Fahrenheit's similar acrobatics and inversions, with the 'decent rocket coaster' next door be obsolete?

Many peeps in the general public do not dig rocket coasters, with the head banging ( I love em') and prefer smoother rides.

So, will the lines dissappear across the street, and will folks flock to the lower capacity new thriller? Thoughts?

Did you read the Coasterbuzz posting thing about stupid posts, I am really starting to get annoyed with the ridiculous postings on here, especially anything that has to do with Geuga Lake.

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SFA isn't getting anything new in 2008. Because of that I'm not going to visit the park next year.
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^ Oh yeah? Well... Well... I'm going to go to Geauga Lake, and NOT ride a single roller coaster!

Beat that.

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Wait, so do you guys think S:TE is a coaster or not?!

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
^ Are you being serious right now? You go about asking that question as if it's really important when bigger things are happening around here. MAGNUM IS SINKING for Christ's sake!
Get your petitions ready.

Come on now.

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I smell something...

Yep. It's pancakes.


AJ's question intrigues me, at least.

The two rides are very much alike, especially the way they look and the inversions that they do. I have no idea why HersheyPark is installing this ride. It doesn't make any sense at all.

To answer your question though, Fahrenheit is smaller and less intimidating to scardycats and newbees. So just maybe they will lean towards that ride more. On the other hand, thrill seekers may decide after one ride on the new coaster that they prefer the launch of the very similar SR better, and will ride it more.

I was wrong before when I couldn't figure out why the park built another wildcat, this time racing and dueling, so I could be wrong about this too.

Where's the creativity with new rides anymore? SFFT is screwing themselves out of a decent theme and name for their inverted, and now Hersheypark is building another SR without the launch, same color, same "weenie", similar ride experience after the drop...

Mommy, Which one of those two coaster tracks is Fearing Hight?

Is AJ drunk? Where did this syruppy post come from?

I'm going to SFA to ride Shock and GL to ride Wave next year! Who's with me?!?

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Audioslaved said:
Did you read the Coasterbuzz posting thing about stupid posts, I am really starting to get annoyed with the ridiculous postings on here, especially anything that has to do with Geuga Lake.

So ignore them. Is that too hard to do? AJ always brings up some excellent points, which is more than I can say about you.

I sure hope not! I haven't been on HHD (high heel dragqueen) but it sure is hell better than Kingda Ka! First time since an Anton Shuttle Loop really gave me a 'funny stomach'!
They are sending Storm Runner to Michigan's Adventure, simple enough ;)

On a serious note, I think they compliment eachother well and shows how much creativity ISN'T being used in some other parks (when you look at the clones, the up-down-over's, etc) *** Edited 9/29/2007 9:13:53 AM UTC by P18***

I also think AJ's question is a good one. We don't necessarily know the answer yet, of course.

From my perspective, I suspect I'll prefer Storm Runner as an overall package. For one thing, I hate vertical lifts. Couple that with the lower capacity, and I would be happy if the result is a shorter line over at Storm Runner.

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This isn't the first time Hershey has installed a ride that was similar to another. They have two GCI woodies really close to each other, only one races. Now they have two Intamin loopers, only one launches.

I do think its an odd choice for a ride though, although it looks awesome.

It was a legetimate post. I think they are very similar. Just I was curious to see what all of you thought the gp would run to.
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Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't think the rides are really the similar. Both have vertical-ish drops and both feature inversions but other than that I think the ride experiences will be very different.

I also don't get this:

"Many peeps in the general public do not dig rocket coasters, with the head banging ( I love em') and prefer smoother rides."

I don't understand how the head banging is associated with rocket coasters but not with Intamin loopers that aren't launched like Fahrenheit. In other words I don't get why we're assuming this ride will be any more or less headbang-y than Storm Runner when to my understanding the hardware itself is more or less the same. In that case isn't the layout and design going to be more of a factor, not whether this has a launch or not?

Anyway either way I'll stick with that first idea I posted. To me when compared with Storm Runner this looks like a vastly different coaster to me.

Either way it seems like a pretty silly question to me. Lines will get shorter for Storm Runner but the idea that it's ridership will decrease substantially when it's still the second newest coaster in the park just seems short sighted. It will remain hugely popular. *** Edited 9/29/2007 1:53:58 PM UTC by matt.***

I think Storm Runner will still have long lines. Hershey is a park that seems to have lines all the time. Great Bear is almost 10 years old and still gets 30 - 45 minutes easily, Comet almost always 30+ minutes. Maybe the line won't be quite as bad is it usually is (even on Labor Day when the park wasn't that crowded it was 45 minutes), but I don't think it will ever average under 30 minutes.
I don't think Storm Runner is doomed, but I think this is a good topic because it brings to light something that most people ignore- the mortality of the steel coaster.

Rides like the Coney Island Cyclone, Knoebels Phoenix and Santa Cruz Giant Dipper have withstood the test of time- those wooden rides featuring modest technology are just as popular now as they were when first built. As for most steel coasters, they are relevant for a short amount of time. SFOG's Mind Bender and Disneyland's Matternhorn are some of the exceptions, but it doesn't take long for today's state-of-the-art coasters to be eclipsed by newer rides that will make them obsolete, sometimes in a short amount of time. Storm Runner will be an old trick next year when Fahreheit debuts, and it's likely Fahrenheit will be an old trick four years into the future.

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I think on the other hand this could be a very good vs. on vs. new attraction. I would say you all agree that Storm Runner is a very good ride and one that has always been welcome at the park since its debut. To have SR and Fahrenheit in the same park will create a good conversation for many years to come with different respects and highlights. I think this is a really good move and will only add, "oh I don't know", I like this ride better though assuming FH is a hit.

*** Edited 9/29/2007 5:43:20 PM UTC by CoasterDiscern***

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