Is Adventuredome (Circus Circus) in its final days?

I almost put this in the trip reports, but this is more commentary than a report.

I took my 2-year-old to Adventuredome last night. We arrived at 5:15 pm only to find they were closing at 6:00 pm (always check the website). Instead of wristbands, we had to go the ticket route and bust our bottoms in 45 minutes…or not!

My son and I saw a grand total of four teenagers in the park yesterday evening. They had most the rides, games, and snack bars staffed and there were four people sharing the entire dome with us. There was not even a person in the arcade. Needless to say we got on everything he was big enough to ride in less than 25 minutes and did so alone. It was quite a weird experience.

I asked a couple employees about the lack of people and was told it was like this every week day…? One of them told me he had heard rumblings. I cannot imagine they can continue to operate like this.

With the trend of larger casino/hotels taking the place of the older Las Vegas icons, it is only a matter of time before Circus Circus falls too. I always figured this would be the demise of Adventuredome. Now I believe that Adventuredome may actually close before the casino falls. I’ve not felt like this in a park since my final Libertyland trip.

Adventuredome is a dead man walking. Weekends and Halloween events will not be suitable use of land in this town. Cash generation needs to be consistent.

If you are a credit whore and want to ride the quite unique Canyon Blaster…I suggest you do so soon. It is only a matter of time. Six people in an amusement park any time is enlightening. Six people in a free dome park on the Las Vegas Strip is complete failure.

Hmmm - that's too bad. But the market seems oversaturated and unfortunately only the best hotels with the most light will win.
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I think AJ may have *suggested* something along these lines for the future of AdventureDome in one of his Vegas TRs. Not sure if he "said" as much, or if I did some reading between the lines... ;)

They might have done better financially if they'd have let adults ride the Miner Mike.... LOL! :)

Has anyone ever actually seen a crowd at this place? I can't picture it.

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

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Yeah...the strip is where it's at right now. Hotels like Wynn and Bellagio have set the benchmark in imersive theming. Everyone else is busy playing catchup. Unfortunately, with the exception of Palms, Stratosphere and Rio, establishments not on the strip have to work extra hard it attracting guests.
They do get a decent weekend crowd. Their Halloween event packs the place. But last night was just sad. I can't shake the feeling that this thing will be gone sooner rather than later. I hope I'm wrong.
Circus Circus is actually quite successful. THem, Riviera, Tropicanna, Flamingo Hilton - all old resort/casinos that are doing fine.

There are actually many new casinos that are having problems. Some are designs that hav enow become pipe dreams. actually, one of the only new places going up that still has $$$ to do so is Project City Center. Most of the other places have halted construction.

If Circus Circus isnt going anywhere - Id assume the Adventuredome isnt as well.

As someone who has spent 90 days out there in the past 3 years, I kind of have an ear on the action, and business is good in the Dome.

But.........locals save the action for Halloween, like every other park, and Vegas is very slow from the Sunday after Thanksgiving through Christmas. Therefore, it is correct, life is dead during the week, and they close early. Lines don't exist. I visit in the daytime without reservation.

The games do a tremdous amount of revenue, though the ones above the casino take in major bucks, and are managed by Concession Mgmt Corp, which also does Excalibur and Circus Circus Reno.

Actually, the rides are very well kept, and have a good industry reputation. Arrow used to have major bragging rights on the Canyon Blaster. That ride goes 365 without any real issues. There was some proposals floating on removing the Rim Runner years ago (I actually posted the rumor on CB), but ridership increased, and they got much more bang for their buck with the Chance package. The Slingshot is a stinker, in my opinion. The thought process was to add another steel coaster, something on the thrill factor if neighboring Speed, but the proposals died along with the outdoor bungee.

As for Circus Circus, 3800+ rooms gives it major firepower in revenue, and company wide, it outgrosses sister properties Excalibur and Luxor. When Mandalay Resort Group was in business, Circus Circus was the cash cow that financed Excalibur-Luxor-Mandalay Bay-Silver Legacy(Reno) expansions.

Will MGM Resorts replace it? Probably? Why? Well, for starters, the land occupied by surface parking and the campground is considered 'low hanging fruit', but hang on, MGM has does not have the credit nor the resources as of today to replace the resort. Will they sell it to another suitor. Could happen, but MGM needs every casino operating without debt as they have in their stable to keep cash flow for the CityCenter.

With the Stardust closed, the Frontier closing soon, and the status of the Las Vegas Hilton up in the air, Circus Circus will do what it does best until either the Echelon or the new Hilton opens...fill the rooms with convention center attendees through at least 2011. *** Edited 12/14/2006 4:38:15 AM UTC by Agent Johnson***

I'm under the impression that Adventuredome is successful. Adventuredome gets more than 3 million visitors a year and has a fraction of the attractions that parks with a comparable attendance have.

You just happened to visit Las Vegas during one of the slowest periods of the year. I'm going to be there next week when it should be even slower.

Jeffrey R Smith, you just visited on a slow day, as egiezl mentioned. I have been to the Adventuredome during peak season and WOW, in some parts of the dome, you get shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. It also rakes in over 3 million guests a year, which is quite impressive for an indoor amusement park that only has two roller coasters (one being a powered kiddie coaster), a swinging ship, a Chance Chaos, a really small tower thrillride and a shoot-the-chute.
I can only tell you what I experienced and what Circus Circus employees told me. I live out here and have visited many times...and have noticed the gradual decline. When is the last time anybody has seen the waterfall features work on the mountain? I hope the optimistic voices are correct and the employees were lying.
According to what I hear from locals, Vegas is ALWAYS dead in December until the week between Christmas and New Years. If Speed had a half-hour line and Circus Circus was dead, you might have a story. But otherwise, I'd suppose that's why you can always book rooms for dirt cheap this time of year.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

When we went to Adventuredome two years ago, the crowd was healthy but not overwhelming. Actually, the coaster there had a longer line than any of the others in and around Vegas. I've never waited for Despy, Speed and High Roller.
I was also there about two years ago in March.

When I got to the dome it was busy enough, but only had to wait one train if that to get on CB. I have to say it was smooth for being an Arrow. It surprised me. It would be a shame if they did close it down. It kind of reminded me of my other home park of MOA.

Nascar Cafe was empty instead.

I got my High Roller credit for staying at the Strat. Also rode Insanity.

Manhattan Express had the longest line. I think I was waiting for about 30 min. One more credit I don't have to worry about.

Then there was th $170 car rental to get out to Buffalo Bills...check! One more credit down.

1. Speed

2. Canyon Blaster

3. Desperado

4. Manhattan Express

5. High Roller

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Anybody have stories about visiting their local amusement park during the down time...only to find just 6 people in the park? I know I've visited most the parks in this country...many during the downtime...never seen anything this bad. ;)

Anyhow...I hope it was just a fluke. I should have made it more clear that I LIVE HERE and have seen the gradual decline in crowds at the dome. This night was beyond explanation. Combine my obsevations with two employees telling me it is ALWAYS like that on week days (note...why would they not respond it is just a bad week?)...and I make an educated guess that all is not well.

I can't recall a single amusement park, carnival, or petting the time and place...that I've experienced with all of 6 people.

P.S. Speed has never had a line when I've gone. you always have to wait for enough people to get on before they run it.

I'd say there were more than 50 but fewer than a hundred in the Adventuredome when I was there last Wednesday. Most of the booths and half of the flats weren't staffed.

Speed was launching at 3-minute intervals (provided someone was on-board) and everything else (Strat, NYNY) was walk-on city.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Back 3 years ago, i worked at Adventuredome for a private company. i wasnt paid by them and did all the work on the Virtual Reality games. If any of you have been there, you probably know what im talking about. There is a section of games and DDR machines located at the exit of the indoor coaster. just past the photo booth for the ride. We were always slow during the week. like maybe 50 people paid to get in the place. and this was offseason. i worked there from october - january. We got busy on weekends and the place survived fine on those shifts. you gotta remember, they only have one shift during the week. so 10am -6pm is it.
I remember when a convention came to town, i think CES, and we closed for the week. every year they use that time for repairs. like on the roof and stuff ( it leaks bad when it does rain in vegas.)

I dont think it will ever close. plus i loved working there, free food every day, and damn good money for the work i had to do.

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I was just in LV last week. It was much slower than usual Like expected. They give some good deals on rooms in December because many of the shows are "dark" (closed) for a week or two. I saw VERY few kids. It doesn't suprise me one bit that Adventuredome was slow. It's a child friendly resort..and the kids are still in school. I can imagine that the week in between Christmas and New Years will be busier for Circus Circus/Adventuredome, Excalibur, Luxor etc.

Just don't book for New Years Eve...unless you have lots of extra money for a room...WOW! =)

We were there this week(week before Christmas) three years ago and although there were more than 6 people in the Dome, we waited for nothing. All rides were walk ons. At the Strat we had to wait to get enough people for the Big Shot. Speed was ride after ride with just us - thank god for the 3 minute rule. Desprado was a 50 minute ordeal to get two rides since they wait for enough people.

Obviously, this time is very slow. That you hit the all time slow at the Dome was just a coincidence and not the death knoll for the park.

CoastaPlaya said:
According to what I hear from locals, Vegas is ALWAYS dead in December until the week between Christmas and New Years. If Speed had a half-hour line and Circus Circus was dead, you might have a story. But otherwise, I'd suppose that's why you can always book rooms for dirt cheap this time of year.


Its always tourist season here in Vegas. Thats not true about it being dead right now. I was just on the blvd. about 2 hrs ago and couldnt believe how packed it was and its nearly xmas. It took me about an hour to drive north from Mandalay Bay to the Paris Casino. Its as crowded as it is anytime of the year. Yes, you can get cheap rooms right now but it doesnt mean that its dead.

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